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elaine Aug 2018
sunkissed skin and sand littered across our bodies, we dance around with passion in the pastures of our hearts.
we let our worries get lost at sea as we hold each other close, slowly piecing  each other together.
we fall asleep under the moon as all the stars watch our love for each other burn with such a passion their once cold souls thaw.
Logan Robertson Dec 2018
My lost love
Hated me.
She blinded my daze.
Knights in me would storm
Sunny shores of hers.
Hymns of my love were light
Dark were her fires.
Water colors of our love never bled
Clotted on a unfinished canvas.
Immaterial of me, she blossomed.
Weeds of our life brushed sad.
Happiness gone from our marriage
Divorce, soon, and found.
Lost, like two gold fish at war
Piecing the bubbles to the surface.
Bottom of the tank, I fell ahead
Tails of hers wagged happily.
Sadly I swam away
Towards more ... emptiness.

Logan Robertson

We were so even in the beggining. The moon sang our song. There were lyrics in our steps. Our world was perfect. Then it crashed, oddly. Like watching a bad movie. We had front row seats and could not, for the life of me, change the script.
Note-Did you notice how every
sentence ends and begins with
antonyms/and or word play?
Perry Jan 20
I took my time, carefully building and piecing together those four tiny letters.  Finally aligning them in the perfect order, constructing that word.  That word I then gave to you.  And then you just ripped the letters back apart, leaving that word here, broken on the floor.

That word, now just letters of a word, just fragments of letters, lay scattered all around my house.  I'm tripping over them every minute, everyday.  Unable to sweep up the mess, because you also broke my broom.
bekka walker May 2018
If I let my eyes glaze over just right, I get a nice film quality picture.
I hover out of my body- like a mad director, evaluating what we've got, I snip the film strips from my memory, franticaly re-piecing together the story.
I didn't get the shots I wanted.
I feel hollow and sick.
Playing and re-playing the scenes where it all went to the dregs.
Maybe if I were paying closer attention- I could have gotten it right.
I could've rearranged the shot list- so "major life accident" was at the end of the movie- not the beginning.  

Sorting through what we're left with,
I hear no mellow music scoring my mothers choked sobs.
No soft glow to hide the harsh lines of grief described on her face.
The bottles of liquor weren't props.
And when the sound of silence rendered her breathless-
no one was there to yell "CUT"!
I grit my teeth and hold back my seething anger at such a **** writer.

This is not a sci-fi film.
No alien plummets to earth eager to turn back the sands of time because there was a fluke in the configubobulator.

Not a romantic comedy,
where his smashed body miraculously recovers and my mother, him, and all the kids pursue their dreams as a family of comics on the road- The jackson 5 of stand up!

No inspiring action film where the government tests a bionic exoskeleton, connects it to his brains nervous system, and after wild success he dedicates his life to intergalactic vigilante work, as well as a remaining a reliable family man.

There's no sending it back for re-writes.

There is no 1 hero to lean on.
No villain to hate.
Only us.
I hope one day, it's enough.

I hope one day we have a film we can be proud of.
5 years ago my step father, my hero, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury at the hands of a motorcycle accident. Today, he's bed ridden- and can't even **** himself. Leaving my mother, and 6 kids.
You’re piecing together the parts of my heart
little by little
Your fingerprints are still all over
I don’t know how since I’ve tried to wash You out
I’ve pushed You away from me and I’ve blacked out
now I know that
each minuscule part of me is laced by Your fingertips
every ounce of myself has You written on it
and I truly can’t escape You no matter how hard I try
my soul will ever flow with Your echo of joy inside
you’re piecing me together
and I know that you can see
the parts of my heart
belong to You now more than ever and they will always belong to me
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
Lighting the candle at both ends
Watching the slow burn of the fuse
Waiting for the inevitable explosion
The one that blew our world apart
Leaving me seemingly lifeless
Hanging on by the ventricles of my heart
Shrapnel in every part of me
Attempting to inch my way
away from you
Without you noticing
Before you can stop me
With your empty promises
And never ending lies
That I fall for every time
Piecing myself together
And finding some solid ground
Learning how to move forward
From the destruction
in which I was starting to drown
If we’re as toxic as everyone says
Or if upon introspection
We might be even worse
How do I sever these ties
Knowing that love is not enough
To save a sinking ship.
Ameer Pather Jul 2018
My whole life was falling again, simply falling apart.
Like I was the one this time,
To have thrown a brick in my fragile glass house.

And then you come in like a whirlwind,
Only it felt like a gust of fresh air.
You began picking up the the fallen shards,
Piecing them like a puzzle you've completed on an amazing glass table.

And then it struck me, like that rock was been thrown back at me.
You kept piecing and jigsaw puzzling the walls of my glass house,
But you built it around both of us,
And you made it our glass house!

