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Inside the chambers of your lungs
Running along your veins like adrenaline
Pumping with every heartbeat

The blue-white flames that make you
Sparks that entangle your fingers like spider webs

Under the dimming lights
Casting no shadow
A ligneous table with only three legs
The present fades out
And surreality ebbs in

A sudden blackness fills the room
And the room of many others
In the darkness, all is still, quiet
A silent night

The lights don't flicker back on again
Blind, until the sunrise
Cold, until dawn
The switches are broken
Or is it electricity?
Are you broken again?
I have looked
Into the face
Of a real-life

He came into view
When I could
No longer

I tried to catch him
But when he cringed
I pondered…

I have looked
Into the face
Of a real-life

Inspired by all the times I stared at myself in the mirror as a kid...and all the times I've avoided "looking in the mirror" as an adult.

"We have seen the enemy, and he is us"
Tess M Oct 17
I know its cringe,
just let me be;
I know im cringe,
its my identity
sab ariana Oct 17
meow meow
i just want to lie on your bed
i want you to give me a little pat
right on top of my head
yeah you can play your games
just tell me im a good girl
well, thank you for the treats
ill just lie here in your bed
oh, no i dont mind
drinking some of your milk instead
ew this one is gross hahahahah i spent a week in this guys bed we didnt leave the house at all and he played video games the whole time but he bought me a lot food we didnt even really talk i felt like a pet cat just sleeping in his bed all day he would give me good cuddles when hed finally get off his **** computer and come to bed at night ugh am i crazy or is he idk someone please tell me
Haley Protega Aug 27
You are my doom, a Laura reincarnate,

and I Petrarch, bound to you by fate.

I'd pray for salvation, but whom to implore?

You? Or a deity I believe in no more?


You lurk, uninvited, in the corners of my mind,

the edges of consciousness, never hard to find.

Invading my thoughts – it's not very kind,

it is a death sentence, that I myself have signed;

Because I made no attempt to dispel such a thought,

visions of you, my heart blindly sought.


You are my drug, and recovery I shun,

I've tried rehab, but addiction has won.

You wouldn't ask Earth to give up the Sun,

or a bullet to fly without a gun.

So, trying to quit – with that I am done,

After countless failed attempts to run.


You are my sorrow, but these lines ease the pain,

as burns and bruises hurt less in the rain.

I turn my heartache into verse, and time slows,

as bittersweet loneliness into words flows.

I drain myself of the pain, I keep it at bay,

however, it never completely goes away.


In these poems, it is you I address,

but I wouldn't ever let you see this mess;

I write so this torture would hurt a little less,

as, repeatedly and fruitlessly, my love I confess.

So, these lines will never ever go to press,

as you won't hear my lips whisper: "S".

(for S.)
Haley Protega Aug 27
You have me reduced to dust again;

signed my death sentence with an invisible pen.

Why were you there? I wasn't prepared

to pretend I'm cool and that I never cared.

Surprise attack: you called my name,

from behind my back, suddenly you came.

Your lips are moving, but my mind is one-track,

I was getting over you, why are you back?

But you have no clue - do you, my dear? -

Just what you do to me whenever you're near.

I maintain a facade of smalltalk mundane,

smile to you brightly to stifle the pain.

You're mildly bored, looking over your shoulder,

Polite yet detached, like ice, but colder.

An ice sickle stabbing into my heart,

cruelly careless, as I fall apart.

Then she calls you over - you have to go -

there are more people to which to say hello.

Who is she? I dare not ask,

Barely maintaining a carefree mask.

I have no right; like a homeless vagabond,

I bid you goodnight, as you go beyond

my sight, trailing a red-stringed bond.

(for S.)

"The red string of fate, as it is called in Asian culture, is a legend of an invisible red thread, connecting two people who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break."
Claira Lymei Jul 10
Why am I embarrassed to help myself?
No wonder people stay ill,
When the world cringes at positivity.
Positivity makes my toes curl.
Positivity makes my face snarl.
Remind myself to breathe,
I can feel you laughing down my neck.
Can’t handle my problems,
Without mocking myself,
At every self care measure I take.
You ruined my integrity.
I hate what you’ve done to me.
Green Feb 2014
Emotions drove me crazy it's not a theoretical mistake the concept bled the line before the end of time.
The shallow kisses onto my hair
Damp or dry, you never care
The hugs you randomly give
At night, I would relive
The small talks we make
Once it starts, there never is a break
Your laugh even at the lamest jokes I tell
Your reaction after realizing you fell
For yet another silly game
Amusing, how it always end up the same
The cringe, most of the time, we get
As you start your pick up line, that's outdated 
This list could go on at least a dozen more line
All of what I'd miss aside from you and this bliss combine
Once you finally break away, see through everything well
Escape from as what you call it, sometimes, A spell.
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