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LJ Chaplin Apr 2020
Two glasses,
One bottle,
A hint of moonlight
Casting its ghost
Upon the carpet,

You and I
Were made
For this moment:
Where peace
And passion
Distract our hands
From touching
Our phones.

Has found its
Way to our doorstep,
Let it in.
Turn off the TV,
Turn off the lights,
Stay with me.
LJ Chaplin Apr 2018
You are the first thing I need
When I wake up,

To cure the sleep that
Hangs from my eyes
And takes shelter in my bones,

To feel the warmth of your embrace
Soothe the soul,
Each sip better than the last,
Drink you in until there's nothing left.

When the cup is empty,
The insatiable urge resides,
Energy is restored
And I will face the day knowing
That you will be there again tomorrow.
LJ Chaplin Apr 2018
I find myself in a crowded  sea,
Waiting for the Jubilee,
Men in suits are passing by,
The caffeine keeps their spirits high,
High heeled heroines looking chic,
Their urban catwalk for the week,
And whilst I wait for the train to arrive,
Commuters dance on the yellow line,
I hold my bag and start to pray,
That the 9am tide won't wash me away.
(C) L.J. Chaplin
LJ Chaplin Mar 2018
I would throw myself from
A moving train to prove
My devotion to you,

I would bungee jump
From the highest point
Just to know your name,

I would tread on burning coals
And compare it to how your
Fingers would feel against my skin,

I would put my life on the line
To show how deep the love
Of a daredevil can go.
© L.J. Chaplin
LJ Chaplin Jan 2018
You and I were just ships passing
In the night,
With no set destination,
But still our sails carry us,
No hesitation.
© L.J. Chaplin
LJ Chaplin Nov 2017
I try to fill myself with sunshine
So that I have no time to mourn
The rain,

I avoid the puddles,
The icy droplets
That nestle in my clothes
And soak the soul
Until it can no longer breathe.

I prefer to bathe in light,
To wrap myself in radiance
That pierces the skin
And sets my body on fire
Where all insecurities will succumb
To the flames.
© L.J. Chaplin
LJ Chaplin Oct 2017
I was promised the stars,
And so, without hesitation,
I looked to the sky
In search for the perfect one.

I scanned every inch,
Eager eyes flicking
Through a catalogue
Of constellations,

Then I found it,
A celestial beauty
Somewhere between
Orion's Belt and beyond.
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