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Bella Isaacs Mar 2022
I can do this too, when I'm not au naturel
And trying to beat all of your @sses with how well
I make the gentleman, how excellently I am the imp,
How swell I step, dancing, aside, how terribly I simp -
Sometimes catch me getting back and giving the barman a chance -
I heeded their call; I washed off the day, and stepped into a trance
Of raspberry, rose and sandalwood; I donned my blue and pink silk,
And my black boots, tights and blazer - She's got style; And in that ilk
I also painted my face, with blues, whites, pinks, blacks, golds
And it was late when I stepped out, and in the very holds
Of the night that a lady like I should find terrifying, but I walked
The quarter of an hour to the Silk Mill; talked
For something more like four or five,
Face sharp, hair artfully mad, alive
In every sense, aided by the fine cocktails in this student setting
I could enchant all in four languages, and I did, forgetting
For a bit that another one of my faces I believe to be repugnant:
Because it begs for attention; and my current, commanded it
Because I came expecting nothing, and asking nothing,
And I quite frankly didn't give a d@mn about much of anything,
But if I wasn't very much a part of the room, and very much she
Whom every boy needed to speak to, and would ideally keep the company
Of, if that wasn't I
Then every lie's a truth, and every truth, a lie.
I need to remember more often that I can be stunning, easily, if I just remember that I have standards.
Wistful,  cheerless,
used  to  be  brave,  
and  fearless. 

Liars,  haters 
have  been  walking,  
around  me  these  days.

Charming,  well  educated, 
that's  who  you  showed  to  me 
before  you  shot  me

I  thought  you 
were  charming.

I  thought  you 
were  well  educated. 

I  thought  you
 needed  me.

It's  all  gone 
when  you  left  me.

I  was  just  looking 
for  some  friends, 
Now;  I'm  only  looking
for the  real  ones.

Couldn't  realize  which 
ones  were  fake  before, 
When  did  hellos  start 
to  be  called  as  goodbyes, 
After  some  while,  I 
know  which  ones  are. 

Couldn't  stand  to  this 
anymore,  faded, 
Feeling  so  alone  in 
this  crowded  room, 
Can't  love  like  this,
it  has  exceeded, 
Feeling  like  I've 
overdosed.  Wasted.

Every  colour  was  taking 
me  back  to  you, 
Every  mark  was  pushing 
me  away  from  you. 

Spring  hasn't  begun  yet.
It  was  not  warm  at  all.

Just  cold  with  sadness, 
darkness  with  secrets,   
strangers  with  lies. 

Charming  strangers 
are  everywhere. 

They've  been  around
for  centuries.

They  look  like 
Venus  or  Mars, 

inside  they're 
like  black  holes.

Pluto  who  I've 
always  been. 

An  outsider?   

no,  no,  no 

A  fighter. 

Muhammed E. K.  ☾  🅴  ✩
Thank you for reading. Hope you had a nice reading session.

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Because of you
I'm all here
Buried all the pains
Dug a new chapter
Imported new feelings
Seeded hope
Exported all the grievances
Took hold of the promises
Watered the heart
Cementing the broken pieces together
Laminated the smile
And on the wall I nailed it
Began a tireless journey
Wishing for the best
Trusting the eyes
Enjoying the sweet melody
A lullaby I need for a lifetime

Remember those days?
Acting silly and stupid
The ignorance we entertained
The confusion we embraced
Embroidering the hatred
An the mist of pain we got lost
Turning our backs on each other
Anger reddening our eyes
Silence that became a graveyard
Silence that almost murdered our hearts
Intoxicating our feelings
Destroying the taproots of our future
I remember that days
Buried now

Now I smile
For we hold it
In our hands we are molding it
Together moistening the clay
That long ago cracked
With no hope of being a palp again
We have it
We repainted the wall
A new dawn of hope
A beginning of a new chapter
The chills of winter all gone
Summer says hello
With its rain we will puddle
In the mud together
Yes the mud of love we will ***** ourselves
For we buried the past
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things can get weirder than ever---and I like it<3

welcome to the nation savor

a whole new destiny like a cinnamon flavor

although some rainy a bit abnormal to my harbors

yet that blond charm made it hard to delete from my markers

everybody wants to swim

in a world to bond and have a friend a twin

afraid if I was about to miss the rocking riff

I don't know if I can handle yellow anymore so stiff

                                                         ­                   ------ravenfeels
hazem al jaber Mar 2021
Your charming perfume ..
sneaked into me  ...
within my soul ...
took me ...
out of nowhere ...
where i don't know
to no where  ...
there ...
where are you  ...
where always ...
my soul roams for you ...
to play with my breaths ...
hymns of love ...
to sing it ...
with my mind ...
as love song ...
sings with your name ...
to fly so high ...
while singing  your name ...
to break up ...
the distance ...
between us ...
to be with you ...
inside your nest's heart ...
there where could you be ...

your charming perfume ...
is always ...
my pathway ...
where i get you ...

hazem al ..
I am not Cinderella
There is no glass slipper on my feet
I don't need no Prince Charming
I am already complete

My story is no fairy tale
This does not end the way you think
Reality is harsher than fiction
Good guys don't always win

I am not Cinderella
I traded my ball gown for ripped jeans
I don't need no Prince Charming
I am already Queen
alternative fairy tale
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2020

Lips glossed by coyness
Love and lust on her tongue's tip
Tempt flesh to flower

New day, new haiku! (Repost as HP was acting up for some reason)
This one is for Peitho, Goddess/Spirit of Persuasion and Seduction.
It's no accident that she is also handmaiden/servant to the one and only, Aphrodite.
I wanted to play around with these facts in mind.
Tbh, I'm still so and so about this haiku. As I said I try to be very careful with the words I choose for each Woman of Myth.
Anyway, thank you all for 373 followers! I'm humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
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