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Nat Lipstadt Aug 29
again, madness!

one eye tears, why must you return to the old familiar,
the poets prescribed, already so well covered?


must. it is the only shade of my voice that persists,
all else vanity.
these are words handily eye-read, given.
all I need do is “repeat after me” somewhat well,
and fill in the blanks.

he writes me, in another place, to another name, describing himself:

“I'm a charming man with a fragile patience.”

no sir, Muses order me to disagree,
you are a fragile man with a charming patience!

your fragility is a royal hallmark, embedded in every scribing,
this human indentation, always well hidden, on the underside of the wine cup, the base of the candlesticks, the inside of the wedding ring of your tying allegiance to the humbled humanity.

the charming patience is the wait time tween your visions of
the excellence of the common, the exquisites of the small,
the delights of loss and pain translated into mercurial milestones,

here I cease, for overly long praise is a river too long, no end in sight,
making great and wide just another poem.

he writes me, in another place, to another name, describing himself,
yet again:

”A thousand poems I don't write, but they get written
in my heart.

A thousand!
ours is the patience fragile, your innate screen that filters out

these thousand forbidden unwritten,
needs a cleaning, open the tiny apertures and release them, for we are the humans needing, for the breathing of your fragile charm.

the Muses do thee attend.
their patience neither charming or fragile,
reminding me, they too have a thousand.

a thousand other ears into which to whisper that
imperative imperial command,
and they river no delay...
the days has come when I can only write of others, this is the only shade of my voices that survives.
I rescue myself not to dig a big hole for myself
I wanna go out of my way to be really something
Cause all the regretful thoughts I have about others
Don't let me sit on my chair
And my solid motto is to go forward
With no doubt, fear n shame
I'm prince charming yet isn't bloomed
Nathan May 12
Can someone teach me
What's a haiku help me please
I don't understand
OpenWorldView Sep 2018
I was blinded, stunned,
by a thousand bright suns.

A star so young and charming
raised my spirit to never known highs.

But the sparkle only lasted moments
for my courage descended into night.
O Prince Charming - O so young
There with lyre, just horsing around,
Maidens sought and maidens fair,
(Or prance along stable boys, I don't care)
Glowing sunlit golden hair, kept well,
Yet have at me an Alexander though,
great conqueror and builder hold,
Prince be ******, give me a king
Give me an emperor to so tempt,
Not an inexperienced boy on slights
but a battle-hardened man, a ruler instead.
Her beguile
His trial
Her smile
The beginning
The ending
Pushing and pulling
Her *****
Wraps around my
Leader of
Deception and love
Failure of empathy
I’m ensnared
Josephine Mary Oct 2018
You are charming.
Your light cast a magic spell on me.

You are the Sun—my dearest sunset, my beautiful sunrise.

My heart made a promise,
To more brighter days with you, my only one. ☀️
Josephine Mary Oct 2018
Your “I miss you” were drowned deep to wine & beer.
My ears were drunk with all the words that poured in, it was intoxicating to hear.

I want to hear you speak,
Your voice is my favorite kind of sound that my heart wants to keep.

I can imagine how charming you are when you say those words like, “I miss you” and “Good night”.
It’s my only weakness that I cannot fight.

I hope that alcohol won’t wash away your memory. If it does, you know that I will still take the things that has been washed away.

It will become an unspoken treasure to me.
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