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Shin Mar 15
The revolution's in the way of my evening plans.
A little spitfire bounced, your days are numbered.
Ooh, leap out of the fire and into the lukewarm pan.
There's nothing I don't believe in, so join in and dance.
Don't forget, you're just an infant sitting and singing brambles.
So let's go down the street and forget, the drug always enchants.
One two three days long, do not run this one's only the preamble.
I didn't proofread this one wrote it while incredibly high, I hope it's good.
Shin Mar 8
Melodies, on the cusp of disbelief.
Whispered secrets to the dog with no leash.
Dance together by candlelight my tale.
Flicker and shimmer and love without fail.
Until amber honey oozes within
your fiery warmth now freed from its sin.
A cider and spider sat by the hearth.
Moments like these hold value beyond worth.

Your eyes upon mine, our words trace our ears,
true wonder my dear, there’s nothing to fear.
With me by your side, and your hands in mine,
we’ll ride this train to the end of the line.
A parade of sparks trailing in our wake,
living day by day, ignoring the stakes.
Resting arm in arm in a bed so warm.
Together my dear, we’ll weather the storm.
Shin Jan 1
Careless pinpricks in Ouroboros' veins.
Simple icicles sliding down my legs.
Clouds immersed the crowd as a poor man begs.
Children pitter patter and Hyde complains.

Viscosity oozing, lining my lips.
Oh ******, scorched, dismantled, untied bellows.
Immerse, unearth, and echo the odd fellow
as he sings of old, a long gone eclipse.

See in your sea's soul, see what you have done.
Son, taste the nectar, feel an angler's noose.
Breathe corrupted breath, speckled by abuse.
Then, and only then, may we reach the sun.
Shin Dec 2018
Christ’s chains pay homage to his hollow hardship.
Breathing brimstone and sulfur unto their laps.
A gnarled knuckle ending in a curved claw strips
skin from bone ‘til their souls seize, and they collapse.

Come the eve they howl their harebrained hearsay.
Licked by forgotten bone and beasts’ bloodstained whips.
As Joan stares down Judas, before her horns flay
Him down to splintered, shadowy mangled wisps.

Muscles contort, mutilated in a mound
their guts greasing the hall’s cracked nooks and crannies.
When out from the back came the man who was crowned
Lord of the Flies, and beneath his gaze life flees.

With barren fingernails he scraped the stone wall
cold unblinking eyes searching for his next prey,
until they rested on the disciple, Paul.
A sad huddled mass that fervently prays.

He spat a cruel cackle and readied his blade,
As Paul feebly raises his fists, burdened by chains
and whispered, “In lord’s name may I please be saved.”
Yet alas, in a mere moment he was slain .
The end of days
Shin Nov 2018
Hello little Jack staring at the wall,
wandering amongst dustmites as they fall.

Hello little Janie jumping downstream,
waiting for mother's panic-stricken scream.

Children of days and nights and days again,
dance in the sunlight my sweet minutemen.

Enjoy the color before she's swept grey.
Oh my darling please just live for today.

Because there's no way that this can go on
before the cogs entrap you in their con
Shin Nov 2018
A rosebud drips down upon the pavement
as father draws a final drag from this
porcelain pipe, its tobacco well-spent.

Rest in peace sweet little summertime bliss.
Lips pressed taut admiring the embers,
while they pieced together a forlorn kiss.

These penultimate moments are a blur
whispered by magpies on the window-pane
wrought by dust bunnies, and letters from her.

Oh lord may we be blessed and insane;
stifle these stains with bullets to the brain.
Shin Oct 2018
Perhaps my thoughts have come to pass
along this mildewed mile of misery.
To leave her sighing, "alas, alas..."
and hear the good times; gone in a flurry.

But bitter though this fruit may taste,
by golly by god, I'll see it through.
Using all the hardships we have faced,
this battle I'll lose, for me and you.
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