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The shallow kisses onto my hair
Damp or dry, you never care
The hugs you randomly give
At night, I would relive
The small talks we make
Once it starts, there never is a break
Your laugh even at the lamest jokes I tell
Your reaction after realizing you fell
For yet another silly game
Amusing, how it always end up the same
The cringe, most of the time, we get
As you start your pick up line, that's outdated 
This list could go on at least a dozen more line
All of what I'd miss aside from you and this bliss combine
Once you finally break away, see through everything well
Escape from as what you call it, sometimes, A spell.
malluraeh Jul 9
im not suicidal
but the pen stabs me every time
a little bit of blood creates a poem

im not surrounded by enemies only
but the enemies stab me every time
i don't bleed then, i only cry
a little bit of tears create a poem
poems stronger than through blood
poems strengthened by sadness
Chris May 31
It's me, can't you feel,
I love  you but I make you scream,
You won't die as long as I'm here.

You won't die,
but you'll never really live.

Can't you feel the shiver,
the paralyzing fear,
That makes you a useless ****,
Whenever I am here,

I will shroud you,
I will give
You will not die,
You'll never live.
bees May 28
with a smile like yours
anywhere is a
Mohannie Feb 27

I don't even remember why I was embarrassed!
She thought right as she accidentally reminded herself
why she was embarrassed.

Rena Lyn Bala-oy Dec 2018
As charming as those little groves are
That appear on your cheeks
when your lips curve
Both sides or just one,
As alluring as your brilliant eyes are,
That radiates with amusement,
I could never admit,
Will never admit
My interest in you
Nor this strange reaction
That may be more
Than a simple attraction.
Corny. Cringe. Why did I even write this? Oh, right. I want to negate this "fluttering feeling" or "butterflies". I am such an adult.
hannah chose Nov 2018
Come now, darling, take my hand
Alight the trampoline
We can do much more than bounce
That much you’ll come to see

We can lie down, side by side
Cool mesh against your face
Talk about life, love, and such
And dream of outer space

See the gleaming morning dew
Smell the morning air
Feel you lying next to me
Not sure if you’re aware

I like to be by your side
I love to see you smile
Lie with me on trampolines
Let’s stay here for a while
There's something inherently romantic about trampolines, is there not?
I'm ecumenical
in dreams
where they
made things
ring their
atolls so
habitual souls
made self-government
clean their
lavish results
on electorate
and made
things iron
clad their
best choice
sequence again
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