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Pieced & Plastered
All my batter
On the wall
Did the red splatter

Like it ever even mattered
I float away
Explode in laughter
"Oh at last I'm free"

All the little bodies staggered
One by one
Right towards disaster
Then they pray for a
New master

Because they can't think for themselves
I am one of the unworthy
Strike me down when
I'm not sturdy...

You can't hurt me
Na, you can't hurt me
'cause I've already hurt myself
soulessgrey Feb 12
when it drops it breaks
into wholly pieced fragments
trickling down the veins
basked in lights that ceased to shine
leaving not ever a trace behind
Shin Nov 2018
A rosebud drips down upon the pavement
as father draws a final drag from this
porcelain pipe, its tobacco well-spent.

Rest in peace sweet little summertime bliss.
Lips pressed taut admiring the embers,
while they pieced together a forlorn kiss.

These penultimate moments are a blur
whispered by magpies on the window-pane
wrought by dust bunnies, and letters from her.

Oh lord may we be blessed and insane;
stifle these stains with bullets to the brain.
Kalvin Moon May 2017
They say poems are written in words.
Pieced together with sentences.
And sustained with periods.

Black coffee kept me awake,
I was discovering myself in thought.

I felt my pulse.

"For once in my life, I felt it."

The cursive in my mind was confusing,
Usually it came with a vision, but this was different.

There was no meaning.


Opening myself to vulnerability,
Understanding knowledge was not a gift,
but an acquired taste.

We as humans have no true understanding of personalities.

I have spent years watching people,
Understanding people,
And learning nothing.


Happiness can be found.

Listen to the world.

When hope has eaten life,
You're left with one thing,

Kelsey Chupp Oct 2018
you aren't my missing pieces
or my better half
you're just a shared part of my soul
we’ve pieced together
that i never want back

LexiSully Oct 2017
Dusk broke through the nighttime sky, filling it with fire and bright light as the distant sun peaked over the horizon.

It was a quiet warning, I knew. Although my mind did not want to admit it.

But I took the hint, and slowly the fire of the sky dripped into cold drops and came cascading to the ground over my shattered heart.

Even the sky could not pretend to stand strong as the heart inside my chest continued to ***** with every given moment.

The rain ended, and I knew it was over.

Billowing clouds encircled and surrounded me, attempting to form a safety net from the rest of the world.

The clouds parted and the sky cleared into a majestic array of vibrant colors. The broken pieces of my heart, now scattered across the ground, were lifted up and slowly pieced together, although the cracks within remained visible to the eye.

It would be a process, I knew, and maybe I did not want the cracks to completely heal, but I did want to feel whole.

And I will, with Him, and with time.
Lash Nov 2018
pieced me together,
from the little that was left.
thought i could be better,
thought it was what was best.
now, ive found i can’t smile without frowning.
i am still holding on while i am drowning.
i am still crying out in the silence.
i am still who i was,
i am still who im running from.
J Aug 2018
I guess there is that
kind of beauty
in this world;
when the flawed
and broken shards
are picked up
and pieced together.

Though it sometimes  
require bleeding cuts
and punctured hands..'s all worth it.
it's all worth it.
JR Falk Sep 2018
My dad would always warn me to be careful when falling in love;
I fall too quickly for my own good.

So on the days leading up to the moment you arrived,
I made sure I steadied my footing,
readying myself for the moment I would.
I could tell I was going to.
I wanted to be prepared.

But as I stood in that airport, my knees were already trembling.
It seemed as though the moment I saw you coming down that escalator,
I lost my footing.
All of a sudden everything around me had disappeared.
All at once, I was falling.

I wondered if skydiving rivaled that thrill, and the fear.
My heart never stopped pounding.

When we got back to the car,
I kept staring at you as though you'd vanish.
My mouth grew dry with dread.
I worried I would wake any moment and all of this would have been nothing but a dream.
But I didn't, and you remained.

