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AB Yousuf Dec 2020
The long and winding stairs, end their climb in front of stars,
far beyond the pulse of life, a shelter from man's scars.

Drag my body upwards, round and round the cobbled flight,
looming at the peak there waits a massive, mirrored light.

It crowns the concrete tower, metal jewel gleaming through dark,
beckons tired and weary souls towards its distant spark.

There's light left so I wait, let the calm wash over me,
quiet save for chirping bugs and endless, shifting sea.

Eyes follow the coastline, tracing rocks along the shore,
water churns and rages, droning builds into a roar.

Something in the silence renders time into a blur,
thoughts drift to my past, then on occasion, drift to her.

Night begins to spread and now its shadow touches land,
darkness slowly sets with every movement of the hand.

Summon light from sleep, its metal eye opens to black,
beams across the sky, while I await a signal back.

Minutes add like notches, on the wall of someone's cell,
my ears strain for the distant sound of ship's arriving bell.

This night is like the rest, so the call returns unmet,
void remains the void, a sense of emptiness besets.

Every night I burn the light, and solitude is stark.
Sit in silence at my post and signal in the dark.
Abner Ros Nov 2020
A blurred midnight blue landscape
Opens to you with a gleaming pebble
Of gilt and affection.
     As sapphire waves beat the brazen boats
                Bedded on shores of a thousand stains,
                     Encircled by nautical carapaces of a time unseen,
             Prior to the reign of oceanic potentates and
       The submarine souls which now tread
   Haphazardly, thirsting for an iota of freedom amidst
A home long since ravaged.

Though, memory resides of a time before then,
As the undersea flaunted its life unsullied.
The folly of man an ironic query
To which desolation retorted
In the voice of Another.
Jim Oct 2020
Let the sails billow
Let the winds drum
Bring forth the waves
In the red setting sun

The future is still
A glassy sea comes
Now is not that time
In the red setting sun

Hold firm the stern
There's work to be done
If we are to see another
Red setting sun
Roro Aug 2020
I orchestrate your violent butterflies
Fluttering and morphing into bees with big eyes
"Honey shed your chitin and be mine"
Your guardian angel and savior so divine

The strings of your heart as my violin
My grand concerto hypnotized you to sin
Made me your deity, my boat your place of worship
I welcomed your unholiness aboard my precious ship

Sailed through the clouds and into the stars
Set off on a light-speed expedition to Mars
When we returned to wander the Earth's seas
I found myself a slave to all your pleas

Mistress of this vessel yet so caged and lonely
When did I feed you so much power over me?
She was mine but I didn’t recognize
Tainted and defiled because of my lies

Her body and sails were painted red and blue
To much better suit and satisfy you
Irreverence to your deity, desecration to my shrine
I could only watch while you took all that was mine

A glimpse of land and gardens so close
Sparked a flame of hope in my life of shadows
I sprouted wings and the sun began beaming
Lighting up the rocks where waves were crashing

I raised her sails with one final goal
To free myself and take back my control
With cold confidence, I steadied my helm, directed my bow
Crashed her down like Dawson to Davy in the depths below.
Being worshipped and adored isn't always fun, especially when you feel responsible and in control of a relationship. Despite having that power and control, you're helpless and catering to every need of this obsessed person you now pity and despise. It takes strength and courage to accept when it's time to break it off and let them go. Pick YOU
P.S. Montague Dawson was a maritime painter and Davy references Davy Jones [locker] :)
*Read "shipwreck for the outro/part 2"*
aria xero Jun 2020
siren song
splash the jagged rocks
hopelessly incandescent
awaiting sailors call
from faraway isles

mermaid tails
iridescent scales
rainbow ripples
extend out
ships to sea

serpent teeth
from depths of black
sink into wood
cries fall deep

pirate swagger
cutlass clangs
of power
lustrous treasure

open waves
breathless orange
skies of amethyst
and gold
ocean tales told
Corey Parsons Oct 2017
My lone, disheveled skiff is flooded
With moonlight. I am a real-life sea captain,
Wading off the shore of Life.

I have jettisoned my mighty oar,
I now lie on the hull, drowning
In a Champion's brew.

I miss my mates.
I'm sick of reminiscing w/ the stars
Of my friends, my crew,
Our complacency,
And the Great War.
By Corey Parsons
Helios Alatza Aug 2017
tonight is strange.
you see,
i slept today
at a friend's house.
but now, cannot

and when i say "slept"
i mean;
i laid there
in her blankets,
and thought of you.

and when i say
"thought of you"
i mean;
i wondered if
at that moment
you missed me too.

and when i say "wondered"
i mean;
i imagined your lips
my eyelids.

and when i say "against"
what i meant to say
that i wished you
were held against

and when i say "held"
i meant;
that i'll take your problems
and shoulder them
as My own.

but dear,
when i said
what i meant to say
was that your
ink-stained fingernails
are god-crafted.

and by "ink"
you know
that i mean;
you've forever
left your mark
on me.

and by "mark"
i mean;
that you've drawn
in all the sides of
all the best poems.

and by "drawn"
i offer up;
that this is not
the first or last
time we fire one another
and scald the oceans.

tonight is strange,

it's a good thing
You always know
what i'm really
trying to say.
Stopped on the shore
to snap a picture,
"can you pose more candidly?"
you asked the water,

while the sun scurried
across the sky to duck
behind the horizon for fear
of the ensuing argument.
If you should be lost
the police report
will ask me
to describe you.

I will say, “He is
the one with the gaze
that could sink a ship
and the laugh
that could bring it to life again.”
Anthony Arnieri May 2016
The dead captain quietly fights the reef.
Ooh, desolation!
Endurance, death, and endurance.
Never love a seashell
More than the glinting sunshine
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