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raquezha Jul 2020
Igwang mga aldáw na mayò na talagang naglalaog sa isip ko, Masakiton magsurat ning maski ano. Piriton ko man mas naghahaloy asin mas magabat, garo nakagakod as sakuyang mga bitis sa daga. Kan nakanood akong magsurat, duman ko nadiskobre an ika-duwang harong sa laog kan sakuyang isip. "Libre man daa an mangarap" kaya sige lang ipikit mo an saimong mata asin hagadon gabos na pwede **** makuha. Pero bako digdi sa nadiskobre kong lugar, gabos na hahagadon mo pwede **** makuha mayong limitasyon pero igwang kapalit. Gabos igwang kapalit.

Sarong úban.

Sarong úban karibay sa gabos na kaipuhan, kagustohan, asin kaugmahan.

Sarong úban.

Igwang aldaw aldáw na mayò talagang naglalaog sa isip ko asin warâ naman an gabos na buhok ko.

—𝐔𝐛𝐚𝐧, a Bikol poetry.
Have you ever wonder what happens to your hair?
1. Uban is a gray hair
Carlo C Gomez Jul 2020
To entertain
means to be starkers
and dance with veils,
to exoticize war
and tremble in
a thousand rhythms.
Bejeweled as a spy,
don't know why.
Eye of the day,
and a dozen matchlocks
had me inertly settle
upon my knees,
before bending at my waist
to take one last look
at the fiery heavens.
Thomas W. Case's Historical Figure Poetry Challenge, Mata Hari.
Pusang Tahimik Mar 2020
Kumusta mga hari sa lupa
Yaong mga anino'y hindi nakikita
Mga haring sila ang nagtatakda
Ng mga bagay dito sa lupa

Kumusta mga hari sa lupa
Yaong papel na may mukha
Mga haring dinadakila
Ng mga uhaw na dukha

Kumusta mga hari sa lupa
Na kaharian ay ang yaman sa lupa
Handang pumatay ng alila
Upang pigilin ang daigdig sa pagluha

Kumusta mga hari sa lupa
Na di kailanman kumalam ang sikmura
Na kailanma'y hindi lumuha
O nagbuhat ng kutsara

Kumusta mga hari sa lupa
Bundok ng bungo'y sumusumpa
Sumisigaw sa hinagpis na mga alila
Sa kamay ninyo mga hari sa lupa

Kumusta mga hari sa lupa
Pagbati ko sana'y makita
Nawa'y maunawaan ang Salita
Sapagkat dito tayo lahat nagmula

Mensahe para sa mga hari sa lupa
KA Poetry Oct 2017
Detik waktu terus berjalan
Hari demi hari
Kulewati dengan gelap menyertai
Hari demi hari
Hujan gelap menemani

Desir cinta yang disenandungkan
Seakan memancing diriku untuk keluar
Bayang - bayang kelabu
Menyerupai sketsa hitam dirimu

Aku menunggu kedatangan
Sang surya
Agar ia menghantarkanmu
Ke duniaku
Yang mendung.
12/10/2017 | 12.58 | Indonesia
brandon nagley Feb 2017
Tis I am just a man, a boy if thou want to sayest, a foolish lad; who hast hurt his blessing of a queen.

Tis I am just a man, a sinner, a prehistoric bringer; of sorrows
Where bird's dont sing.

O' wretched man I am; overlooking this perfect flower, she's arrayed as a petal neath the tropical hours.

O' im just the rain that brings the flood of many woes.

I wish, O' how I wish, I couldst pour all contentment and merriment into her lonesome soul.

Tis she's the rainbow, I the dusky storm. O' how her glow maketh mine day's liveable; O' how her voice is opulent galore.

If only she knew, she is mine better, mine best; mine breath of yellow dew.

Though I've not shown her the worth that she is; mine trials and tribulations hast become
mine abyss.

Though I shalt get through
This passage of gloom.

With God All is possible;

Even being set free from this tomb.

Tis I am just a man, a boy if thou want to sayest, a foolish lad.

Who if couldst wouldst start all afresh; re-giving mine love, and to get all mine best.

How a simpleton ive been;

To not seest heaven's eastern gem, glimmer her perfect wing's, for mine foolishness, these word's shalt I sing.

(Goes into song form, words "I love you jane, please forgive me" sung in spanish, greek, cebuano, tagalog/filipino).......

Te amo jane,
por favor perdoname.

Se 'agapó Jane,
Se parakaló synchóresé me.

ako nahigugma kanimo Jane,
palihug pasayloa ako.