We stepped into my room and everything blurred.
I heard nothing but the air rushing by me as I fell harder each moment.
I turned to you, begging for clarity, and was met with a kiss.
For a moment, I could see again.
I warned you I was petrified.
You held me.

I saw the pieces of me I had lost when falling in the past come hurtling towards me as I fell.
When I woke up to you, your chestnut irises were still closed,
yet your breathing stabilized my rugged heart rate.
I was completely unaware of where the ground was,
or how hard I'd hit it,
but I savored the sight as though it were still all just a dream.

Each and every moment with you,
I feared the outcome.
I prepared myself with every aching hour for the impact.
My breathing was so unsteady, I felt on the verge of collapsing.
I closed my eyes. I couldn't let myself see what was coming.

As we sat on my bed, and you held me in your arms,
you begged me to open up.
You insisted I open my eyes,
and I fought tears as our breathing synchronized.
I could see the ground now.
The panic clawed its way out of my heart, up my throat,
and I felt my body shake as the words finally spilled out.

I braced myself.
I winced, expecting the pain.
I had anticipated every bit of me to shatter.
I was ready for there to be nothing left of me to break.

But I didn't break.

I could tell the world around me was still again,
but I wasn't on the ground.
I was not broken.
I was pieced back together, carefully.

You kissed me, breathing into me the life I thought I'd given up.
I finally opened my eyes, and as my vision focused,
there sat every piece of me I thought I had thrown away for each and every heartbreak before.
The parts of me that I had lost so long ago, that I assumed nobody would miss or remember,
sat upright, polished, and presented like precious gems.
The feeling in my body returned,
and I turned to those perfect orbs in disbelief--

you caught me.

You never let me go.

It was then that I realized that all the while I had readied myself to fall,
I had already spent my life preparing my heart for you.

So when my dad reminds me to be careful this time, I'll let him know:

I was, but I never needed to be.
You were right here all along,
waiting to catch me.

oh my ******* god, i love you.

a month from right now i'll be in your arms again.
Moments Before Jul 2018
Is there some pull in you that knows

Me now

Things that intuition has bickered on about

It's what you knew beyond what evidence has shown

The vexation of my words from many years

Pieced together, painted into clearer pictures, contextualized

Do you understand it now

Understand me now?
Fidel Nov 2018
The world is so small babe,
I’m running through my life
All this cardio killing my vibe
I was high but now I’m low,
You’ve gone too far away from me,
All this distance, these miles I can’t take it no more,
Let’s go on a trip, I’ll buy you a flight to Tokyo, we’ll hit the dojo, I’ll show you my mojo,
We’ll walk around Yoyogi, I’ll show you all the arigato I learned just to impress you fondly,
I’ll rent the most expensive hotel room to make some love,
We’ll use it,
And break it,
I don’t care about money, besides, having you is priceless.
I’ll love you to Mars and Jupiter,
I’ll name some planets maybe make some up to pretend I’m a genius,
I’m definitely not the greatest,
But fake it til you make it, apply that to us, pretend you love me and I’ll kiss you softly.
My life has been broken, ripped and thrown, away in the trash but you pieced it with some voodoo,
Now let me pay back the favor back and say I love you,
Forever and ever I’ll text you at night,
I might miss a day but maybe I’m lost within my words all because you left me speechless,
Your body sculpted by Michelangelo,
Your smile painted by Picasso,
But don’t be mistaken you can do much better I’m just fighting to convince you I’m the one.
But even after all this time,
I regret not holding you, not kissing you not loving you,
I had you within my reach
Now I’m left apart from love and hope
But every text is like a take back, I scroll through our pictures and wonder, why we didn’t take more,
Maybe skinny dipping or giggling,
Don’t care never did, just need you back,
I’ll fly you back to, where paradise is set,
We’ll stop by LA, I’ll meet your friends I’ll buy some clothes to reach your level, maybe will even break a sweat ‘cause after all you are my: deepest love my queen so beautiful.
I’ll fly you to Texas, I’ll meet your family, introduce me as the super tall, ******, don’t care what you say ‘cause just driving you around is my pleasure and dreams I had of.
Don’t be mistaken, I loved swimming, within our convos, but maybe now we can settle down and agree that down down very deep down, I love you and maybe you love me,
Or maybe not I’m prolly just tripping, not in space but within your beauty, I want you, be mine,
Forever high,
On the clouds I’ll lie, I’ll lie lie lie, and I’ll say whatever childish line, comes out of my mouth, don’t be surprised if, I just freeze and stare, because every glance you ever gave, just now assure me you could be mine, but baby I’m sorry poor choice on my part,
Just let me make it up to you, I’ll take you to Lake Whitney, we’ll chill and read,
“I got this poetry book here,”
And I’ll pretend to know every line,
Understand every word,
Whatever it takes for you to be mine.
lila 16h
i had my words stolen from me
time and time before
strips of duct tape placed over my mouth
to keep me silent
because it was wrong of me
to feel anything but happy

