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Shin Aug 22
The party's lights are dim.
Smoke hovers in the air.
I want to hold your hand.
I wish you were still here.

Cutting through the summer haze,
The love we hold again.
Shin Jun 14
Slowly the shadow approaches the Glen.
Wrapping lilies in its arthritic hands.
A hush falling upon those in his wake.

Frost encrusts the grass lost beneath your feet.
A songbird falls from the sky, lost in ash.
The sun is silent, and all time stands still.

The scene fades into shadowed nothingness.
The night is calm, the day is cold. Alas.
Shin May 26
Which one of you will remember her name?
Will your minds recall by the fireside?
Will you press her softly against your lips?

Leave your secrets buried in the soil.
Let your glowing embers forever burn
Learn the lesson conjured by the old men.

Truthfully, nobody will get it right.
Yet tell yourself, "still now we have to try."

We bid farewell to you.
Shin May 4
Oh, what I wouldn't give
to hear your whisper
offer even one more lie.
Shin Apr 19
A final hum of the furnace quivers;
its flame casts solitude in sharp relief.
A pondering pledge of endless bitters.
The final moments of endless belief.

We arrive at the dawn of the sixth moon.
Seven and twenty years frozen in time.
A hatchet comes down, its time shall come soon.
Finally, we reach the end of this rhyme.
Shin Mar 11
What the hell did I do?
Shin Mar 9
Time dilates and your smile remains.
I dream of the day you'll hold it again.
Free the swallow from your throat.
Take my hand and put on your coat.
I guarantee, we shall find a better place.
I guarantee, we shall find a better time.
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