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Before we ask for something,
God knows what we're in need of;
God likes to give us good things;
Especially when it's love.

We're called to be persistent,
Living as God wants us to;
Holiness is what pleases him,
It, he wants us to pursue.

God wants hearts to be gentle,
And be understanding too;
With hearts open to our Lord,
Our lives then become anew.

Absence of your love, dear Lord,
Is something we can't afford.
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are used in propagation
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the giant puffball
When there is grace in one's heart,
Life is easier to live;
People who are close to Christ,
Are blessed with joys he does give.

Brilliant light from our Savior,
Will not cease to shine brightly;
His heart so full of beauty,
By the whole world, one can see.

When a heart does not lack grace,
It will be a heart that's wise;
The things that are not from God,
Grace-filled hearts want to despise.

When in a heart, there is grace,
It draws closer to our Lord;
To hearts it wants to show love,
God, by such hearts is adored.
When I find life a burden,
And it's difficult to live;
During such times as these, Lord,
Needed strength to me, then give.

When burdens weigh on my heart,
Lift me up, Lord, from their weight;
Lord, make life's burdens lighter,
For your help, Lord, help me wait.

When I find life depressing,
Help in finding peace, give Lord;
When I find my heart broken,
Lord, help it to be restored.

When I find life a burden,
Joys in life, Lord, help me find;
Help me, Lord, to trust in you,
And help me find peace of mind.
Mother, Blessed, queen of love,
Help Me, so I'll love like you;
Help my heart be one that's pure,
Heaven, help me to pursue.

Help me Mother, through my life,
So that I will be at peace;
The love I have for your Son,
Help it, Mother, to increase.

Please, help my heart, dear Mother,
Find peace and tranquility;
The good that is in others,
Help me, Mother, each day see.

Help my heart to always be,
Mother, blessed,  queen of love,
A heart that is contented,
Seeking good I'm in need of.
keeps one from tiring
lowers bad cholesterol
helps eyesight, okra
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