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sanchit mehta May 2020
What does the Quran say, to love,
but not to hate,
the people come on earth according to his will,
no one has the right to make them pay,
for their sins.
self destruction, mass collapse, this is not what Quran teaches us, it teaches us to love,
but not to hate,
the path taken by one, cannot define a group,
as all they want is peace, i know we want too.
a man goes so deep trying to achieve his Allah,
so unknowingly he becomes blind in his path,
and creates a deadly scar,
Quran doesnt teach us that,
i say Quran is in everyone's heart and in brain,
as for it teaches us to love but not to hate.
so i am not a muslim! but first of all i am a human!so i dedicate this poem to all my muslim bros and sis on this day of EID and hope that you all have a prosperous life ahead. Happy Eid! and yeah i have made an insta acc biohazard_poems  i will often post poems! do support and follow!
Another holiday,
Different than before,
Tucked in safe,
Watching from afar,
While the rest of the world burns
Sabila Siddiqui Aug 2019
Eid Al Adha;
Eid of Sacrifices
and the celebratory end of Hajj.

Purity abides around their heart
as souls are blessed with the
sown seeds of joy.

Allah hu Akbar;
takbir echoes
as devotees congregate in
every mosque nearby.

They wear embellished clothes,
extending their hearts to one another
and capturing the ecstasy
in every single encounter.

Sentiments are reciprocated,
and gratitude is manifested
on such an occasion
as we recall the origins of the
reason we sacrifice;
and that is to follow the order of Allah,
as Prophet Ibrahim did.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
The Eid is bustling with joy
come let’s give it a try

To the deathless groovy paradise
floating high on the elixir flow:
The triumphant joyous wave
streamed up from the secret bottom line!  
Up above the lapis lazuli sky.

A pair of butterfly basks
in the sunlight
quietly indulges in style.
It goes on in slow motion
illuminating the night a firefly
perches on a slice of the Moon
flanked by the moonlight.

But you and me
we will rhyme and chant
in our lovely mother tongue.
In the same original lingua
like ‘Adam speaks up and all
angels listen in paradise’.
Come let’s give it a try

On the wings of the moonlight
we will

Ambling by the Moon
we'll **** through the starry nooks.
Eyes open and gently perched
atop a star for a moment or two.
We will see miles of galaxies
over the moonlit lakes of the blue
playing cool ravishing lutes!

The spring night is in bloom
and the cute sleeping beauty
wakes up playing the flute!
Musical half lights filling the sky.
Come let’s give it a try

We’ll drink sharaban tahura
the holy wine of paradise
and once for all we will
    s the death goodbye!

Our story will fill the divine soil
the heaven's flora and fauna
each and everyone will shine on our page
no houri will ever say finito singing our tale!

As Adam did it first stunned the angels
telling the nature of all things in paradise.
We will do that once more without a smirk
this time we will see the loving Creator!
Shofi Ahmed May 2018
Are you a witness of the precise moment
on that very proverbial, unpredictable day
when everyone did mind the gap
but the Ramadan moon took a step?

None could time it at first, as if it got out
from a black hole or an uncharted water well:
down the trail, who can tell?

Now a day or two is gone, has passed by.
The moon is in the fast lane soaring high,
and fills the orb with serene soft light.

Ah, buddies catch up, the suave fireflies.
Tons of these stay awake in the night.
Before they fly away, vanishing afar
into the epic portion of the night.
A confluence down the black moon,
only to catch a glimpse of any pattern:
a morning star or a forming pin bar,
a slice of light on a gingerly lit chart.
Premiering the Eid moon’s first blush.
Yet, if only one can time it, when will it flash?

Deep down a black moon, all eyes black out.
Still, how can one sigh though? Ah,
the unpredictable black moon, should it show
just a peek, showers the earth with Eid’s joy!

Will it show up in no time, far from the sight—
galaxies light up the shady nook of night.
A houri in the Eden rings the alarm.
The veiled bunch of fairies push the sky.
Every star throws its hat, only to tell first
when a crescent moon will crop up
And with the first spill of moonlight,
topflight it goes, pushing the boat out!

