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I am so close
to saying goodbye,
to being finished
because I can't
live anymore.

I walk about
with a smile on my face
while my insides are being
ripped apart,
with a mask so heavy
it encases my body
so densely and restricting
while withering away
whatever is left inside
slowly killing it.
Mind Wanderer Feb 2015
As the stars shine in the dark night sky, my heart shines upon your soul.
The flame encases them, flowing through them, around them
Descending upon the earth they separate
Journeying to find each other again
I will never stop seeing you for what you are.

Her eyes are a fiery world of emotion, volcanic
The depth is endless, shaken from the reality of this world
Soft gentle skin, smooth, unseen perfection
Her mind an endless ocean of thought
She breathes, searching, for the flame that burns within

His mind battered from the constant misunderstanding
The past is over and his new beginning is overdue
Searching for the taste of all that he knows, Searching for the flame that burns within

The universe sets it’s plan in motion
It’s an inevitable fate
Two souls searching, working toward this certain conclusion.
The flame is cast, frequency’s align

Ascending far above the earth
The flames merge once again, bound by destiny
And again the flame encases them, following them into eternity
Forever searching for the merging of the twin flame.
Jonathan Sawyer Jan 2018
Mania. Everything was good when you were with me.

I felt normal. The chains bolted to my eyelids where magically gone, like the money in your bank account after a heavy, drunken, stupor & forthright gambling spree.

The spear in my side that your twin brother, depression, threw inside me was no longer twisting up my insides. Thank you.

This feels like a goodbye letter but I'm actually trying to hold on to you. You give me life. Your twin takes it away and he rash-burns my face in it.

I was accomplishing all the things; skipping from one stone to the next without feat. "Flutter your wings and dance," is your motto.

But like all good things, you drive me away, knowing that I'll see you again.

Try as I might, I remain faithful to you, but you commit adultery every week.

Sometimes you demand my time, even when I'm low. I cry for hours with your natural dichotomy, not because I can't decide--I can--but because you and your twin rip me apart in twain, changing my reality as sure as the rain falls in the Amazon.

The demons call out to me, whispering evil into my mind. I believe every evil thing when I am not armed with your brilliance. I lose that perspective, every time, and sometimes immediately.

Your twin brother and cousin visit me early in the morning right before bed time. If my doubts and fears are real, then my mind's eye is experiencing a real reality, and thus I am as I feel, like a plastic bag tumbling in the wind.

Yet, everyone reminds me that I am but a joke and a comic, one which not even you can trust.

The biggest asset I lose when you choose to cheat on me is your energy--that precious flow that bears my creative passion.

But now I am barren, an unfit conduit that is incapable of maintaining that flow. The demon upon me powerfully weaves its tapestry of sludge that encases my mind.

My mind, it's the only thing I have left. And yet, I can never trust it.

You've lied to me before and you'll lie to me in the future.

But for now, I'll have to make do with your half-truths.

Until next time.
30 December 2017 - My brain-dump on bipolar mania during an episode of depression. I am a rapid cycler and I deal with the ups and downs of bipolar disorder teetering on hypomania and depression every couple of weeks, often falling prey to the mixed state, ripping my mind through the heartbeats of time.
Mason May 2014
The key to the lock
to the door to the room
with the chest that encases
your heart

is buried just off
the Nā Pali Coast
in the sands of the
Nicholas N Jul 2017
The black shawl-like quality
Of the nothingness
Wraps itself around everything.
A constant emptiness
That makes all full.
Its veins run blue
And gold and scarlet
And every hue between,
It dies as it arises.

The nothingness embraces all,
Easily, it encases me.
In everything and anything.
And that which I lack
I supplement with hope.
A chain mail lie linked
With fragile expectations
Of love and other drugs,
Other falsifications.

This tapestry holds whispers,
Secrets and blueprints
To all of creation.
Globes of dying light
That crash in the dark.
But alas I can see
Its stars are not cross'd
For me [cue tears],
I fear my script is lost.

Perhaps when the dopamine
Corrodes and rots my brain,
My soul will take the reins.
Connected to the cosmos
It tells me everything,
But yea, it shows me nothing
Except tantalising flashes
Of what could be,
In its swirls of red and azure.
m z May 2014
blue walls, i notice
not the messy room,
the blue walls and
the noise that scrambles
out of my mouth and the
salty water that encases me like
we’re on the beach, the
yellow sand and the grey water,
forgive me i say because you
created all this, this mess
and without intention i succumb
myself to the light
and let it go, you know my
secrets now let me go, they say
you are not real, forgive me i say
now all i see is blue walls.
Mita Nov 2014
To the first boy
Who broke my heart
Telling me that cheating
Is really no big deal.

