Feb 17 LexiSully
as priceless as imagination
can make us airborne.
LexiSully Feb 17
He gently raised his hand, placing it ever so softly on her cheek,
And stopped for a moment—
He could foresee his future changing, felt in his bones his destiny altered,

And then he kissed her.
LexiSully Feb 5
We adventured to places where my soul was free and my converse got dirty.
  Feb 5 LexiSully
If you think the moon has a soul
And the trees are whispering your name
If you can feel the pulse of a mountain
And see advancing armies in the clouds
Start writing, you're thinking like a poet
LexiSully Feb 4
I long to live my life in a way that makes people think.

I crave to soar high in the sky,
While having depths that match the sea.

I want to be kind, caring, loving,
Which is often somewhat rare,

But I want to be strong and courageous,
Never stepping down from the square.

At the end of the day, I guess all I can say,

I want to live my best life,
And help to ease the sting of another’s’ knife.
LexiSully Jan 25
In the blank of his stare and dullness of his kiss,
She found her soul trapped in routine,
Fighting to be set free.
LexiSully Jan 25
His body was warm,
His heart still beating,
But without her, he was brain-dead.
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