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alexandra Mar 26
the music is starting
they said

the music is starting!
they said

and start it did.

the sound cascading like rivers
funny how it feels like it's surrounding me
when the speaker is very clearly to the left

when the song ends
the room is in an abrupt silence
and the walls are farther
and farther away
the walls
they grow taller
and the ceiling rises into the sky
for a minute i close my eyes
and feel an overwhelming empty

but here it is again

the music is starting
they said

the music is starting!
they said

and start it did.
after the doomsday
there was an actual poet from the hell,
who always had a knout
to torture their  pale faces
within huge dark fiery cell ,

he ruined and burned their compositions
and made them melting together
again and again  
in a very dark position.

when the god revive them for the sixth time
one of them wailed and said to the poet:
my dear destruction divine
secretly, let the heaven to be mine
and stop giving our thirst
this cursed brine.

the poet responded  and said
yes, i'm the real destruction divine
of course i will not give you a wine
but i will turn off the pine
to keep you close
to your final dark line
Matthew Dec 2019
I've been enlightened to see today
there are to many cracks in my darkness
for the enlightenment to penetrate
Ken Mears Nov 2019
I'm surrounded by madness

It circles around my heart

Corrupting it with blackness

There is no restart

The world crumbles

The ground beneath rumbles

The world has fallen

I am all in

My eyes reopen

And I realize

There is nothing hiding behind this guise

It's time for the door to open

The darkness inside

Is calling for vengeance

It's time they all died

It's time I come back with a vengeance

It is done

I became the one

It's time I disappear

Yet we're all a little mad down here
She Sep 2019
I think he has lost it.
I am almost inclined to say "again," but that would mean he'd have to had gotten it back in the first place. He's probably just a good actor. Unfortunately, I've never been interested in them. It ***** because he seems to be incapable of seeing himself any differently. I have never asked him how he does view himself, in his defense, yet I listen to him. Observe. And what I have gathered is that his answer would not sound too highly of himself.
Until. Until he takes himself out of this world completely, mentally. When he is existing outside of his mind, he seems to enjoy himself quite well.
Truly, a beautiful disaster.
The most beautiful.
And then his mind leaves and his body left alone and hollow.
Defenseless. Soulless.

Physically, his shell begins to deteriorate and he becomes harder to look at. He doesn't know, maybe he doesn't care. It's so hard to tell. How can he even comprehend anything of what is going on here? His mind can of hear himself, let alone me.
I have no idea where the soul goes, but it musn't be too terrible. No, not at all. Why else would they love dancing there more than anywhere else?
To him, the hell is for him to remain here. Connected, physically. To everything that is real.
sushii Sep 2019
Needle into you
Bores holes into my soul
Needle into me
Saves me from tragedy

Torture tools upset you
They frighten me, too
But what can you do?
It happens all too soon

And hope runs away
Far from this place
Poked him, said he was gay
Face meets metal plate

So scream, scream, little girl
Run and scream, you ******* freak
It’s all you’ve got left
Because you’re next

The blackness gets you
But you don’t understand
Just take my hand
When you’re dead, you’ll be glad

So scream, scream little boy
Run and scream, you ******* freak
It’s all you’re good for
They don’t need you anymore

Scream away your vocal chords
You ******* *****
Don’t you know you’re the reason he died?
If I could cut you, I would
But I think that’s a crime
Run until your lazy legs stop
You pathetic *****
Run, before I bleed you
Run, before I realize

How much I need you

For you don’t exist

Because this poem
Is about me.
Rizna M Rameez Nov 2018
Close your eyes.
No stars.
Night. Vast, open, free.
Enveloping blackness.
Your heart. Beating, rising. Racing.
A pinprick of light. Hope.
Breathe in that fresh air.
Refreshing. Cold.


22.11.2018 -
Closed my eyes, felt free, wrote down my calming thoughts. Uncaged, vast, open, night-sky-like blackness, the feel of fresh green grass around you, refreshing air, cold dewdrops.
And that pinprick of light and hope up there, right in the middle, too far to reach out and touch. But visible.  Freedom and Hope. Alone with Allah. A smile creeps onto my face. My thoughts racing, but yet, feeling calm
Resting on my bed, closing my eyes took me somewhere else.
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