"I forgive you."

To the person who
Wasn't paying attention,
Texting and driving,
Then colliding with me.

"I forgive you."

To the man who thought
It was a good idea
To break my heart,
And his fiancé's too.

"I forgive you."

To the one who said
He loved me,
Yet in public
Wouldn't touch me.

"I forgive you."

To the friend who
Wasn't really a friend,
Pushed himself into me
Without hearing my pleas.

"I forgive you."

To the man who decided
To have *** with her,
Resulting in a pregnancy
That ruined us.

"I forgive you."

To every person
Who has hurt me
In one way or another,
Small or great.

"I forgive you."

To the person who
Can't find it in themselves
To offer forgiveness
Due to overwhelming pain.

"I forgive them for you."

To those who decided
To give this poem a read,
Tell me now if you think
The world is a little brighter.

If not, "I forgive you."

If you cannot find
Love in you, know
"I forgive you"
For the hate in your heart;

For the cold that now
Encases you,
Not permitting that
Forgiveness to take hold;

To love those who
Have hurt us before,
To care because
We all have those days,

To smile and spread
The warmth of love,
To hold someone else
Because you know the ache.

"I forgive you"
For the hate.
"I forgive you"
For the anger.

"I forgive you"
For the lust.
"I forgive you"
For the danger.

Remember to forgive,
We are all the same
Sinners in this hell,
And living in pain.

Out of all the poems I've made, I like this one the most.
She sloughs off her skin,
stepping out with heavy
feet to let her
coffin fall around her
piece by silk pale piece.

Raw and bleeding,
the water encases her in
a liquid embrace, as
calm as a mother's arms
as quiet as death at midnight.

Naked and alone
the water turning red with
truth and thoughts held
close, she washes away the
weighted thoughts of a future unknown.

What life she must lead,
to hide behind closed doors, locked
against the eyes of those
she so sweetly calls
her dearest friends.

But soon she is clean of filth
and doubt and steps out
into the gleaming lights of reality,
facing again the impeccable
glass of imperfection and truth.

She denies the facts and
slowly recovers, recollects
the pieces of a lie
formed through years
of trying to belong to others.

And slowly, like a geisha,
she paints on a face strange
and familiar, her practiced
hands trembling slightly,
the first crack in a porcelain mask.

It is then she stops,
caught on a stray thought
that has crept from the depths
of reddened water, the  realization
that the geisha died long ago.
Morgan Danielle Apr 2013
your freshly kissed skin
smells of raindrops and thunder.

when you lie close to me at night,
i imagine we're in a storm
and the only thing left is
you and me.

when we are awaiting
the final drops
to wrench themselves loose
from the ever-greedy sky,

we lie together under the sheets.
skin to skin.
heart to heart.
soul against soul.

i love the feel of
your freshly kissed skin,
and i love the way you smell my hair.

i love the way your body
encases mine,
so close.

where does your skin begin?
where does mine end?

it makes it feel

the smell after the storm
that binds us closer
reminds me of you,

even when we are apart,
i think of you and me that day.

i love you.

Raven Brewer Jun 2013
I stand before you naked and bare,
Vulnerable and scared
With trembling hands, and shaky breath
Because you gingerly stripped me
Of the armor I had long ago melded to my being.
You carefully untied the intricate knots
That had tangled my chaotic mind.
You skillfully unfastened the clasps,
Which held together my crippled heart.
You watched as my insecurities
Fell to the ground in a pile around my ankles.

I stand before you naked and bare
With trembling hands, and shaky breath
Because the impassioned stare your eyes posses
Pierces the façade that I had shrouded myself with.
The softness of your caressing lips
Comforts the exhaustion of fleeing love.
The heat of your searching hands
Melts the ice that encases my thoughts.
The pressure of your firm body
Pushes away the worries of acceptance.

