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a sharp, strong flavor
to press teeth into something
fish takes  line hard, bite
seven inches long
are able to learn to talk
love nuts, parakeets
really fast bird
height, nine to nineteen  inches
mate for life, falcons
Scrabble was more fun to play
When we both used the same board,  
Long distance rules we now use,
As it's all we can afford.

Playing Scrabble was more fun,    
When you used to live near Grand;
We could snack during the game,               
And we took care of one hand.

Playing Scrabble using phones,
Is twisting the Scrabble rules;
But since we are far away,
Telephones are needed tools.

When we're playing phone Scrabble,
Face up letters need to be;                    
Where they're in Scrabble box lids,      
To make them easy to see.        

Two letter racks we both use,
Two by you and two by me;
During the game if tempted,
They help us play honestly.

Mary Anne, my Scrabble friend,
With words you're fascinated
You've sculptured  many poems,
So craftily created.

I like the way you keep score,            
You keep track of it so well;
You make playing Scrabble fun
I thought  this you I should tell.

Mary Anne,, Do you have time,
For some phone Scrabble  with me?
When you've time for phone Scrabble,
Let me know when it can be.
they've rodent-like teeth
almost half shark and half ray
the spotted ratfish
Orange petals in a rainstorm,
Are a lovely sight to see;
When the rain nears the blossoms,
Some of the orange blossoms flee.

Orange petals in a rainstorm,
Lose some of their sweet perfume;
When the rainstorm is over,
The sweet fragrance will resume.

Orane petals in a rainstorm,
When they come down with the rain
Won't be in freezing weather,
And won't stick to window panes.

Orange petals in a rainstorm,
Unlike snowflakes have have one form.
get caught in purse seines
swim with the yellowfin tuna
Miami Dolphins
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