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Lord, by the good that we do,          
May others then come to see:  
That to find true happiness,            
Pleasing you will be the key.                  

When we are in need of strength,                    
Profusely it to us give:                                                
Protect us when we're tempted,  
So holy lives we can live.

You said  do not be afraid,                
And to put our trust in you:              
Help us live our lives for you,
As you commanded us to.                              

Help us be light to others,    
Answer us Lord when we pray:
And on the road to heaven,  
Jesus, show to us the way:
In God's heavenly, kingdom,                      
Peaceful everything will be:              
We'll be with saints and angels,            
And God for eternity.      

It's an eternal haven,                              
From miseries on the earth,                  
We'll be with God forever,  
And joys there will have no dearth.              

Let's live as God commands us,
And peaceful our lives can be,    
Earth has its pains and troubles,    
In heaven they'll no more be.
Like you, Mother, help me live.    
Encourage me to forgive.
For God help me live my life,
Especially when there's strife.

The hearts of others help me win,
To sin help me close my heart:
Like Jesus help me to be,
Evil help me want no part. 

Help me to say yes like you,
To what Jesus calls me to:
 A pure life, help me to live,
Holiness, help me pursue.

To Jesus help me turn to.
Help me, Mother live like you.
written Sunday  April 14, 2024
a perennial
Lithuania's flower
used for cancer, rue
written April 12th 2024
Heart's that are warm and caring,  
Help us Mother to obtain,                
Help us dear Blessed Mother,          
So our souls, sin will not stain.      

Infuse in our hearts, Mother,        
Your love that is without end:                
God's love and peace, dear Mother,  
To us Mother, have Christ send.

In life's darkness, dear Mother,
Christ's Light, Mother help us see:    
Help us bring light to others,        
To rid darkness with beauty.

When we find life dark Mother,
Light to others help us show:
Darkness in life keep us from,
In holiness help us grow.

Keep an eye on us dear Mother,        
To you Mother this we pray:
Watch over us night and day,
Help us Mother show the way.

written April 12th 2024
When life is real hard to live:          
And most everything goes wrong:
Then, dear Lord be at our side,
Giving us strength to be strong.

When we find life fall apart,
Help us, dear Lord to take heart:
When in life, we need you most,                  
With your love then touch each heart.

It is with your help, dear Lord,
Through life's rough times we'll pull through:
Help us live in holiness:
In all that we say and do.    

In life, Lord, help us succeed,
To your Commands help us heed.

redid  Friday 04 - 12 -2024
can reach hundred feet
sweet pulp in pods gives iheir name
honey locust trees
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