I stand before you naked and bare
Because your love has set me free from myself.
Olivia Kent Jun 2013
A body encases a heart and a mind,
No simpler answer could you ever find,
Look deeper inside,
What lurks within,
Beneath a mantle of silken skin,
Skin with a face that sports a smile,
With eyes that twinkle, sparkles sprinkled,
Some have tresses that glow in the light,
Under the hair, the location of care,
The seat of emotions, locked up in a head,

A neck, slender supports along with a spine,
Arms to hold close, to cosset and care,
Rib cage encases the heart of poetic art,
The heart when she functions, is easily broken,
When love falls apart, it cuts through the heart,

A series of chemical interactions,
Disturbed a great deal by other's reactions,
Bodies are beautiful temples,
A place to retreat,
Bodies need pampering to keep them sweet,
So look after yours well,
Treat it kind,
Respect your body,
Respect your mind!

By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)
Josh Morter May 2013
Night night
Sweet dreams
I doze
Until slumber encases my bones
and gentle rest befalls my eye
This time Nights my demise

I lay peaceful awake till I go
To the land of nod and below
From my mouth emits a yawn
The task will be complete before dawn

Sleep tight
Sleep well
my love
Let only dreams flow above

So now shut your eyes
and think of blues skies
Night night
I doze.
Written on 30/04/13 by Josh Morter ©

Couldn't manage to sleep last night so let my mind wander and this is the result.
Jade Massey Dec 2014
Rose as red
As the crimson
Blood within.
Petals fall
One by one.
Stem as bright
As a healthy
Green hill.
Thorn as sharp
As a razorblade.
Brown and yellow
Slowly encases
The one true
Brycical Sep 2012
I can          h ea r
a      dream,
( ( (vibrating) ) )
through my third e y e

      echoes   dan c e
from the walls,
a    l i g h t   passes
through   the prism
that         encases--
      the heart.

                            he tells me
                     yet I expect nothing.
                more of the same patterns

Every thing       is
a good omen,
so whispers the air
outside a bar of Narnia.

             The banana bread beer flows
                      our glasses like an amber
                 whirlpool tsunami glistening in the afternoon light.
                  a pleased smile rests on a face,
        relaxation and a
      full mind.

Deep sleep
for a while.
Contentment is *exhaled.
MKF Mar 2014
Love is a cold war,
I'm a colder soldier.
My heart has become barren,
A frozen wasteland.
Cracked like the ice
That encases it.
Its been the target
Of many a snowball's chance.
So now I hold
Strong and cold
With weapons in hand
Prepared for this cold war
Which has made me
Even colder.
WhereverYouAre Dec 2014
This globe has the definition and detail of a small portion of the earth.
Envision being trapped inside this alternate and encased world.
Now, walk outside and look around at what surrounds you.
Look at the dome that encases you.
Feel the floor of the earth.
Hear the reverberation.
Smell the disease.
Taste density.
The visual structure of the poem is designed to convey the feeling of contracting claustrophobia as well as give an insightful idea about our direct and peripheral sight.
LJ Chaplin May 2014
The silence of the night
Encases you,
A dark, silky cocoon
That envelopes all
Feelings of ugliness
And insecurity,
You hang upside down,
Suspended in thought
As the respiration of nature
Breathes in the thick
Black air,
Then as the sun spills
Over the horizon
Like a volcano,
And the faint paint strokes
Of sunlight sets the cocoon
On fire,
All doubt melts away
And you realise
You are beautiful.
Wings spread wide,
A spectrum glimmering
Through each translucent
You take flight
And leave the remains
Of the shell you once were.
MalaiDaisies Jun 2014
Claustrophobia sets in with the Sun in the West. Petrichor fills my lungs.
Not even the purifying winds of the Dawning Monsoon can erase the Blackness that has captured my thoughts.
The Sea so vast and blue, is nothing more than an Empty vessel of unending Misery. Grey. Grey everywhere.
The depth is Merciless, the Frothing waves; Crushing.
Swallowed. Eaten alive by my sorrow and that of the Worlds'.
The weight lies heavy on my Incapable shoulders.
I yearn to shed these Chains that bind me. But they bite too hard.
Pinching flesh. Drawing Blood.
I fall to my knees, Naked and Defenseless. Surrendering myself to their Mercy.
The cold wind encases me in its Shroud, leaving me Numb.
I can't breathe. Air. Air. So much of it, None for me.
Blood carpets the Cold marble floor.
Freckled with Red.
I can't scream. I am past fear.
Speed increases. Motions pass. The world dances.
Leaving me in its wake,
Drawing Blood.
The blues.
Amy Duckworth Sep 2018
Lies are used to Build Walls
Lies are used to Barcade our true selves in.
Lies are used to Hide what we think is wrong
Lies are used to Build a fase world that encases us and destroys our humanity.
Luna Tuesday Mar 2016
Lighting a candle before my bedside,
I slip a small piece of my past
underneath the brass holder
to catch the waxy overflow.

