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MalaiDaisies Jun 2017
Ilahi, as I breathe
your breath
upon my lips,
I am taken back
to the tumultuous
rise and fall
of your *******
as I rode upon
your dreams as
you called out my name,

Ilahi, as I breathe
your name
upon my breath,
free me from
my death like stupor,
encase me in
a wreath of
your forgiveness
as I beg you,

Ilahi, as I breathe
my last tonight,
it shall be your smell
arousing me
in my shroud
of nothingness
yet everything is you,
are all that I breathe.

Carry my breath with you, Ilahi.
Words at the foot of a temple.
MalaiDaisies May 2017
Our intrepid woman,
taking a gamble on love,
finally discovering the meaning of fear.
Coming back after a long time, miss this place a lot. :)
  Sep 2015 MalaiDaisies
Jude kyrie
Brilliant Black

*Inside a dark room
Inside a locked box
A faded rose
A creased photograph.
A lock of hair
Brilliant black

Inside a dark room
Inside a locked box
An empty bottle of perfume
A  lipstick tube
A woolen glove
Brilliant black

Inside a dark room
Inside a locked box
A babies ******
A teething ring
all my tears.
A broken heart.
Brilliant black.
She is descended from strong women.
Bronze women. Stone matriarchs.
Pioneers. Immigrants. Fighters.
Hand in the earth, sun on the brow,
salt in the sweat, beautiful strong women.
Her ancestors rode ships to new horizons.
Forging destiny for their children's children
by riding waves to new lands.
Her grandparents tilled earth.
Beat back the scorching sun
and grew life in rows.
They sowed a future like seeds
for their children.
Her mother provided.
Giving hands full with
life wielding cast iron pots like
weapons. Fighting back
hunger and want.
She kept full bellies so her daughter
might have a full future.
She has given her life to loving her family.
And has been lifelong devoted to that endeavor.
Never failing a step.
She has walked through foreign shores,
trailer parks, brand new hearts, and broken cycles.
She has cobbled together Christmases,
shattered hopes, family meals, lunch money, and hope.

She is tested.
She has walked the path of her ancestors.
She is a Pioneer.
A tiller.
A provider.
A fighter.
A warrior.

She is my mother.

And she will beat cancer.
I figured I'd let you all know why I have been gone for so long. This is why. She is doing fine. Thank you for reading.
  Oct 2014 MalaiDaisies
If I'm an angel
Strip me of my wings
My halo
And my grace

And fling me down to Hell
Where I will
Take my place
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