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Judypatooote Jan 2021

When did I start my worry list?
As a child I didn't have to worry,
that was mom's job.
But what did she have to worry about.
Certainly not me.
Dad had a job,  and was a happy fella
We did have a TV
With a bubble screen
But she never watch that.
She didn't like cowboy shows or wrestling
An There was no news...
That's it.....
That's when my worry list started...
I became a mom of four children
What did I have to worry about
certainly not them
But then I watch the news
My children have grown
And I have nine grandchildren
And so my worry list continues on
shootings at schools
children abducted
So many tragedies on news
From tornadoes to plane crashes
Car crashes, Forest fires, Terrorists,
Children with a rare cancer
With no cure..
And SOME Police so brutal to the black...
I thought that battle was over.
why, why do I watch the news?
So I know what to worry about?
Or just because I'm a mom and a grandma.
Judypatooote Jan 2021
This story began years ago
when people were happy
and life was slow.

Remember When?

The Difference in outdoor was a big deal when my dad got a huge pattern of Santa in a sleigh glued it on plywood, cut it out, with a little motor making his arm wave...and had Christmas music in the back ground with a spot light shining brightly on it.
CHRISTMAS ...PRESENT my goodness between the blow up decorations of all kind and the colorful lights covering everything even the roof, and the beat of the  music moving over decorations, causing a traffic jam...

MY CHRISTMAS TREES in the PAST were always fresh live a child they were pretty skimpy but beautiful and with that fresh pine smell...then as a mom they were short and fat, but with that fresh pine smell...out the door the day after Christmas...
NOW in the PRESENT a single, widowed and in charge of my own Christmas tree I started out with a large fake tree ( yes that word sounds familiar).. left up until after New Years eve....then as time goes by as does my age And I'm still in control of my Christmas trees  I down sized to two 3 foot ready to go fake trees and I still have my Charlie Brown tree I bought from Franks for $15.00, years ago. 5 foot and skinny but still beautiful.
As the pandemic moves along I have plenty of time to think of the past and the present.
Judypatooote Jun 2020
Sometimes we need something besides Covid19 and Protest's. So today sending you a thought...Can you remember special smells?


The smell of a newborn baby after a bath, all sprinkled with powder.
I don't think that smell will ever change.
A smell I will always remember...

My grandma Bertha would always smell like lavender.
I use to buy lavender soap, and hand cream because it made
me think of her.
A smell I will always remember...

My great uncle would make taffy, and one time I helped stretch it.
A smell I will always remember...

My mom would take me to dance class, and the building smelled
like Carmel.  Much later in life, I entered a building that had the same smell, and it brought back those old days.
A smell I will always remember...

When a storm was brewing in Lake Erie there was a smell of raging waters. A north eastern was coming - I could smell it.
A smell I will always remember...

The soothing sound of the motor boat passing by leaving the smell
of gasoline - why did that comfort me?
A smell I will always remember...

Walking down the beach, bear foot in the sand, and running across
a dried up dead fish.
A smell I will always remember...

My husband would always use Comet with bleach to clean out the
sink, tub and he would sprinkle it add a bit of water making it a
paste, and let it set for an hour.
A smell I will always remember...

Smell can bring back a memory, at least for me...some good, some bad, but these are a few of my favorite memories of smell...and when I smell them now, it sparks my memory, again...

by ~ judy
Judypatooote Jun 2020
Do i go out
Or do i stay in...

It's a Pandemic
Is it safe to go out

Gotta pick up
Milk, coffee and wine...

If I wear my mask
I'll be just fine...

But why aren't they
wearing their mask?

Gloves are helpful
Now not needed

Out of toilet paper
Out of alcohol wipes

Best to WASH your hands
With just soap for 20 seconds

Markings - 6  feet away
I'll be just fine

Birthday parties, weddings
Even funerals Cancelled

Oh no, restaurants are closed too
Pick ups are available

Now they are back open
But spaced out

I'll be just fine
Now to live through the Protests

Do I go out
Or do I stay in...

I'm so confused
I'll be just fine...
The whole world is going through a change in time...will it be our new normal
Judypatooote Sep 2019
This is the time we can enjoy the color of
The trees are starting to turn and every year I get excited.
Every year I pick up a leaf thinking it’s more beautiful then the last.
Those Autumn leaves, float by my window.
Then out comes the rake and I make a pile.
A pile of colorful leaves, turning brown.
How high can I make that pile of Autumn Leaves.
A pile for the Kids to jump in.
Why is it that something so simple as a pile of leaves,
Can bring joy and excitement to
Little Kids and there dogs.

The different shades and size of the Pumpkin.
Now it’s time to decide.
Do I make you scary?
Do I make you funny?
Do I make you pretty?
So many choices.
This year you will be just an ORANGE Pumpkin.

Apple Butter, Apple Cider, Apple pie...and donuts.
The Pumpkin Patch has the best donuts
and a super delicious Cider Slush.
Such a wonderful memory,
To repeat every Autumn...
A memory of Autumn...
Judypatooote Apr 2017
The Trees...
The weeping willow, the maple
and the black walnut tree...

Reach out their branches
as if to say...

It's Spring! I just woke up
and I'm going to be...

The prettiest tree that
you will ever see...

The willow is weeping
for it's arms are very long...

They blow in the breeze
but they're not very strong...

The maple, her beauty
it shows in the fall...

Red, yellow, orange
and she grows very tall...

The black walnut it stretches
out over the field...

And is quite happy to provide
the squirrels next meal...

Their buds are just popping
as they reach for the sky...

Sharing their beauty
with the naked eye...

by ~ Judy
The trees are so plain until they get fully dressed.
Judypatooote Mar 2017
I remember when I was in grade school
Which is now called middle school
That first warm day
I would rush home from school
Run upstairs and dig out my shorts
From the  cedar chest
Where mom store our summer clothes.
They always smelled like cedar,
But it didn't matter
It was spring and warm outside.
And I was determined to wear shorts.
But mom was cautious
It's too early she would say...
Your going to get sick
That is what they thought back then
There was nothing better then
Slipping on your shorts
on the first warm day of Spring  
running down to a friends
And calling their name
Can you come out to play
There was nothing like the smell
And the warmth of

by Judy
I still get that feeling on the first warm day, but no cedar chest, just totes, and no more shorts, but I will dig out a few capris...and I want to plant flowers...
This winter was a warm one, and even though it was January or February we had days that I wanted to haul out summer clothes and set my patio up with beautiful blooms.
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