A pink envelope addressed to
(my love)
encases the torn and tattered teardrop-filled
piece of stationery paper.

Your words mush together with the
slight scent of beeswax and sage
and my mind wanders off to an unknown place

3 am:
Awaking to the smell of
an almost-smoke
burning my nostrils

burning my curtains
Is this what it was like
loving me?

Loving you was an ongoing river
each rush getting away from me
the second I felt it
while the rocks, the biggest burdens,
stay in place,
unmoved, unsolved

The light of the candle flickers
as I watch the fiery masterpiece
flow over the room

I lit the candle before my bedside.
I knew the consequences,
of loving you.
Fast and full of agility.
Full of energy and nitrogen.
I run your engine and breath in as the new car smell encases me.
I feel the steering wheel and imagine going to distances with you.
I hit the gas and imagine going 120mph with you.
If only dreams came true.
But for now I put you away and lock your doors.
You will be mine soon.
jamie Oct 2013
i am

i. made of convergence of words, stems & ink.

never one to love geography but knowledgeable enough to know of the convergence of twenty six letters, wilted life givers and pigments that forms my skin. you can keep the feather light secrets resting on the petals―i only want the stem, the xylem, the phloem; to support my fragile state. you can be the pigment that stains my skin like the sun rise and sun sets i entrapped from Mother Nature. it is unfortunate the light has lost its way amongst the maze that is my veins, but i can be your light at the end of the tunnel if you don’t mind a flickering hesitant radiator. when you have mastered Taking Things Apart Without Killing, come to me and unpick the threads in my skin. maybe you’ll learn more about the words that latched upon me and if you’re lucky enough, you may uncover a raw portion i’ve hidden away. don’t forget the Lock N Lock container.

ii. held together by creaky cartilage

never one to study human anatomy but interested enough to read up and find out that i am held together by two hundred and six bones. the clavicle cradles liquefied pieces of you and the patella locks to allow the world to rest its burden on my shoulders. the sternum pieces itself and encases the lump of muscle that keeps me breathing, and cranium holds the Boss of my body. you can pick my spine and play it like a flute but please be careful for nothing resides in them. nothingness clots up my veins; nothingness fills the space between my bones; nothingness slowly taking over my senses. your October poetry piece stings me like the harsh winter wind, blows across the land and reduces my cartilage to dust. hold me like you would a newborn baby for i do not take supplement pills and i am the result of several fractured wrists & hips.

iii. harboring galaxies & objects inside

never one to take up Astronomy but aware that i harbor several milky ways and universes among the frantic chaos of every *****. flowers blossom in the crevices of my wrist bones and butterflies and birds of unnamed species flutter around in the comfort of my rib cage, just as pixies and sprites sleep and sing Church songs in the palms of my hands. sequinned galaxies swirl around in microscopic areas and i will expand until my seams burst only for me to bleed gold dust and crumpled stars. these tidal waves inside of my head won’t stop crashing until someone wakes me up to make sense of what i am and the meaning of lif
answer Jul 2014
We learn from the time that we are fresh and impressionable like wet clay, that every morning when we wake up the first thing we do before we thank god we woke up at all, or before we groan and turn off the alarm, we don our safety goggles that shield our eyes from all the pain and suffering in front of us allows us to cope, blinds us to the truth and reality of the depravity that encases us, in addition these handy dandy safety goggles keep us complacent and resistant to change and improvement. As we go through life the lenses change, affected by the influences we fall under, sometimes a moment of understanding hits and we see it all...Pain, all consuming soul eating grief, mourning all that has been lost or has disappeared...But at that moment I think it is the only time the true beauty of the world can be appreciated, because without the pain the beauty fades to the background unnoticed unappreciated...So now all there is to do is to wake up every morning and see everything all at once and fight against the ingrained blindness and the delusional desire for "pure and simple happiness hold the reality please "
RCraig David Nov 2017
Two hearts encased,
chased by a full moon overlooking the black and lucid night.
Like a bright contrasting white light spotlight on things to be.
Mine to yours and yours to me.
Two hearts into one,  
the one moon spills a mana spell akin to an infinite, everlasting spoken rune over the ages.
Our stories into one,
Our hearts bond,
It’s skips progressive stages,
beyond words on pages,
in this quiet moment past the reach of the Sun.
The fullest moon,
the furthest reach,
high in the sky contrasting the black lack of light,
night’s version of high noon.

