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Simon Soane Oct 4
When you sit & nonchalantly beam
it is such an enchanted scene;
oh you,
you'd turn a grey sky walk into a sunshine mile,
with your here,
with your smile.
Simon Soane Sep 21
Don't let
season skipping signs that say
it's autumn
deter your warm from being here,
you always very welcome
what's left
of the summer
of this year.
Simon Soane Sep 13
When you get off a train I'm happy,
that's because it usually means you're a step closer to me;
your near proximity improves my all,
my string theory
and my ABC.
Just your foot on a platform means I understand more of the air,
as you're a further tad towards me,
making the best of my everywhere.
Life love train romance
Simon Soane Sep 7
When I throw
a nasty little thing like ego out
by my invouluntary
I worry people
just think I'm making
crazy hand shapes
in the air;
these fantastic digits carry care.
Simon Soane Sep 2
on paper,
we've toured
a football ground,
but that description
neglects our fantastic found
leaping bound;
it's whenever I'm with you Dad,
it's whenever you're around.
Simon Soane Aug 17
You unforcefully cram
your particles
into every time
of loveliness,
seldom rocked
minutes are just moments
that bring
Simon Soane Aug 15
We said a big farewell to you
on a sunny day,

it was sad but perfect
in nearly every single way,

inevitably the only thing  missing under the clear sky of blue

was the world you held

in all of amazing you.
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