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Shin 4d
I am the culmination of your sin.
The ***** wearing your past's blood-stained furs.
Through greed, gluttony, lust,
I am what remains.
Pride, wrath, envy, sloth
all soak my skin within their reign.

I am the shadows of your teenaged rebellion.
I am the first and final bricks within the wall.
I am the ash burnt, rotting your lungs.
I am the unfired gun left rusted at your feet.
I am the final words uttered through your lips.
I am the silhouette etched in your sheets.
I am God of all that I am.
I am nothing.
I am everything.
So, please take my hand.
Shin Oct 17
The world is filled with monsters, men, martyrs,
and everything in-between.
Each occupies a space on the chess board
knowing not what it means.

Each piece holds happily ever after.
Each piece holds a love-filled soul with a grin.
Each piece holds skeletons in their rafters.
Each piece holds an unforgivable sin.

We spend our life idly introspecting.
We cast our net in search of love's warm hand.
We burn bridges, and march on towards Spring.
We search far and wide for peace within the sand.
Shin Oct 14
Every version of me
Every version of you.


I love you.


I love you.
Shin Oct 12
We are always watching little sinner.
Look out your window at the old oak tree.
Do you see that faint goldenrod glimmer?
Embers leaping from the branches in threes.

You see and understand how close we are.
We stand here, waiting to strike from afar.

You will know nothing but paranoia.
As long as you breathe we're comin for ya.
Shin Oct 10
Resting blindly with smoke staining his teeth,
a white flag stuffed in his jeans' back pocket.
a tongue tied, trapped by the words underneath.
He holds tightly to a rusted locket.

Placing it nestled closely to his chest.
He smiles for life. It's truly his best.
He smiles for love. He shall hold it yet.
He smiles for light. He will not forget.
this was a passive one written in a parking lot waiting to give a present to a person
Shin Oct 7
Come now.
Chin up.
Eyes wide.
Stomp on.
Dance boy.
Dance boy.
Shin Oct 6
Do not fear the silence of solitude.
Embrace it as a father his lost son.
Allow it to consume you in its chill.
For better or worse it shall shape your soul.

Thank your stars for each moment spent alone.
Learn to love your mind, and call it your home.
If not it shall destroy you.
You shall be nothing but sin.
I spend the bulk of my time alone these days. It's important to understand the importance of the different ways it can change us. I try to use my writing to keep my wits about me. I've been a little lazy about posting my poems here the past couple weeks. Gotta get back into that rhythm so I posted a few that I wrote all at once.
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