Emboldened to fold into and hold onto you so often,
transcending so tight even our souls share light.
Eyes shut, sealed from light,
we feel and grasp and clasp and clinch at every body-inch,
sparking darkest days into brightest nights...
then, all over again, I see you, I pull you close,
and so it begins again this morning or this day or this night.

The ****, salty taste of your waist encases a place in my brain forever.
You depart...we’re apart...
Miss you fiercely,
love you deeply,
to hold you near,
feel my fears leave me,
if only I could just see thee.
My next morning starts anew with more thoughts of you and how completely I see thee as part of the whole sum of who I suddenly aspire to be.

With every rolling tumble and sweet embrace,
with every chanced glance to give chase,
with every coy kissing peck on my neck,
with every wept tear of joy
with every breath or soulful laugh you employ,
I beseech you,
Mate to my soul,
woman to this man,
girl to this boy,
my heart,
my love,
my trust are yours to have,
to hold,
to embold...
laid bare to infirm or destroy.

By R. Craig David-Copyrighted 2017
Jerry Jan 2013
I noticed the lack of a word!
Not everyone noticed.

It's but one word that it lacks.
A very special word...

It encases many different emotions.
It's an endearing and meaningful word.

It's also, the most over used word.
But, I see that it is as you intended.
Inspired by "I  Lack the Words", by Katrina Wendt
Perplexing the ways that bodies connect in my mind...
they roll and tumble...twist and turn...ignore their bones and give into the stretch...
the pull...the pain...the pleasure.
The protrusions of flesh and the flesh that protrudes...
wraps...wrinkles...encases a soul.
A skeleton , a second in time, a ***, a scandal, a sin and then surrender - twisting..turning..tearing..burning.
Forsaking skin that cannot bind what is bursting out bursting through...
me and you...we two...inside, outside, in me, in you...we two lay a while and then...
only seconds it must be...I feel you touch me...deeply, neatly, roughly, softly...
in me, in you, we two...connecting, infecting, rejecting the norm...
free-form we join...smooth touch...rough push...playful pull...I drool
at the thought of you inside me...feel me...fill me.
Needy? Need me...
I again then back and taken in...
do me...through and out, slow sensations grow..warmth flows.
I know what you feel I am one in the same...say my name...I came...again, again.
Search the valleys, climb the mountains...find the wanderlust fulfilled ...
within, doubts...wrap me up within you, drape me in your skin...
ravenous one....I am not shame...the same?
I wanted to what to do now that I have had you? Could it be through? No, start a new...
caress, tongue tease and tickle---muscles and tendons teeter on edge.
Go within me..dwell there...stay a while...a smile, a glance, a ****, a chance to excite...
to move...passion consumes this moment and the future my and my past...all that I remember. Never ceasing...pulling me in...holding me down...breath escapes me...words forsake me...
calamity and calm...nibbles and strokes, I provoke...the ***** you...the filthy me.
You and I roll...rock...on between. Me and you...we two...fever rising...compromising the structure of my being...I am reeling.
Tugging, *******, rubbing, *******...hold me...tease've pleased me.
Twist... soul yearns for the next caress walls...
the halls that house my sensuality...
Go where I send you...plunge and pull...puncture and dwell deep within me...
***** me...rope me?
I feel you move and I am your life inside me.
Rest, infest my inner ******* encase you...BREATH...I hear you...***...I feel you....REST...within me.
© Nancy McGinnis - Roberts 2013
Tatiana Sep 2012
Every emotion is clearly displayed
No matter how hard you try to mask it.
You don’t understand,
You can’t lie, and if you do,
Then why should I trust you.
Tell me why!
How long do you plan,
To lie to me?
keep secrets?
Play games?
How long will I put up with it all.
No more!
I’m done!
Please just leave me alone
Take your overwhelming force away.
If you come back, I swear,
There won’t be a cliff high enough for you to fall from,
To amount to the pain you have caused me.
Oh God help me,
I can’t stand her anymore!
She is the Devil,
That chose to hurt me.
Her secrets ****.
And I have never felt so betrayed
In my entire life.
In this web of lies
that encases this very companionship
that I have once felt,
and turns it into
a smoldering mess,
of secrets.
in their piles,
and piles,
of lies.
A young woman closing in on independence
Like it is a dreadful thing
Other young women
Excited, mesmerized, elated by the sense of freedom
She can taste the separation like food

Sadness permeates the flesh of youth
Spreads into the arteries of life
Almost a feeling of suffocation ensues
Others happiness caresses the flesh
Spreads into the arteries singing with fire
Unable to contain the elation!

