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Bella Sep 2015
I would hate to become one asset of myself
What if I was only shy
or organized
What if I was simply irritable
or just funny
What if I was only good at math
Nothing else
If I was a one dimensional being
How sad would it be
To be defined by one part of yourself
I am whole
I am my own person
I can be all those things
You wouldn't define me by one attribute
So don't define me by who I love
Because she is my one "Only"
Bella Sep 2015
It's our number
I've worn it since third grade
You had it sewn to your shirt in high school
It's the date we first kissed
In that ****** bar next to my ****** apartment
It's the day that you asked me to kiss you only
You were going to say something by the ocean
But your nerves got the best of you
So you asked me in your car instead
And I said yes in the passenger seat
It's the hours a day that I have you on my mind
Always thinking about the taste of your lips
And the way you make me fall in love
More and more each day
And it will be the day that I ask you
To spend the rest of your life with me
Bella Mar 2015
You are a mystery to me
Illusive and wandering
Like sun rays painted on our walls
Coming and going like the days
Your mood swings are like clockwork
Up, down, up, down
But I've never learned to tell your time
I can hold you for a moment
Before you drift away again
Leaving me in the dark
I can't seem to keep track of you
Because smoke doesn't cast a shadow
Bella Mar 2015
I admire my heart
I have loved and lost more than most
My heart has been beaten and battered
But at the end of the day it still beats
It beats for every person who broke my heart
For every person that has regretted it
For every single heart that drowned in my sea
For every last fling and ****
For every missed call and lost love
We are still living
I am still breathing
My blood stays inside my body now
I will never miss a chance to say "I Love You"
I have so many flaws and imperfections
But my heart is not one
It is big and warm
I am not giving up on love
I am not afraid of love
I have fallen many times
But we get back up and love again tomorrow
It pulses through my veins with ease
I can't imagine anything more beautiful than giving someone a piece of you
As long as I have a heart
I have something to offer
As long as I have love within me
I have something to give
Because at the end of my life
I will get it back
That is beautiful
Bella Mar 2015
It feels like you are trying to give me reasons to leave you
It's like you're testing my affection
When you deprive me of kisses
When you leave in a huff
You ignore me just to see how it feels
You flirt with other girls to watch me get jealous
When you tell me that I will grow tired of you
Testing me
But you don't plan on leaving, what are you doing
I don't think you understand the depths of my adoration for you
I could sit at the bottom of the sea and that wouldn't measure up
Nothing you could do or say could make me turn away
I am hopelessly bonded to you
I will ceaselessly care for you
Unconditionally love you
I will want to kiss your lips until you turn to dust
I will hold you tight until you pull away
I will have nothing but desire for your until I live my last day
Maybe even after that
I will take you with me into the unknown
I will carry you with me into darkness
And into light you will be with me
You will never be alone or without an admirer
No matter what you do
I am forever with you
For you
On your team
Until the end of time
My relationship confusion.
Bella Mar 2015
I’m in love with the way you scrunch your nose when you smile at me
I’m in love with the way you dot your I’s and cross your t’s
I’m in love with the way you walk down the street
I’m in love with the way you look when we meet
I’m in love with the way your hair falls in your face
I’m in love with the way you make my heart quicken its pace
I’m in love with the way you find everything funny
I’m in love with the way that you spend your money
I’m in love with the way you hold my hand
I’m in love with the way you listen to your favorite band
I’m in love with the way you speak when you’re drunk
I’m in love with the way you keep me out of a funk
I’m in love with the way you pay attention in class
I’m in love with the way you sit in the grass
I’m in love with the way you refuse to dance
I’m in love with the way you get me in a trance
I’m in love with the way you stare at the sky
I’m in love with the way you make me ask why
Don’t ever change the way that you are
It’s made you perfectly perfect so far
I want you to know that this is all true
When lies had been many and truths had been few
I know that you hurt and I know that it’s hard
Don’t be afraid to let down your guard
I’m in love with the you that’s deep inside
The one you try so hard to hide
Let me love every single bit of you
Honest to goodness I swear that I do
Bella Mar 2015
I need you to do me a favor
It's nothing big
No grand gestures
It's nothing you can't handle
It's actually very easy
Open yourself up to me
Let me love you
Love me
Open yourself up to the idea of you and I
Give us a chance
We've only just begun
Times get tough
Life throws obstacles our way
But let's tackle them with grace
Don't shut down
Don't let yourself go
Because if you slip away from me
I am going to lose myself
And you in the process
I won't be able to handle that
Kiss me when you leave for work
Tell me you love me
Let yourself fall
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