You will no longer find rocks in this glass house.
There is never a need to break this glass house.
Now it is filled with blossoming flowers
That grow only with the love we water it with.
JR Falk Sep 2018
the gallon of arizona green tea that you only drank a fraction of.
the salt and pepper potato chips you meant to eat, but only did so in the dream i had last night.
the unmade bed that was still unmade when you flew back home, the one i still cannot bring myself to make.
the dyed green hairs i keep finding around the house.
the way you always pronounced 'mosquito' as 'mosk-it-toe' on purpose, and how you pronounced my cat's name 'sullumun' instead of 'solomon' on accident.
the partially closed closet door from the morning i drove you to the airport.
the faint smell of your sweat on my pillow left because of your hyperhidrosis.
the flannel you wore and the longsleeve shirt you doused in your aftershave, that is three sizes too big for me to realistically wear.
the empty taco bell cups in my car from your fourth day here.
the empty shopping bags from our impromptu mall trip.
the polaroids you really wanted to keep, but we couldn't find when you packed.
the pieces of you that you never meant for me to keep that i keep piecing together as though, like an alchemist, i could make you appear again though i cannot, and you are not here, you are gone.

youre giving me so much more inspiration than i think you intended
Steve Page Aug 2018
My quick lie offered me
a knock-off respite, obviously overpriced and inevitably shoddy, but real and present and there for me even while it was dropping away like a slow knife, falling beyond my desperate dive towards the inevitable piecing of my carefully structured delusion, counting the cost of those few moments of delayed capitulation.
My quick lie lied to me.
I panicked. And I'm paying for it.
Weighed down
by the world’s
honest eyes only perceive hope of a better earth, beyond the infallible burning

Dwelling within a premature space
reality isn’t what it
years upon years of confounding lies & schemes

Phantoms and apparitions of the fallen
the only thing piecing together the shattered earth that is

How long will the fog of
blind us to reconnecting as a
brother & sisterhood

How many of us have to
the same number of us who
when our reality came dropping down from where aloft we kept our dreams

Please, please, oh please

How long will it take us to see.
Zaza Jan 17
Dear father,

I still remember the last time I saw you

It's funny, because you looked just the same as you always did
Like someone
Who was never really mine.

Like a stranger in disguise
Who's reality only exists
When I close my eyes and fantasize about you being in my life

But I guess
When you heard you should live your life without
You mistook that for my name

And I wonder if you will ever understand the pain
Of knowing someone only when you imagine them
Or loving someone who thought
Never talk to strangers
Was a lesson best learnt by example

But they say actions speak louder than words
And you became so consumed by your own self worth to really give a **** about who you hurt

So you became the expert
At manipulating words
Like turning
I love yous into sorrys
Tomorrows into yesterdays
Until it was safe to say I couldn't count on you

Dear father,

Because of you
I constantly found myself falling in love with things that could never love me back

I became infatuated with sandcastle and snowflakes

Addicted to temporary moments
Addicted to broken

Thought if I learnt to fix things
Then somehow
I might find the manuscript
To piecing the shattered part of my being whole again

Because of you
I spent years trying to cover this skin that you left me with
Tried decorating these scars
With tattooed hopes
To remind myself
That sometimes
Some things
Were made to last forever

Because of you,
For years I avoided looking into the mirror
Because I never truly knew
If you could love someone
You only ever met in passing

You see
I mistook your ***** for water
I never realised I was internally drowning in your poison
I thought I needed you to stay afloat

It took me a long time to realise
That ***** was just your way of relieving yourself from blame

You became a box full of things
I packed away the day you left
But I've stopped trying to hold on to your burden

So I've taken out my smile
And I'll wear it with pride

And Dear father,
Did you know
That if you repeat a word enough times
Then eventually the word will start to lose it's meaning?

And I've stopped wishing I was still young enough to understand
What the word father meant

And now no know
That if I ever see you again
Then you will look just the same as you always did

Like someone
who doesn't deserve to be mine
This is a spoken word piece I wrote for my father who disappeared like a **** in the wind. One I struggled to write. Full of things I've always wanted to say to him. One I am yet to read to him and now no longer feel the need to.
Kage Oct 2018
I thought I had fixed things between the two of us
but there was never anything meant to be fixed

I was the one who was broken
and I still am.

Why do I reach out towards you,
like a fish glancing up at a reflection in the water.
I reach out to touch you

Knowing that a taste of your breath
will take mine away.

and still, I continue searching
searching for your warmth
that perhaps was never meant to embrace me in the first place.

But I like imagining the ifs.

Because what if we were
What if we could.
What would you do?

I know you and I know my heart.

You would break it into a million pieces
The only thing I ask is

how small?

If they're large enough,
I'll continue piecing myself together

I'll always come up for air
wanting you to
needing you to

Break me
Tyler Sep 2018
I promised myself never to give in
Never to be the hostage of my emotions
Never to let my knees turn to jelly
Never to **** and never to hope
Never to trust nor elope
But your fingertips are magnets
And every piece of my body that you touch
My skin follows, giving in to your warmth
Begging for more, begging for you
I'm letting you take over and control for me
Feverishly, I watch you handle my life
Piecing things together, tearing some apart
And as if you were magic
I sit back and think:
"I am so glad you have my heart".

— The End —