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Sarah Jul 20
Scattered books and pens
A noose hanging from the roof
The ink running dry
First attempt in Haiku,
I wrote it a couple months ago during the final exams.
Sarah Jun 18
For you to see
For you to touch and feel
Soft skin under your coarse finger tips
Stifled tears, and a lantern is lit
I think ‘why couldn’t it be a doll
Instead of clawing at my poor agonized soul?’
No, it could not be
It had to be flesh on a filthy bed for him to be pleased  
‘You owe him a laugh’ they said
‘A kiss and a dance in this pleasure night
For he had paid your price’
My price
three golden coins in the pocket of a man
Who kidnapped me when I was a mere child of nine
Who brought me to a house to be beaten and torn
then learn to obey,
I did, for I no longer had a soul
For you to see
For you to touch and feel
In this nights, and the many nights to be
A stranger with golden coins, A smiling girl with a heart that weeps.
I always sympathize with prostitutes, no one knows what they had been through and how they ended up where they are, yet society judges them.
One never knows the choices he would have made, had he been in their shoes.
Sarah Jun 14
Dare I dream?
Of a far away shore
Golden sand hugging The crystal waves
Mermaids sitting on emerald stones

Dare I dream?
Of a far away land
A castle built with golden bricks
Its high tower kissing the clouds

Dare I dream?
Of a far away heart
That one day shall wander close
And fall in love with mine.
Sarah Jun 7
Long hair, gleaming eyes
A girl playing in the roads
Free as a bird, as the flying wind
Alas, the girl has grown
She is no longer free
A woman now, at the age of thirteen
Obey your father
Obey your husband
Obey your future child to be
Long hair, gleaming eyes
A girl dancing in her room
Dreaming of a road, of a flying bird
Of a free girl she wishes to become
I dream
Of a day where I’m completely free
Sarah Apr 27
I scream
But a world of deaf can not hear
A wail so loud piercing the night
Excruciating pain tearing at my heart
But a world of deaf can not hear
I bleed
But a world of blinds can not see
Crimson red, staining the bedsheets
Blood spattered across the streets
But a world of blinds can not see
I suffer
I’m battered and withered
But they choose not to see
They choose not to hear
My bleeding agony and silent screams
My bruised body and burning tears
I’m hurting
But a heartless world can not feel.
It’s for all those who are suffering, and the world choose to ignore them.
Sarah Apr 20
A child
Walking among life
A mere green field without designated paths
But a child has to grow
And the colorful paths began to take form
Red, yellow or blue?
What are you
A christian, muslim or jew?
I choose the green field
The child within me wants to roam free
With those who were abandoned by their paths
Together, we’ll walk barefoot on the grass
And live
And love
In a life bigger than roads and rules
Where children play with a rainbow colored rose
Unafraid, unchained,
For God is love
For a long time I searched for a title to identify myself with, but I couldn’t fit in any of them, what am I then? Till I decided that I don’t need a title, Titles are for people to address me and put me in an appropriate Group, I don’t need a group, God knows me, and that should be enough. :))
Sarah Apr 17
Just a leaf
Remembering a time when it was a mere seed
Then it grew
Ventured through stem and roots
Up through entagled vines
Up till it could see the vast sky
A journey
Like yours and mine
In the roads of life, so entwined
In memories from soil to light
Then it fallls
And our journey comes to a halt
As the roads become no more
Back into the soil we return
next to a new seed ready to grow
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