and really
i’m okay
these words bled out
from the ink in my pen
were the raw emotions felt
that i couldn’t seem to verbalize
pieced together into
these innocent little stanzas
that everyone seems to write
from time to time
so what’s the harm
that comes from a few lines?

and if i wanted them out there
i would have told you
either shouted from the mountain tops
or whispered in the dark
if i wanted you to know
trust me
you would have known

but instead of dripping onto paper
the ideas, the emotions, the pain
whatever you want to call it
buried itself inside me
became ammunition
in a then loaded gun
pointed at my head
until it became too much
where any little thing
could just pull the trigger
but it was always better to keep me silent right?

so think think twice
before you steal these words from me again
because this time around
the ammo locks into
my fiery tongue
not afraid to fight back anymore
because I’ve found my words again
no thanks to you
toxic relationship silence words stolen steal mute
Karina Estella Oct 2018


Down, farther. Faster.

Oxygen is robbed out of my lungs as I continue to fall deeper into this twisted hole.

Free-falling into my doomed fate, there is no end to this wicked hole called Love.

You look into my eyes and I can only fall deeper into your glistening irises — enchanted by your eyes I am incapable of looking away. I melt into your eyes, into your arms. My body becomes jelly, my heart palpitates.

I love you, and there’s nothing I can do.


Whether or not I’m conscious, my time is spent thinking about you.

I fantasize a reality in which you frequent my house and the resting place of my hands are intertwined in yours.

Where my lips naturally settle upon yours, where I can freely embrace you in my arms.

Where your hands have mended my shattered heart.

I love you, and in my dreams you love me too.


Every waking moment, I spend loving — yearning, for you. I yearn for your touch, your love, your attention.

When your enchanting orbs meet mine, I can feel love radiating from my body. I give you everything you desire — in return I only desired you.

No matter the hour, you are always on my mind. Your blinding smile, your echoing laugh, your everlasting kindness. I mirror these factors in hopes that you’d notice me, but you don’t.

I love you, why can't you love me too?


The consistent crimson wounds on my wrists are nothing compared to the knots in my heart.

My heart was torn out of my chest, it was ripped apart by normally gentle hands — yet they felt rough and coarse as they violently pried apart what was left of my already shriveled heart.

Numbly, I pieced my heart back together and placed it back into my chest, but the pieces were in all the wrong places.

My heart is mangled, but I still love you.



I can’t eat, I spend my nights weeping over you.

Loving you has brought me nothing but agony, sheer anguish.

The circles underneath my eyes grow darker, my stomach becoming unhealthily skinnier. My body mirrored the pain I felt inside.

I grew weaker by each passing day, isolated from society the only thing that kept me in reality was the small hope that you could change your mind.

I was wrong.

I’m broken, and I still love you.

Can’t you see what you’re doing to me?


Faking the smile I bore daily became easier. Laughing was instinct, not an internal command.

The dark world I had accustomed myself to was penetrated by light. The light of hope, of another day.

