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You can read my novel free,
Though fiction, it's about me,
Come walk with me for a while,
Shed a tear, laugh, or just smile.

Fiction that is based on truth,
The man I'm now in my youth,
Fighting windmills every day,
Twelve hour days for little pay.

Triumphed where told I could not,
Pyrrhic victories the lot,
Valuable lessons learned,
Optimism scorched, not burned.

Round robin I danced with love,
Seeking guidance from above,
Scars thought healed yet bled anew,
Writing this book, sleepless too.

Now it's published and on sale,
But through August I'll regale,
New and old readers of mine,
With a free version online.

And I've traslated it too,
You can find it free there too,
In English or Spanish read,
Let not for naught be my bleed.

And if novels you disdain,
And would not its wisdom gain,
Of other things I do sing,
That may pleasure to you bring.

You'll find my short stories there,
No need to read them change spare,
Until August thirty one,
They're free for you, every one.

In English and Spanish true,
I hope some bring joy to you,
And with this I'll leave you, friend,
As this poem has reached the end.

[  To read my complete novel or latest book of short stories free of charge through the end of August, you can copy and paste the following link to your favorite browser: ]
Dos libros gratuitos tanto en su versión original en inglés como en mi nueva traducción al español disponibles gratis por primera vez.

El primero, una novela sobre la lucha de un abogado por hacer el bien en un ambito donde solo las ganancias gobiernan el día.
El sacrificio produce éxito, pero a un costo demasiado alto.
Lecciones aprendidas que cambian la vida sobre lo que importa: el liderazgo, el trabajo significativo y honrado, el conocimiento de uno mismo y, sobre todo, el amor.

El segundo libro ofrece 13 cuentos que abarcan los confines más recónditos de la mente hasta los límites exteriores del espacio y el tiempo, y mucho más en el medio.

Pueden leerlos a ambos sin costo y sin tener que registrarse en "Royal Road" si no lo desea hacer en el siguiente enlace:
También pueden escucharme leer los primeros dos capítulos en español de mi novela y los primeros cinco capítulos en la versión original en inglés junto con muchas muestras de mi poesía, ficción y algo de no ficción a través de mi podcast en el siguiente enlace:
Pandemic home bound,
Completed my first novel,
Begun decades past

What was dead revived,
Sleepless nights spent writing it,
In two months complete.

Wanted an agent,
But pandemic made it hard,
To get a response.

So went indie route,
Published hard cover and soft,
But too few have read.

So I decided,
To make it available,
Free of charge online.

Never meant to make,
Profits from this work of mine,
Just wanted it read.

It is a story,
That others should know,
About higher ed.

Drama, love, humor,
Triumph, life altering loss,
Sacrifice for naught?

You can buy it, yes,
But now also read it free,
At the link below.

Will post it complete,
With Echoes of the Mind's Eye,
Latest short stories.

Click the link below,
To access both books free,
English / Spanish--both.
Oh still-warm vision of my heart's delight,
Your crusty, crunchy skin and doughy heart,
Your sweet aroma with tears blurs my sight,
And makes me yearn to taste your every part.

My doctor says you'll be the death of me,
Blood sugar and triglycerides too high,
But I don't care, for my love sets me free,
And of one thing or other we must die.

Come, spend some time with me, bask in my love,
The simple pleasures are the best, one knows,
We're meant to be, we fit like hand in glove,
The more I have you, the more hunger grows.

Alas, I cannot live with only you,
Charcuterie and wine are vital too.
Yes, this is written with tongue in cheek. My least favorite British romantic poet is Lord Byron, but if he can in all seriousness write an ode to his dog, by golly I can write a sonnet with no seriousness at all to my love for French/Italian/peasant bread. As Spaniards say, "Cada loco con su tema, y yo con el mio" (each insane person has their theme and I have mine).
Pink blossoms raise hearts,
After long winter's slumber,
Bird songs herald dawn.
Beauty withers not,
Winter turns to verdant spring,
In hearts filled with love.
The road not taken,
Yields incomparable views,
In rear view mirror.
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