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Shin Oct 2022
Thank you little Marcy, my perfect M&M,
for showing these bones the sun yet again.
My velvet angel, you’ve let me touch the sky.
My little girl, you’ve made diamonds trickle down my eye.
What a wonder, what a magical world,
where you draw a breath, my darling little girl.
I’m having a daughter
Shin Apr 2022
Oh how a rotted home aches.
Floorboards agonize,
their faces betray
a life's frozen mirth.

A shattered window,
caked in cobweb
calls to her daughter in the wind.

Footprints erased by dust.
Photographs wilted and grey.
Oh how a rotted home aches.
Shin Feb 2022
A life held softly, briefly in my hand.
Tantalizing, sweet, composed of my dreams.
Oh what I would give to taste it again.

Look me in the eye and whisper the word.
Tell me everything you want me to hear.
Two truths and one more lie, it matters not.
For the end I fear is becoming clear.
Shin Nov 2021
Candlelight and wax coated angel eyes.
Shadows dancing to an unspoken rhyme.
He whispers her name with velveteen sighs.
They clutch this moment forgotten in time.

Oh glory! Oh rose-tinted winter bliss.
How is it you fill a room with your grace?
Rest upon her cheek lies a snowflake's kiss.
Its warm trail leaving sparkles in her face.

Make peace and know, everything is okay.
Shin Aug 2021
The party's lights are dim.
Smoke hovers in the air.
I want to hold your hand.
I wish you were still here.

Cutting through the summer haze,
The love we hold again.
Shin Jun 2021
Slowly the shadow approaches the Glen.
Wrapping lilies in its arthritic hands.
A hush falling upon those in his wake.

Frost encrusts the grass lost beneath your feet.
A songbird falls from the sky, lost in ash.
The sun is silent, and all time stands still.

The scene fades into shadowed nothingness.
The night is calm, the day is cold. Alas.
Shin May 2021
Which one of you will remember her name?
Will your minds recall by the fireside?
Will you press her softly against your lips?

Leave your secrets buried in the soil.
Let your glowing embers forever burn
Learn the lesson conjured by the old men.

Truthfully, nobody will get it right.
Yet tell yourself, "still now we have to try."

We bid farewell to you.
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