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This poem, which will be presented to the American Dialect Society,
proposes the addition and acceptance of a new word to the English Language.
This word is a combination of the words "magnificent" and "marvelous,"
known only as "magnarvelous." The word "magnarvelous"
has a meaning that combines the definitions of the previous words
from which it originates from. Magnarvelelous is defined as
causing elaborate wonder, extravagant beauty, or expresses
the extraordinarily striking characteristics of an object.
Here are a few examples of magnarvelous in use:

“I am enamored by how magnarvelous your eyes look in the moonlight.”

“The sky during sunset was beautiful in a way that could only be described as magnarvelous.”

“When a film like ‘Troll 2’ fails in every aspect, it has accomplished a magnarvelous feat.”

“There was something magnarvelous in how he made her laugh.”

“Once we are old and married, could we discuss how the process of falling in love was

As you can see, magnarvelous is more than just a portmanteau of
magnificent and marvelous; it is a profound expression for the unrelenting and
indecipherable beauty of the world in which we inhabit.
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you were a child once, too

adding a rogue 'you'
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if you like you can repeat you
based on your past activity
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You think
you sit
on the lip
of perpetua

though you
exude ****

The turtles
topple over.
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who is / is this in circulation? / this being is / as a tree stands / here / is / she / I / I — / I am so / this is who / in / being somehow / in some so / am I / connected to each other / oh — / oh here / come to / being here too / now / why must you / you return again / thinking / on such / behalf? / end it / who it is / and which / it will not help you / go on / (come on / lie to yourself) / again, waiting — / nothing / nothing will happen / I blink again / thinking every — which / nothing / now / it’s over / I / I love / it is so demanding / to point in / to map out / it perhaps / each corresponding / is rather impossible / yet / situation / in it / we attempt it / in some cases / I do not know why / I come back to / and I’m sorry / I’ve lost you
A poem about constraint
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