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I fall in love and cry
Cry for those who can’t
Wales GMT 02:30
I came so hard I shuddered and deflated
Breathing erratically I noticed the chips in the paint
Old peeling paint, the thought tickled me and I laughed.
That paint was as old as me, it was mid life paint.
I laughed harder and felt the liquid leak from me
Can paint have a crisis?
Why not?
Its bloom is off the rose, so to speak, dull, faded, tired and dull
Ergo, mid life crisis.
Wales GMT 02:30
Half Me iS MiSSing
I’ve decided to part with my left side
So you could say ‘l’m alright’
But I’m not
My own brain decided plaque was a great accessory
So, the flak I took, and then I shook, literally
Not in an Elvis way more, Acorn Antiques Mrs Overall way
Hunka  hunka burning love became itchy, scratchy burning leg
Then my arm it did take, along with my gait
Now, they see me rollin'
They hatin'
Patrolling and tryin' to catch me ridin' *****
But hey “f*ck the PIP”
Mashup of Chamillionaire and N.W.A there
Getting down with my bad self, just don’t expect me to get up
Vitamin D robbed me of thee; SLEEP
Yet come midday mid Judge Judy I’m asleep
No, no let me clarify, I’m unconscious
I did not get to see if Shamicka or Le-Toy-Ah got custody of a Pug
My brain is like candy floss on crack
It’s invented new pains for me to try
Currently experiencing, single **** cheek numbness
Never been happier owning an hitachi wand
Yet, time to start the day, I’ve still got a lot for it to get
I’m fat.
e offers infinity
And takes
I’ll welcome him
He brings the longest caress
He offers infinity
And takes
22:57 BST
I wondered today if anyone was recording in high definition this World in caution? kisses banned, so’s holding hands, but wash your hands a lot or you might miss to ‘Out that ****’d spot’.

How apt, a spot, a circle, a corona, isn’t that a beer? Let’s all now cheer for key workers, clap for nurses the NHS, let’s forget what started this mess, was it China? A pangolin? A Mandarin?

Conspiracy theories abound, they’re all doing the rounds, oh look it snuck back in, abound, around, they’re all circular sounds, circle back to the start, wash your hands.....’Out that ****’d spot’.
20:41 BST
Sing me a song without any music
Cook me a feast without any taste
Touch me without any feeling
Look at me without any chaste.

Draw me with smoke
See me with touch
Whisper me words
Caress me in your clutch.

Ignore me at your peril
Acknowledge me at mine
Sculpt me in your body
As you and I entwine.
10:15 GMT
Come take a walk with me and satisfy an old woman’s dignity
by assuring her there are gentlemen still.
Take my hand and let me lean upon you as we move our bones
down Butterfly road.


A dragonfly is lazily circling the pond, see how he catches the sun?
Like a stained glass window at sunset,
casting colours into the dim nave; lighting the unscrupulous knave
and his hyperbole


Silence can be heard young man, but first you must still your blood
Amplify the silence, deafen your passion
In return you’ll demystify the sirens lullabies and nullify lies
Whispered in sensual bedevilment.


Drink in this scene young man, the lazy end to summer
soon she’ll be chased and embraced by Autumn’s leaves
Raked away into a crisp pile
allowing regeneration to begin.


Young man, soon my walk with you will end
but you’ll carry on, up and around the bend
until you feel the chill air
and need to be somewhere warm.


Nothing evokes feelings like those known to the senses
The feel of your love as you hold them,
the sound of their heartbeat rushing in your ears
the heavy scent of *******.
The look of sated happiness in their eyes
and the taste of salty tears as they cry.

Yes, young man all things end.
This talk. This walk.
This summer. The butterfly.
02:35 BST
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