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Axel Aug 26
i see heaven in your eyes
and you see sincere in mine.
and we fall right into the night.
Maria Etre Mar 13
Someone told me
I feel too much...
like it's
a bad thing
like it's rain on beach day
like it's cold "hot cocoa"
like it's an incomplete "love letter"
like it's snowing on your vacation
//   it's a cold thanksgiving dinner
//   // a pimple on date night
//  //  your period on *** night
//  //  being broke on a Friday
and went on and on and on ... like
someone told me I feel too much
I said
Thank you, I am blessed
Read it from the bottom up now
Toxic yeti Mar 9
It’s Halloween
I am going trick or treating
As a samurai
As usual
I go to the house
On the right said of my
And get old
Flight attendant paraphernalia
I wake up from the dream
The flight attendant stuff
Meant that my
Gardien angel
Was watching me
For I was under a lot of stress.
My gardien angel was one Barbra
Khoi-San Feb 13
Cloaked wings fuel feeds

Tongue loaded flint locked bullets

Eve stuck to her leaf
Stick to your instincts you probably right
Harley Hucof Feb 7
I can never respect people who take decisions for others,
Omni present child wearing adolecence .

People must never assume they have all the answers
When you play the role of the actors
Idealising philosophies and mystic factors
You judge, aware of your sorrow bearers
And with each sin, a silent look, and a feather
Torn apart to make it clearer
That he whom survives is repressed
While the new trend is depressed
Yet somehow i still picture you in your white dress,
And the voice i talk to you with
Is mine,
but you are not me
So how can i define
The slips and fissures of your subconcsious mind
And thirst to be free.

To each his field and angles
And if hell is heaven
i am still the devil

Words Of Harfouchism
People judge people who judge people who judge who etc..
Christopher Jul 2018
Every morning
I'm enjoying.
Evenings may vary.
But my tanks take care of me.

I shift them both 180 degrees,
Usually they know it means one of two things.
It's time to clean or secure.

But for some reason, one breaks my order.

Slowly shifting towards east, his platoon knows something wrong.
Slowly cause he doesn't wanna raise the heat.
Cause if one sees him too undone,
That's one to not be seen.

Unfortunately a time comes where two has to go back to zero.
Not cause it's time to sleep, not trust me.
They still do protect me after these.

One stays at 90 regardless of what I say.

While I appreciate it, you gotta understand what I'm saying cause I'm done, no more cold ones. It's freezing and I can't take no more. Just turn off.
Just a twist of a **** I wish.

We'll continue our routine tomorrow...

Charlie One: 0° E  Hotel Two: At ease. You've done enough for me.
More entendres than you could see...choose which one you think I'm speaking of.
Like Tyler Joseph said "A kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me...okay friend?"
Montay Henson Apr 2017
I've seen this one angel hanging in town
she dances and sings and spreads happiness around
she's kind and funny and unique
She bathes me in light every time we meet
She grips my hand and walks with me down the street
this angel isn't mine, but she knows what I need
she knows my angles and shows them to me
she read the lines that I am hiding closely
she heats me up and melts me slowly
She brings  the light when the night is lonely
And when I look at her eyes I swear they're glowing
I know they're knowing I can see her probing
It's not easy hiding from these angles she's bringing
I want to speak, but the words are tainted
My brain is jumbled and my thoughts scream faintly
I know I'm being a selfish brat
Is it my fault that I can be myself with you?
Is my my fault that your essence is addicting?
what angle do I need to see to see you being an angel over just me?
Haven't made anything in a long time, something happened recently that made me need a release of my feelings and thoughts and well, here it is.
Michael Lechner Feb 2017
When the sun
in your eyes
and you greet
the morning
with a smile
may the angels
bend low
to take notice
and the demons
crawl back
into their pit
For never
had anyone
such grace
or ever
such beauty
since that first
bright dawning
of creation

© Michael Lechner
Dawn Treader Dec 2016
Jaggedly pieced together
We're fragmented beautifully
Oddly, this love fits
my attempt at a  10 word poem. Love can work if you work out the angles.
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