I still didn’t sleep, but I was better. Sleeping wasn’t necessary in a time where my heart was being mended. Your beautiful features still graced my thoughts every now and then, but I didn’t recoil or weep.

I laughed, a chuckle that was more heart-wrenching than the most broken cry in the world.

I love you, and that’s okay.


The light was fading away.

You had lodged yourself back into my heart — a mending heart that had no room for you.

You captivated me with your charm, again.

I fell into your trap, again.

You played me, again.

I had now way out of this loop.

I love you, and there’s nothing I can do.

You will remain in my heart, ‘til death do us part.
to the one i love
I'm Aurianna.
I'm so many things actually, it all depends on who you ask.
To myself... at times I am destruction.
My emotions destroy.
I am hurt.
I am only 18, who did you want me to be?
You abused me.
You destroyed me for a time, and yet still all the time.
I want to be free.
Did I build these chains link by link or did you help me?
You beat me physically while she beat me mentally.
The perfect destructive team you two made.
All without realizing.
All without each other.
Yet at times I am strong, I stand tall to protect others.
Although a single person can raise their voice to me and I shatter into a million little pieces.
I never amount to other peoples expectations of me, so in return, I am looked down upon.
My whole life really.
The secret abuse that led to many failures.
I have so many problems that I cannot fathom enough to put into words.
I fail at expressing how I feel because I don't know how.
You never taught me how.
They ask me whose fault it is that I am like this.
I say it's mine.
Because I'm eighteen.
In the eyes of the law, I am officially an adult.
Responsible for only myself.
Am I falling apart yet again?
Or have I never actually been quite pieced together?
Do I accept your screaming, dehumanizing comments and threats for the hope that someday, just someday I will be granted parental affection?
Or do I not deserve that either?
Do I deserve better?
Because I really don't know.
You're sorry... that I know.
You have said it many times before.
Only to turn around and do the same things you've already apologized for.
Feeling is what makes me human, but too much of anything is cancer to the heart.
Your words hurt me.
They always have.
Worse than any beating I have and will endure.
Your words are my cancer.
I am fighting for my freedom.
With or without you.
For I have always been alone.
I have found my strength in that.
Because I am me.
What4221 Feb 12
Maybe I’m writing to remember.
Maybe I’m writing to forget.
I just know that graphite stains my hands more often than blood now
That I’m drawing portraits of people I know will never return
I’m spilling my memories on a keyboard and hoping something will come of it
Some sort of peace.

She didn’t like washing paint off
Because she felt it carried memories
That the stains were more beautiful than the art
That somehow the chaos was the only thing that could capture her emotions.

I think I’m beginning to understand her
Little by little
As all of the words I say are never enough
They aren’t tragic or beautiful or pieced together in ways that make my heart weep
And my burdened shoulders light.
It’s the mess around them that pulls me one step closer to the light.

And he was the opposite.
Careful and calm and put together
Every word and every brush ****** and every careful curve of his lips into a smile
He meant everything he did
Like I wish I could.

But everything I do has meaning
So maybe I should take refuge in that
Let it pluck at my heart strings
Let it make me feel again.

They might’ve been my best friends
Or just another half forgotten dream.
I’m having more of those lately
And it scares me.
Reality is twisting and I don’t know what is real
I don’t know what has actually happened.
I don’t know if I saw anyone last night
Or if the figure stalking in the rain was just another nightmare.

And someone handed me a slip of paper
And I search everywhere and can’t find it
And maybe it was a dream
Maybe everything is breaking down into that half remembered daze of waking
And nothing is actually real anymore.

Maybe their chaos and order
Was just a beautiful dream
That I wish would spill into a memory.

I’m lost right now,
Forgive me.
Faith Aug 2018
I guess I could've
stopped the end of the world -
left in rotting and
tumbling into cheeto dust,
licking the residue off my fingers.

but I didn't want to
I flicked my tongue and
pieced the shapes back together,
destroying my own form
in the process

it was worth it
because I knew that
the butterflies would fly again,
you see

— The End —