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Simon Soane Jan 1
There is a lineage that flows
down the years,
when on the street you wish new people "all the best" cheers,
it happened before,
and will do again,
whether your steps are faint
or three score and ten.

It's a hum of the ancient,
a dropping of time,
an impromtu greeting
is totally fine;

the hold of wonder,
a hug from a space,

just for a moment


in one place.
Simon Soane Oct 2020
Some fabulous hugs

haven't happened

for a while,

cuddles left in the cupboard

no word
from smile.

But like anything that has a destination of nowhere
there's always a glimmer of wonderful that stops the rot;

the saying of hope
starting to trot.
Simon Soane Oct 2020
After fierce rain
the sun appears,
and makes a seemingly engrained deluge instantly forgettable;

that's what you do too:

your welcoming soothes the soaked in from the storm;

all your smile and suddenly

everything's warm.
Simon Soane Oct 2020
Right now,
as you lay warm and blessed,
your possibities are endeless:

You could be a ballerina who discovers a fresh science of soar,
you could be a globetrotter who finds a new meaning of tour,
you could be a plumber who invents a tap,
you could be the voice that makes all your friends' clap,
you could be a hair dresser who is known for her perm,
you could adore reading and be a book worm,
you could be athletic and win at sports,
you could be the lawyer who wows all the courts.

But now is not the time for possibilty,
only certainty:

the certainty that the two people you see the most shine on you with all of love's beam,

and think you are the best
they have ever seen.
Simon Soane Aug 2020
Although I love summer
and would happily spend
under it's clear
azure skies
I prefer the blue
that's in
your eyes.
They make me as warm
as a full flush
spectacular bright;
you make my days fantastic,
never let me out of your sight.
Simon Soane Jul 2020
I remember us sat looking at Manga cartoons like it was yesterday. But now?
She's gone away.
And I'm just a ghost
in a shell.

When I watch Akira I still hear her.


the fading sound,

our era.
Simon Soane Jul 2020
So I wake up & think,
"Ohh, a message on Whatsapp,
I'll check that baby later,
for that nourish I will cater,
hmm outside it looks mild,
take your time Si, punctuality is the last reserve of the boring, said Oscar Wilde.
But you don't want to get the "where have you been" glare & the "I've been sat here for ages" stare."
So I gather my sleepy head with all my power,
get my work game on & hit the shower.
As I cleanse my skin layer by layer I ponder,
"hmm, have I got enough juice in my MP3 player to see me through on the 192?"
I scrub quickly in a ******* sigh,
"oh oh oh fuckkkkk! Si, you've got shower gel in your eye!"
All my thoughts of enough walking music to hurl me up the road are lost in my optic feeling like it's going to explode.
"It hurts! It hurts! ******* vanilla & raspberry,
is the cyclopitic pain really necessary?".
I now don't have time for thoughts of on time hurry
if I'm going blind or not is now my greatest worry.
The stupid anxieties vanish
in minutes of strife,
like they do in real life,
I don't think I'll care that I haven't budgeted for pre payday weekend beer if I get a call saying
you're not here,
& from what I know you disappear.
Not to dwell on what grief does loom,
you & me right now sail through the future gloom;
you're the best of the best
never stop,
I love you
I love you
I love you lots.
This soapy grip on my eye starts to ease,
anxious not
in the July breeze.
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