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Shruti Atri Jul 2021
It settles inside
And around me,
Flooding every single corner
Every deep crevice--
Reaching every single piece
Broken away,
Shattered within...

In slow waves
It washes over all of me,
In soft currents
It reaches deep inside of me;
Carefully caressing
Every part of me that aches
For your phantom touch...


I lay here in the quiet depths,
Waiting for the blackness
Within and without..
Unleash the monster from my nightmare
And devour every fragment
Of my beaten, bleeding soul...
From a time when I struggled with being confined in an emotional trap...
bubblyflower Apr 2021
In my garden, when I was just a child
I would take a pencil I could find
And I would draw my own world.

It would be raining with happiness
Rainbows would burst from clouds
There would be no touch of blackness.

I remind myself all of those memories,
Tears start to flow down my cheeks,
"Oh, I wish I could live those moments again!
I wish I would have no worries like back then,
But life goes on and even if it's not the same,
I am going to transform my world
Into one where I treasure beautiful moments!"
Nicole Nov 2020
Draped in
the cocoon of blackness,
my sweet eyes
stings with your blindness.
Random write :)
Radhika Lusted Sep 2020
Shining a light through
To a place i cannot see
Searching through the darkness
To find the light in me

It comes and goes in waves
As they crash beyond the sea
Illuminating barriers  
That are longing to be free
Grace Sep 2020
I am tired of being black,
Oh—excuse me, should I lie?
Okay, well then golly gee ‘brotha’,
for this blackness I am most willing to die

Oh, ‘brotha’ how much longer must I wear this mask?
Where is Dunbar so we can?
But don’t worry, man. This world won’t be "over-wise"
Cause our skin’s got all the power to hypnotize

When they see this skin, they just gon’ shift the blame
As ign’int slaves is how we done got our fame
I am tired of being black

I am tired of being black,
Oh—excuse me, should I lie?
Okay, well then golly gee ‘brotha’,
for this blackness I am most willing to die
Bhill Aug 2020
the sky darkened and decomposed into the blackness
giving up a trail of reflections and thoughts
thoughts in mind, sleeping into tomorrow
thoughts waiting to be released into the light
feels so delicious to allow new composition to escape

Brian Hill - 2020 # 225
When the world becomes black
Im almost safe
The impossible becomes possible
And the unreal becomes real
My darkness is kept low
And my imagination flys high
But that can only last for so long
The world will come to color
The impossible will escape out of reach
And the unreal will hide away
My darkness will creep back
And my imagination will be shoved in

But eventually I will go back to the blackness,
We all will
And then we will be safe forever
Falling Asleep and Waking Up.....Then Falling Asleep Forever
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