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Lil Moon Moon Aug 2019
I was raised to protect the throne of the king
A warrior summoned to slice everything
Fighting for years a battle not mine
If polished my skills, it made me shine

I cannot count the lives I've taken
Nor the screams of children I've been slayin'
All I remember was the sword I'm swinging
Under the rainy sky, I felt like drowning

How can I be a hero of my country?
When only few of us returns home out of many
This has nothing to do with fate and destiny
This is clearly a product of a greedy authority

I was once a coward, couldn't face the truth
Being just a knight, it ruined my youth
Wearing this armor symbolizes my dignity
I took it off, it sent me to reality.

Lil Moon Moon Jul 2019
Once upon a time,
When I was in my prime,
The world looked so bright,
And there was hope in my heart.

But reality dawned on me,
The truth I finally see,
Such a fool I was per se,
Life's not what I thought it to be.

My dreams once soared high,
Creativity and art was my war cry,
But now I tire, God I barely try,
The dreams and hopes, they die.

Now the child is dead,
The vision's jaded,
Nothing's alive, its all faded.
Lil Moon Moon Jul 2019
In a world that keeps on lying,
You can rarely find
A truth that is worth keeping.

Everyone here keeps on looking,
At the wrong places
Where there's lots of pretending.

And so everyone plays along,
All is having fun,
Keeping the lie alive for long.

But if we were to awaken,
See the lies crumble
Revealing the truth we've forsaken.

We'd see, oh we'd finally see,
That all this time
All we've been looking for,

Is something... something genuine...
Something Lies Truth Genuine Real Reality
Lil Moon Moon Jul 2019
I have wings and I can fly away,
But hey, that's a petty white lie,
Cuz if it were true, I wont be here today,
Enduring the hurt and the lie...

So here I am stranded,
Held down by chains of dread,
I have wings and I can fly away,
But you might as well call me disabled.

Cuz its a petty white lie,
And God knows I can't get away.
Lil Moon Moon Jul 2019
Man is born small,
But soon he will grow tall,
To tell the world about his dream,
And learn to live life to the brim.

He'll live a fleeting life,
But his life will be full and bright,
Soon he'll find the love of his life,
Time will pass and he'll grow wise and right.

Soon he'll have children to grow,
And he'll remember the days of his youth,
Yet he's stopped growing now,
That is the truth.

Now it's a race against time,
The sands are slipping
His hair grows white,
And his bones are creaking.

Soon he'll be weak and old,
But he's lived a life to be told,
Youth is now a far-off memory,
Something that he will bury.
Lil Moon Moon Jul 2019
There's this heavy feeling,
An unbearable lightness of being,
Like I'm mindlessly floating,
With no sense of belonging.

The world moves and changes,
And I'm left behind to wander for ages,
The memories mock and jests,
What once was makes me wish time regress.

I tried to hold on and belong,
But my connections don't last long,
I know I've done nothing wrong,
Still they left and didn't bring me along.

Now there's dread that lurks at bay,
And so I easily float away,
But for once, I wish I could stay,
God, I don't wanna stay this way.

So I'm just a drifter drifting,
Never staying, always searching.
Don't mind me, keep on living,
You'll forget me in the morning.

I'm just a drifter drifting,
Never staying, always searching,
But God I'm worn and tired of just surviving,
For once, I wanna try living.

I'm just a drifter drifting,
Never fitting, always lacking,
Please someone see me in passing,
Hold me there and say, just for once,

Come and Stay...
Lil Moon Moon Jul 2019
We come alive,
To start the Journey of life,
Destined to face many a strife,
Meant to die and go to the afterlife.

Time is my master they say,
It's what brings old age,
And dictates all change,
To race with it is both unwise and strange.

Yet if I were to choose,
I'd take the chance to get loose,
Escape from time's grasps,
And exist for as long as freedom lasts.

Time will stop for me,
And I wont have to watch my parents grow old,
Or my little dog grow weak.
Ain't it nice, no more worries.

Yet time stops for no one,
It's a fairy tale dream i know,
Yet still a noble dream to dream.
So I'll hold on cause I'm afraid,

And I wish time would stop for me...

— The End —