A walk down the black moon
without a light or water gone into the blue,
As though walking dead, blindfolded.
No pattern, decimals of Pi undefined by design,
but spot on gets to the apex spike!

There’s still an unmarked blank space
the light on this way doesn’t paint.
And this time, the time won’t tell
is there anyone who can is anyone’s guess.
So should the houri dare to run, then
cherubic she be on her flawless flaw,
rushes to ask the Queen of Heaven!

Oh, good luck to her, a wild one.
Time the black moon, its first glance
precisely when the Eid moon will crop up.
Enlighten us, we are more than curious.
Tell us, too—don’t just tweet it to the stars.
A poem from my book Zero and One available on Amazon.
Vikram sikki Jun 2017
That's what we need
Now More than ever
To show
That we are together

Enough of "holier than thou"
And clamour over the cow
We couldn't have fought
Had we put a thought
That all our customs and faith
Are to gather and celebrate
And embrace all

So More than ever it's now
Necessary to take a vow
That together we grow
And let them know
Who toss us into fire
Of instigated ire

We all had a choice
And we all have a choice

This time
Let's savor the kheer
And a hug a little tighter
Let the crescent moon glow
On us all a little brighter

Eid Mubarak
Let's be better.
Let's live let's love
Äŧül Sep 2016
Mary had a cute little lamb.
She also had a husband.
The husband's name is Muhammad.
Muhammad loved the lamb too.
Muhammad ate it on Bakrid after slowly slitting its jugular vein.
Then Mary was so very sad.
Muhammad told her that he felt equally bad.
But the spirit of Eid-Ul-Adha is to make sacrifices.
The prophet had sacrificed his loved sons.
Same goes for the symbolic sacrificial goats that they eat in grief.
Ignore the pristine preparation of the lamb of God.
And anyone killed in suicide attacks is also a Fedayeen.
My HP Poem #1136
©Atul Kaushal
Maria Imran Jul 2016
this day last year
when you were here
it was indeed
a festival
a hole in the universe
Sethnicity Dec 2015
Beyond the lights and glare and joyous cheers
Outside the pretty things prepared to tear
It glows without joules or generators
Without lists and traditional movies
between gathered gifts and exhalations
mini mall masses travel plans, traffic
makes meaning of monotony, trees of woods
burning bright before menorahs first light
unquantified warmth while tilted from sun
unnamed it's ether a summoning drum

Before Christ birth or Alleluia sung
Close your eyes and see from glance where it comes
More precious than 34th street miracles
the motivation of cold breeze on leaves
The reason for seasons found in unity  
Where shepherds staff birth red white epitaph
Where plants of poison rosy the living
When wise men exodus for genesis  
Seven lights or Nine or just one big star
matters not the name or time frame in bloom
indiscriminately celebrate the Ohm
The form is based on the Indian Raga in a pattern of ten.
To and From Ravi. Dhaynavad, Shalom, and Rest In Music.
Snigdha Banerjee Jul 2015
Iss eid pe tujh ko main kya bhejoon,
koi jugnuu,
koi taara,
koi sapnaa bhejoon ?

Koi phool bhejoon ad’khilaa se,
koi umeed,
koi aas,
koi nazaara bhejoon ?

Chaand bhejoon tujhe is eid pr
ik khushbuu,
ik rang ka istaara bhejoon ?

Aye mere dost !
roshni ki rang ki muskaan bhejoon ?
ya apni likhi koi shayari  bhejoon ?

Apni aankh ka koi moti teri nazar karoon,
Ya hathon se maangi koi dua bhejoon ?

Phoolon se koi titlii ki mohabbat bhejoon,
kisi bhanwre ki lagan,
us ka tarrana bhejoon !

Kisi shamma ka jalta hua daaman bhejoon,
Ya baarish ki hasti hui boondain bhejoon ?

Mere hathon main ik aas, umeed aur dua hai,
iss eid pe main tujh ko bass itna keh doon,

ke tum jo chaho
Woh sitaara mil jaye,

Tujh ko iss eid pe
Koi tumhara mil jaye..
Eid **___** !!!!!!
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