Clouds form all around as separation is coming
A time of exploration and inhibitions weigh heavily
Loneliness, isolation, and unbearable anxiety overwhelm the brain
Happiness, exaltment, and a sense of power explode inside the other

The girl enjoyed life so much until now
Parents are much older than most
Fear encases the once boisterous heart
Everywhere talk of blossoming, answering to no one
Boundaries erased, getting older, wiser, excites

Dark thoughts of being alone fill her with anguish
Parents dying before she begins to live plays on her psyche
Children not knowing their grandparents, No! Turn back time
Please she cries!
The other cares not of these things only to get out
Into the world of money, jobs, romance, parties
Parents being a chore now just having to appease them
Loving them but finally FREEDOM!!!

One leaves home feeling weight of life crushing dreams
The other so happy to get away from meddling, curfews, and eager to carve her own mark.

Which will live the better life?
Who will be happy?
Love and be loved?
Will despair turn to death or endless fulfillment?
Will elation turn to destruction and loneliness?

Do you know which is a young woman you know?

Written by:  Jennifer Humphrey  10/12/2014 copyright 2014
Dedicated to my daughter.
Jimmy Desire Jul 2011
lost in my train of thought
music is guidin me
no signs of slowin down
snap me back to reality
cuz baby i'm cruzing
where i'll end only i will kno
unless we stay connected
follow me
intertwined with my mind, telepathy
see what i see
life movin fast
billboards displayin moments in the past
bluring out negativity
regret's a strong *******
its been holding on too long to me
a tear streaks down her face and it tears down another side of me
a shadow encases her whole and suddenly i can no longer see
i can her whisper the words
"please just stay away from me"
until she fades
moving on...
a young man approaches me
I shake his hand
finally ready to face the world he decides to turn his back on me
stunned i look on
until i realize he's no longer within my reach
another door closes...
another one opens and i'm blessed with a childs laughter
the silhouette struggles to stand trying to find balance
if only he could comprehend the lessons being taught to him
he falls and regardless he tries again to accomplish what he sees others have acheieved
I turn to find a wall
texture is rough but presense is familiar
strong and unbreakable
and yet i chip away at its will as the years fade
cold, no longer as strong as before
easily breakable
no longer can you defend us
stand behind me
let's see what i'm made of,
please let me try
I can't stand to see you fall and i know i never say it but
Mama you mean too much to me...
Found but still lost
a mirror in front of me
confused to discover
exactly whats become of me.
Jessica Jones Jun 2015
a bit over a year of efforts, I

return your stubborn affections, directing romantic intentions towards you.

with your heart

Exalted in the remembrance of your existence, I

sigh towards the heavens,
the hells,
the Earth with her mountainous regions and varied terrains,

the sky and her innumerable
galaxies and novas should come hither and listen to the treasure of a lover. I


the miracle

of your name,

as though it were the answer to every question that has ever mattered.

I weep as the layers of my heart tighten at the sound of your sorrow, it constricts and feels to twist and rob me of senses and oxygen.

please smile and gift that treasured breath of air into my lungs.

should I now mention, that
for some inexplicable reason,

I love you?

Find comfort in my voice.
Feel free to unravel tears of the hardships endured in this life's trials, upon my shoulder

as I do my best to gently recover the fallen shards of every loss you've suffered, with my tender hands and your sharpened memories we'd find a way to salvage the most of these losses.

let me adorn your scar filled soul with a balm of my own making.

let me bring you
a sea of solace to delve into.

Would an infinite caress of kisses, a tsunami of age old yearnings and present desires satisfy your crave for love?

Would I need another person to fill the shoes you decorate the doorstep of my heart with?

With the place mat adorned with an intricately designed Persian rug which display a blooming garden of both our favourite flowers in a way that'd perfect the unusual combination of my tropical forests and your poetic love of romantic flora.

A sight, regardless of how many times seen encases the onlooker in a feeling of love and comfort.

