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Katie Lindsey Oct 2015
I have always categorized my life and my memories into the seasons.
Remember that one summer when...
Remember that winter we…
I'll never forget that Spring when you…

But what about the in-between?
Those few days where you find yourself treading on the green-gold line? Those are the very best.
Katie Lindsey Oct 2014
The surface of the water
Where the cool meets the air
A place that if left untouched
Will remain magical, still and calm
Moving in only such a way
To bring more calmness and more stillness to the chaos that is.

The tops of the trees
Swaying independently,
tell us all to admire them
To watch them,
They can teach us a lot.

The eagle
Who soars
Without fear of falling,
Reminds us of how we should be:
Cool and still like the water,
grounded like the trees he looks down upon,
And most importantly, free.
Katie Lindsey Dec 2013
The air is thick.
Thick with divine love.
Katie Lindsey Dec 2013
Tonight is deep,
and long.
Yet tonight is bright.
I feel merry with light.
light is everywhere around me.
It is inside of me.
Tears of joy run down my winter checks
as I feel blessed with a love.
A love that will never fray nor tarnish,
wither nor tear.
A surrounding love
is all around me,
I felt it come in,
and it is here to stay.
Katie Lindsey Oct 2013
The Leaves of Autumn in New England do not want to leave.
like desperate fools still in love,
they pull out all the old tricks in the bag.
They dress themselves up in eye catching colors and hues;
demanding admiration from anyone who walks on by.
Up high, they sway confidently and independently,
as if to say, "nothing can bring me down."
And even when they do come down,
they come down delicately;
Begging to be picked up and admired,
for one last time.
Katie Lindsey Apr 2013
The High Priestess
she tells me
all I need to know

She speaks to me
in my dreams
in symbols
in colors

She is high above
the restlessness within me
the blocked chakras
that need breathing

She is high above yet
not too far away
She watches me
She reassures me

The High Priestess
She tells me all that I need to know
She enters me
at times of struggle
She over comes it
not through hostility
through acceptance
She lavishes in it
she sees the lighter side
of the human spirit
and she laughs

she is spirit
she is my spirit
she is I
I am
The High Priestess.

I am.
Katie Lindsey Feb 2013
you shall be the one.
you shall be the one I see
when I look into the mirror
you shall be the one
that makes me life much clearer
Come nearer,
so you can teach me
all there is to know.
Friend or foe,
Lover, take my hand
lets go.
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