Mahal kita jane,
patawarin mo ako.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poets poetry
©earl Jane nagley dedication (agapi mou dedicated)
This is not a normal poem dedicated to Jane of course all my works are archaic/ancient style as truly you can say im not one from this millennial time or even this century or past centuries time,  but this is a poem until it gets to the last four lines which are not spoken but sung by me as its a poem yet a song at the end where I use the words ( I love you Jane, please forgive me) I sing those four dialects in spanish tongue, greek tongue, cebuano tongue (in Philippines) and janes main tongue tagalog (Filipino dialect) if want to hear poem as is can hear on sound cloud, under my name Brandon nagley and under this poem title: her worth is worth more than a poem.

Word meanings:
Tis:it is
Sayest: say.
Hast: has.
Couldst: could.
Maketh) makes or make ( I use it as makes).
Mine: my.
Wouldst: would.
Simpleton: foolish person.
Seest: see.

Wrote this few days back finally did rest of it (:
If wanna hear actual version hear on soundcloud under my name the spoken/sung version of it under its title,
brandon nagley Feb 2017
I bade thee apace, to bring thy comely countenance close to
Mine face. A carcanet around
Thy neck I shalt wrap, every
Jewel made of mine inner-
Being; hush, mine lips art
Dry mine queen, I need
The most of thy skin to
Cure this winter's chap.
Coëval we were; now
Distanced by glass an
Shores, I crieth til mine
Lungs burst, just to
Be in thy presence.
To face the same view,
To smell thy ocean essence.
Fingers I use to write and jot down
Words that art stuck in mine throat;
Mixed in with quiet fears, worries, hopes. I dive beneath this red blanket, in loneliness I do cope, thy warmth do I hope; to slip into this space. Imagine I, imagine I do, of a panoramic place to explore open and closed doors, wherein the soil clings to ourn feet, where the normal word's art "mi amour". How I do wait, even eternity; to be one in thy freshet of bubbling lovingkindness.
O' how I am pent; awaiting mine chains to break to fly to thy abode.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poet's poetry
©earl Jane nagley dedication (agapi mou).
Title Tarrying woe;
Tarry: means waiting or wait.
Woe means distress or pain

Bade: invite (someone) to do something. (2nd form literary).
Comely:pleasant looking.
Countenance:persons face or ****** expression.
carcanet: jeweled necklace.
Chap:(of the skin) become cracked, rough, or sore, typically through exposure to cold weather.
coëval: born at the same time.
Crieth: old form of cry.
Art: are.
Wherein: in which.
Mi.amour: my love.
freshet: flowing stream.
lovingkindness)tenderness and consideration toward others.
Pent: confined.
Abode: home.
brandon nagley Feb 2017
Many contrive du-jour fêtes to make love look self-evident; whilst the taken hold hand's, making locution the regular, in letters they trade off into lusting hands.

Winsome cut-out caricature cards, sell fresh off the press, whilst lovers meet at bars; to await the next years

A holiday for only once in a darkly year, as the meanwhile divorce rates spike from cheaters, woman-beaters;
Amour's no longer of the creator, but made to be the abzere.

Mine jane, please do not fear, I know I mayest not hath much, but a soul and spirit; I connect to thine.

None inauthentic word's, or thoughts you'll find;

Only what I hath to give thee.

The indigenous necklet that grows around this neck, a buttoned up longsleeve, that holds mine back;
With a black vest that caresses mine chest- with a smile I hardly show
Because of mine soda stained, missing teeth in a mouth where
Poetry speaks of pain, yet where
Affection is created by mine tongue
That creates wonders and Shame.

I hath not much material thing's, though material is temporal; not fit for kings and queens.

As I hath thou, as thou dost me,
I hath not much mine jane; though
Thou dost hath the key.

The key that open's this beating
Heart for thee; wherein mine
Love is always seen, in the
Specks of thy eyes.

The more ourn love grows, it burns
As a wildfire, I hear the wedding bell's
Require; ourn calling in
The distance.

©lonesome poet's poetry
©Brandon nagley
©earl jane sardua nagley dedication ( Filipino rose)
Word meanings:
Contrive:create or bring about.
Du jour: something enjoyable, short lived.
fêtes: celebration, festival.
Whilst: while
Locution: word or phrase.
Winsome:-attractive or appealing in appearance or character.
Valendine: word I made meaning(Valentine death).
abzere:word I created meaning( worldly, fleshly, of the physical having god not in its core, no existence without god.)
Mayest: may
Thine: yours.
Hath: have.
None: no.
Thee, thou: you
Thy: your.
Necklet: necklace.
Wherein: in which.
Ourn: our.
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