It will say,

" Welcome home my love "

And there will be song birds in the trees,
there will be wind dancing with leaves,

On the eve of summer I will snuggle myself near you, to muster the courage to read you the poetry I'd written all before we'd made it known to those who mattered that we belonged to the other.

Friendly reminder that,

I love you.

And the answer to needing anyone aside from you?

The answer is no.

No one can amount to the endless stream of shooting stars you give me to wish upon, and for you to make a reality.

No one else,
can say my name with such reverence,

that to any who didn't know about us,

my name alone seemed to be one of the most holy and savored of things?

To whisper on a night of troubled sleep as your fingers weave their way to mine, interlocking and silently promise to never let go of this.

This overflowing love..

Why wouldn't I want to keep it?
Atypnoc Jan 2015
it's nice to know it's not for naught
there's value in what can't be bought
where my plans convene with thought
i invest different kind of plot

honeycomb are to the bees
as madness is to mysteries
and are polite priorities
nectar of insecurities?

the recounted sheep are bleating/(bleeding)
cry of wolf to deaf misleading
as i bray again repeating
every note so self-defeating

thrown about the limbs of trees
chaos with-in-discrepancies
that which we melt just to freeze
wring tangles such as these

my journey is while they sleep
shepherdess lost counted sheep
the edge, again, to fall or leap
for flight first failure grade so steep

My white whale wild in the seas
This ship no sail, nor north agrees
Ever-spurning taste of tease
I am ahabs intricacies

to illusion am i ******
eternally roaming the land
through burning thirst for empathy
-i'm plagued with insecurity

in an old biblical story
mortal glimpsed our father's glory
From that instant's blinding light
was driven mad took his own sight

if i could measure and define
truth and where it draws the line
which cliff faces only mine
encases truly, i am fine

chronic illness violently
supressing luminocity
onlookers hang silently
as ash consume ferocity

speed builds on tracks in my train
I know this is too fast, again
upon myself, 'you dare complain,
without reference to real pain?'
all avert their eyes, refrain
saying nothing is my bane
am i alone and insane?
this focus that i can't explain?
creating reason for my pain
purpose for and by diseased brain
Jordan Frances Apr 2015
This is mania.
This is so much buzzing in my brain I can't break free
This is writing poetry at 2 AM
(Bad poetry)
This is crying hysterically for no reason
This is hallucinating
(Or am I dreaming with my eyes open?)
This is...oh, look at the's 4 AM already?
This is screaming and punching myself in the arm over trivial matters
This is talking to the ex boyfriend
This is sleeping with the ex boyfriend
This is sleeping with anyone who looks at you
This is not thinking about it twice
This is I'm not very productive
This is realizing I haven't slept an ounce
This is I'm even bad at being manic depressive.

This is depression.
This is pumping a gallon of caffeine into my bloodstream just to get out of bed
This is forcing a faux smile on my face day to day
This is wanting to reopen wounds on my wrists that have been healed for two years
This is wearing his agony and his guilt on my shoulders like a heavy book bag
This is everything hurts, can I go home and sleep yet?
(After all, I didn't sleep last night.)
This is no makeup, don't care
This is I'm ugly anyway
This is I don't care about school
This is I am too fearful about the future
This is I am too fearful about everything
This is the anxiety that encases my body
This is the dread that fills my lungs
This is every desire to relapse
This is no productivity
This is why am I so sad today?
(Yet I'm not sad enough for someone to notice.)
This is I'm even bad at being manic *depressive.
Semerian Perez Aug 2012
I had another nightmare
About my life and you
I know your ok
But this one its hard to forget

I make my way down a dark hall
My hands brush the sides so I dont fall
The walls feel wet
Is it paint or is it blood
Im afraid to find out

I make my way to a room
Lit by only candle glow
They lead me to the center
Where I see a young girl
Dressed in white

She is crying because boys hurt her
She screamed for help but noone came
I look around and see a coffin
Flag drapped over it
My heart races
Thinking it is you
Laying there.

With shakey hands I open the lid
I fall backwards and scoot back across the floor
It is my body....
But how....
Who did this...

Three hooded figures step
From deep inside the darkness
Each having a word across the chest

I pull the little girl close to me
Shielding her if they tried
The figures smile and raise a hand
Something happens
As if I was hit several times
But I didnt fall
I didnt move

As suddenly as they appeared
They disappeared
The little girl
Lay in my arms
Her blood
Bright crimson
Flowing upon the cold stone floor

She looks up and touches my face
I mentally break
I kept saying
Im sorry....
Im sorry...
She looks away from me as a white golden glow encases her
Small figure

She is taken from my arms by
A guardian angel
As he stands to leave
I simply ask
Who is she...
He stops
Turning to me
He speaks
"You know who she is...
She is you... At age 10...
The age you lost part of her...
Your innocence..."

