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Sarah Dec 2020
Once, the story goes
A few decades or so ago
In a land of silence
A few people gathered to roar
All they wanted was to make a sound
To read a poem, and sing aloud
Once, the story goes
A few decades or so ago
Silence was pierced for a brief moment
And scarlet red stained the ground.
Sometimes the price of objection is death.

To all those who lost their lives trying to object, may their souls rest in peace.
Sarah Feb 2020
Liberty liberty
We chant
Peaceful peaceful
Our voices rise
Seeking a dream
Seeking a homeland
Blood blood
Is all I wipe
Eyes wide open
But they see no light
Chasing a dream
Chasing a homeland
Tears tears
Sobs and cries
Gone forever
My beautiful man
there is no dream
There is no homeland
This is simply the story of our demonstrations. We protest peacefully, we get killed, we weep the ones who died, and protest peacefully the very next day.

As I mourn the strangers, I can’t even imagine the pain their loved ones are feeling.
Sarah Jan 2020
oh how I wish, how I wish!
To turn back in time, twelve years ago
To meet me, a beautiful ten years old
With mother holding out two shirts
One is green, the other blue
Oh how I wish, how I wish!
To have to make that difficult choice
oh how I wish, how I wish!
For my choice to be as simple as colorful shirts
Yet here I am, at twenty two
With choices that have become much worse
One will make me despise myself
The other will cost me a year,
Either one will bring no benefit
Cause none is blue, none is green.
I always hated the phrase “I have no choice” because 99% of the time there is a choice, but it’s extremely hard.
Now God has put me in that place, with two horrible choices to choose from.
Oh how I wish!
Sarah Jan 2020
"I'm right." says he
Says her, you, my friend and me
"right" stares from afar.
I feel lost amid all the chaos and confusion.
Everyone has an opinion, every opinion seems right in its own way, it also seems wrong.
Sarah Dec 2019
Every dawn is a new beginning
Tears are wiped
Blood is washed away
The belongings of the fallen are gathered
Another addition to the martyr’s exhibition
Another name written on the wall
Another poster  and another beautiful face to mourn
Some jokes amid the grief
And the night comes again
Were candle light mixes with bullets sounds
another ten or so falls
Yet dawn comes again
And we rise
Some nights are peaceful, others are not so peaceful,
Last Friday night they attacked the protest squares with bullets, knifes, daggers, tear gas bombs, and every other kind of weapons.
We mourned our martyrs, then proceeded to fill the streets

They can ****, kidnap, torture, threaten, but they can’t stop us.
Sarah Nov 2019
I wish I could fight
Hide behind the barricades and inhale the burning tear gas
I wish I could join you guys
Against a government that cares not whether we lived or died
I wish I could die
Although I so very much love this life
Perhaps then I could save a young boy’s life
People are dying daily in Iraq due to recent protests. Young boys are falling in the front lines while I, like most of the girls, have to stay at home and pray.
My heart is burning with anger and sadness, and every inch of my body longs to be out there with them, but I can not.
Please pray for us, pray for peace.
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