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Along with the morning mists
The tender leaves gently  uncurl
Soak in the first rays of the Sun
Listen closely to the dew
And its translucent views
Up in the mists
Rolls the voice of the soul

  Nov 19 Sparkle in Wisdom
a name
everyone writes about the november light
how soothing
how bright
but here it was
waking a ****** at 3 pm
how nice

he slept at the couch since the living room's darker
he slept a good 14 hours
because of the tablets
in his head he's been sleeping
since september
a noisy september
gave him nothing but fatigue
and the torrents of storms
and streetcars
he closed his eyes as the rain put him to sleep
without any care
as to when he's going to wake up

but he awoke at november
and the gloom was tinted
by the afternoon
he ate his breakfast
his housemate's lunch
he retched at the toilet floor an hour after
his day was going swimmingly

he expected nothing better
than the last few minutes
waking up
hating the open aperture of
his godforsaken eyes
and all he craved was a smoke
so he went outside
and for once
it was quiet
it was nice
the sun brightened the shadows
of the apartments of a cul de sac
the clouds littered a soft blue void
a softness he hasn't seen
since god knows when
the air stank well
the roads
filled not with cars
but with critters
both human and not
and the sunlight
not the harshness of april
nor the woe of june
but a caress
like the warm embrace of a lover
who's heat never went out
when darkness fell

and for once
for a very long time
it was quiet
it was nice
  Nov 19 Sparkle in Wisdom
I built walls so high
To keep the ones that hurt me outside
And ended up being alone on the inside
After a while I got used to being alone on this side
Afraid of hurting again so I hide
I pushed people away
So that they don't see the real me
Keeping all these feelings inside
Because I don't know who to trust
Eventually it started eating me up inside
And I felt empty inside
While smiling on the outside like everything is fine
I lived in my own little bubble
Minding my own, I didn't want trouble
But you noticed me
And the walls started to crumble
You wanted someone to talk to
So I lend you my ear
You said all the right words I needed to hear
And all I could do was mumble
Lowkie ®
Heavens celebrate
Silver gates,
Silver flowers,
Silver crowns,
Silver tiaras,

Silver curtains,
Silver gowns,
Silver capes,
Silver drapes,

Shining blossoms,
Fragrance filled,
Echoing smiles,
Pearly clouds,

Angels clad in
brightest silver,
Fairies dancing around,
Harp with it's
silver strands,
Playing it's tune and sound.
Flute echoing from
far behind,
The ambience full
of cheer.

Stars assembled to bedazzle each and
every turn,
Moon brightens the nook and corner of the big heaven,
You are running around in the pristine silver attire.
Today's your 16th birthday,
Celebrations are planned in heaven, my dear!

All the Gods and Goddesses are invited,
Cakes are bigger than the tallest tree,
Trees are laden with chocolates and truffles,
Eateries bright and silvery too.
Making the atmosphere prestine and pure.

It's your birthday
dear son,
Celebrations are planned in Heavens!
Mom & Dad sends you love, hugs and kisses,
They wish you the
best of today
Lots of love travels  your way down here from,
The Earth.
Celebrations are planned for your birthday in Heavens.

Sparkle In Wisdom
My son Aayush had his birthday today.
He left for heaven 5 years ago.

This Diwali,

**** the ego
Burn like the
Brighten the

Be the lamp,
that lights up

Be the smile,
That spreads joy

Be the perfume,
That spreads fragrance

Be the sunshine,
That brightens the world

Invoke the God within,
To see the beauty around

Raise your hand to give,
Praise the humanity

Happy Diwali.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Diwali - The festival of lights, sharing, giving.

A life lost,
A soul gone,
A relative of someone,
A parent of a child,
A spouse of someone,
A child,
of someone,

Somewhere around,
Unknown to me though.

The pain is real,
The pain is mine,
The pain I can feel,
The pain I can relate,
The loss I can imagine.

The year has broken families,
The year has written history,
Around the world the loss is real,
The world has come to stand still.

Sparkle In Wisdom.
Pandemic diaries
At thirty-six,
What have you seen?

At thirteen,
What your child had seen?

At thirty-six,
What the world around you had seen in you?

At thirty-six,
What did you give to the world?

At thirty-six,
What dreams are there that you aspired to dream?

At thirty-six,
What is left after you left this world?

Gone too soon,
Taken by virus,

Corona has taken
smile away,

Each Home,
Each City,
Each State,
Each Country,
Each Continent.


What did it leave behind?


Sparkle In Wisdom
A life lost, a soul gone, unknown to me, a relative of my daughters teacher, but the pain is real, the pain is mine, the pain I can feel, the loss I can imagine.
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