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MisfitOfSociety Feb 2023
We forget we’re eternal.
Like a circle in motion,
Spinning forever with no resistance.
There’s no distance between us.
We are joined inter-connectedly.
I can’t see the end of me.
MisfitOfSociety Feb 2021
Who are you to tell me what to do?
We are the many run by the few.
MisfitOfSociety Feb 2021
We are wonderers in the dark.
Looking for the light.
Hoping it will show the way out.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
Heaven’s just too high above.
How will I be able to reach you
If my arms aren’t long enough?
Do you hear me when I call to you?

Is it not enough to pray?
Take my pain away!

No one should have to go through this.
Lay this burden to rest.
Why’d you come down and take her?
In death do your hands grow gentler?

This cross is far too heavy.
Watch as it breaks my body.
Returning me to the dirt,
Delivering me to the cradle of earth.
Where the pain can not reach me.

When I close my eyes for the last time
And open them, will I see her again?
There is a lie in believe,
So why should I believe you
When you say
That if I pray
You will take my pain away?
Note: This was written a while back. My mind set has changed.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
When I die, do I wake up? Or do I remain asleep?
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
Wake up world!
You wanna sleep with the lie?!
It makes you feel safe.
Close your mouth, shut your eyes,
listen and behave!

Everybody in the right wing,


Everybody in the left wing,


Choose a side or get singled out!

Everybody in the country,


Everybody in the world,


Fight their wars, do what is right!

Everybody in the cities,


Everybody in the towns,


Killing each other in the streets.

They don't have to do a thing,
The populace silences itself.
The world uses its hands,
To cover over its own mouth.

Use your mouth to,
Use your ears to,
Use your eyes to,
They're controlling your reality.

Wake up world!
You want to sleep with the lie?!
The world is a stage.
Play your part, say your lines,
like a good little slave.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
Oh so you're thinking.
You're thinking for yourself.
Are you really now?

You're just repeating,
Repeating what they say.
You're just a parrot, an annoyance in my way.
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