LexiSully Jul 23
Put a face in firelight,
And laugh as the embers float to the stars,
And every concern will fade into the smoke.
LexiSully Jul 23
It's a top down
Doors off
Wind rushin
Music bumpin
People laughin
Crazy drivin
Sun in the sky
Feelin high
Best friends
Grabbin hands
Kind of day.
LexiSully Jul 10
I have a pit bull exterior but is that all you see?
Most people who walk by stop, stare, and then flee
But I know I am different, like you want me to be,
For I have a loving and tender heart inside of me.
  Jun 30 LexiSully
Listen more than speak
Learn more than teach
Heal more than hurt
Tolerate more than crush
Absorb more than react
Better more than envy
Accept more than grumble
Act more than complain
Explore more than fear
Vacate more than invade
Spend more than save
Save more than destroy
Share more than ******
Answer more than question
Nurse more than wound
Support more than betray
Trust more than doubt
Watch more than glance
Reason more than faith.

Begin to love you
End with loving others.
LexiSully Jun 30
She starts every morning with light,
Painting the sky with pastel hues,
Spreading excitement for the unknown of a brand new day

She disperses her rays over plants,
Offering a warm welcome,
Stretching out her rays as if to aid them in their growth

She slowly slips behind a dark cloud,
Which makes the world cry,
Longing for her warmth and love to caress it once more

But she reappears once again,
Expelling her fire light across all creation,
Making faces and petals alike smile towards her magic.
For my best friend,
thanks for being a light in my life.
LexiSully Jun 15
As I looked down, the cobblestone was alive,
Dancing to the music of a live band,
Walking with wandering tourists,
Laughing with children eating ice cream cones

And there I was, watching silently,
Apart from the soul,
Yet beating right along with the heart.
LexiSully Jun 13
The distant lights across the water attempted to illuminate the shadow waves, swaying in beat with the cool breeze

The stars above shone in the darkness, their brightness unaffected by the misty clouds

The dock was slippery under my feet and damp under my fingertips as they glided along the railing

Our laughter mixed with the frog’s croaks to make music never before heard

And as I looked over, finding her next to me, my heart felt at home.
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