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You always thought it was my ignorance...
But your light was too bright,
That my eyes couldn't adjust..!
We all have a different way of observing the things...
annh Mar 2021
Peace abides in the gentle velvet folds of patient time;

When industry is forgotten and rigid right angles

Give way to soft currents of inspiration;

Lacking definition, judgement or expectation

My yardstick shrinks and disintegrates into nothingness...

Inadequate to the task of measuring infinity.

‘Where is beauty to be found? In great things that, like everything else, are doomed to die, or in small things that aspire to nothing, yet know how to set a jewel of infinity in a single moment?’
- Muriel Barbery, The Elegance of the Hedgehog
Ashok Manikoth Jul 2020
Mother brings a lot off memories
The first perfume I smelt was hers as I snuggled in her arms.
Years later when Angels needed her more than me I realized that she wore no perfume all her life, what I smelt was her love for me.
Now I know why angels look so beautiful it's because you and many a mother is there to braid their hair just right.
Seema Jun 2020
The fray cries I hear
Of broken fallen angels
Is just hard to bear
Cast from their heavenly realms
Roaming in deserts and dusts

©Seema Sen, 2020
5-7-5-7-7 syllables
Dez Mar 2020
We stared at the stars
For that was your home
You came from heaven
To dwell with me, a heathen

Why? I’ll never know.
But at the time I never wanted to go.
Then came a devil,
And I chaste her for she was on my level.

I know not why
I was so foolish to say goodbye!
I left you alone,
And now I’m skin and bone.

For in leaving you, my love.
I lost my life, now your above!
Do not accept me back,
For sense I do lack.

I now I know I was wrong
And now do sing this sorrowful song.
I seek your forgiveness,
Accept me not for I deserve the stillness.

So this is my recognition
Of my wretched condition.
Thank you for coming to the low,
And for the part of heaven you did show.
To the breakup's that were my fault.
Dez Mar 2020
Where I want to be is never were I can be
Why is the forbidden always the one I can only see
In my sight but out of my reach
And now the memory hangs like a leach.

Take of thy desires
No one will be the wiser.

Withhold thine hand
You never know where sin will land.

To the voices ever near
To which do I give ear?
They do pester me at every choice
Which do you give the greater voice?
gunnar bebee Oct 2019
Piercing through my core, deep calls the deep,
Penetrating my heart, life stops
My mind is mute, falling in a transit sleep
To the floor my body drops.

Crashing against the waves through the endless void
Lost, wandering, thinking, pondering
My heart and soul forever destroyed
This is now a conjuring.

The devil in me begins to awaken
Coming from the darkest of depths
I become a poltergeist, my life forsaken
Im only hungry for deaths

Withstood a thousand pains
Endured a million hardships
In my mind rages hurricanes
My mind is in eclipse.

Through the void in the distance I see light
Possibly a glimmer of hope?
Yet I can't even budge with all my might
The light and hope eloped.  

Screaming “why” yet the void remains silent,
My frustration continues to grow  
Each second Growing more violent
The furious rage on my face shows.

I am lost my soul burns it's final embers,    
The flame inside me is dying out.
My rage finally surrenders
Falling all about.

The darkness turns bright and the void is gone.
The silence has fled
To your soothing voice I am drawn,
You seem directly ahead

Pulling me from my eternal slumber,
Bringing life back to my dead soul.
You voice rattles in my head like thunder
you reach for me to get me out of this hole.

Through your eyes I see dazzling stars,
Sparkling in the moon-lit night
Your gaze shatters my minds prison bars
And it holds me tight.

You stand beside me on this narrow path
Leading me towards a better tomorrow
Soothing away my wrath
My trust and willingness begins to grow?

By your side in emotional bliss,
I finally feel at peace
No longer in this oceanic abyss
Finally living at ease.
A friend and I decided that we'd try and make a poem together. Every first and third line is his and every second and 4th line is mine. This is what we managed to come up with
Axel Aug 2019
i see heaven in your eyes
and you see sincere in mine.
and we fall right into the night.
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