I stare at the angel
"Then where were you...
Who are you..."

He smiled
"I was protecting you....
Though you did not see me...
You sensed me....
And you fought back...
You know who I am...
I will be watching and waiting...
And when your time is up...
I will come for you..."

I woke up in a cold sweat.
But the angels words echo
In my heart
"You know who I am...
When your time is up...
I will come for you...."
Ami Shae Jan 2016
I looked deep into the abyss of your pain
and heard the screams that you could not voice aloud--
the blackness which encases your heart
has been etched indelibly forever
upon my mind, my soul
and I ache from seeing your pain
and cringe in fear
wishing, praying, hoping somehow
I could make it go--
but I have no power to help you, dear friend--
all I can do is step out of the way
and hope somehow the darkness will unleash its hold
and allow you to come back out and play.
When you see someone you truly care about in such pain that you cannot fathom a way to help...
Freedom, why so mysterious?
Oppressive devil who spread his seed through his own plant
Now slain through the effort of those
Affected now gathered
Like vultures to the wounded
Now feasting on a move very triumphant

With fears of the scent of rose
Being not as sweet
Without the most noble of enchant
Hopefully with this
Our hearts are not as doomed

The roots of a possessed tree
Are now withered
Slowly becoming the dirt that encases them
Deeper it has sunk
Deeper it has rested
With only a few to break off into
A new forest or two

One small mistake
Had set the tree on fire
The other forests
Have felt the flames
No matter the distance

The potential of heat
Gave these forests a power
Those who broke off to new lands
Become united
To share the waters
Preventing more burns

But now the fire from the devil's path
Is gone
We are free
W­hy don't I feel it?

Freedom, why so mysterious?
You are now granted to me
After a long war
But once shots have ended
Nothing felt different
Is it that I have yet to see the flames die?
Or is it a fear of the whispers to come
By the winds of those uneducated
In wonder of what happened

The only thing I have left
Is the fires to overpower the match

Freedom, why so mysterious?
Please answer soon
As I have grown tired of waiting for the fight to be over
I will try to use the flames for other uses
But growing idiotic saplings have sprouted making it that much harder

Where is the goddess to listen to the stories of the forest
Easing its pain

Freedom... Please don't leave, you and I are about to know more of each other's mind
betty s May 2013
I've come to fear it.
the bed. my bed. our bed
anxiety pools at my feet as I stand near it
and it encases me as I sink down onto it.
this is the place
where once i had warm comfort
now I am hot sticky and tangled within the blankets
which drag me deeper and deeper into an unconscious black abyss.
the happy bouncy sleeping is wrecked.
kicking nightmares that I can't shake in the day.
yet the day is when I find comfort in sleep... to wake up
in total sunshine.
at night, it comes. I sit alone surrounded by music and cold computer light
in bed
ours, mine, and the
Taryn Sims May 2011
Floral linen encases the shell of a cot
Peeling wallpaper, faded with age
Dead weeds lie in a listless rot
Entangled in an eternal cage
Streets are littered with insults and debris
Buildings crumble with the chortle of a storm
A tangible heaviness lingers unseen
Swelling impiety without a form
Faceless children line the hall
Sitting in static, precisely arranged
One by one their demons call
They follow the corridor alone and estranged
Dead lips whisper as they pass by
Wilted petals besiege the floor
No one ever dares to cry
And darkness surrounds them as they exit the door
Perspiration drips through the cracks
Solid cement damp from the heat
Prisoners eternally breaking their backs
In a place where temptation and providence meet
(c) Taryn Sims 5/19/11
Devan McLain Jan 2012
******* catastrophes
lifting me up and shoving me into the ground
just to show me how worthless I am
I am dirt, I am mud
I'm not the worm, but the slime that encases them

I need to find a way to fight the **** that falls into my mouth
creeping upward
seeping into my thoughts
with a disturbing promise of permanence
and a heavy heavy volume when it claws it's way back to the tip of my tongue
but only when I'm trying to respond to your stupid, misguided compliment.
This was an excercise from my Writer's club- we had to write a poem starting with a cuss word. DO IT

— The End —