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When I need your help the most,
It, Blessed Mother, give me.
Show me how to love your Son,
With a heart of real beauty.

Help me to be contented,
Living as God wants me to.
Help me to strive for heaven,
While holiness I pursue.

The loved ones who've passed away,
And have entered paradise,
Help me know how to get there,
With a heart loving and wise.

Mother, each day my life through,
Help me to be more like you.
most all are salty
are often consumed with beer
Lenten food. pretzels
is high in caffeine
it contains some phosphorous
nut is seed, cola
has yellow flowers
used to dye woolen cloth blue
start plants by seed, woad
a hothouse climber
with edible cone- like fruits
Mexican Breadfruit
helps skin, red clover
edible flowers  
in the malva family
gorgeous hollyhocks
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