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May death set me free please
Its all i pray
Why is life only ****
Why must we stay
Does God only make us to suffer
Death cures all pain
There is nothing
Its pitch black
Better than this madness
Better than a thousand demons
Better than the devils voices
It is nothing
Pitch black darkness
The only thing that welcomes us
A light
A pit
Or nothing at all... Erased forever

April 13 2019
I don't get heaven
I don't get ****
I live in in ****
I get nothing but black
When i die
And thats all i want anymore
I wait for death
I pray for death
Just take me now Taki.
I hate Jade

Paylei Rose Mar 29
Anxiety is like this open box
You are in the center
Sometimes this box is clear and light
These are your good days
This dark might go cloudy
This is when you fog over
Your memory goes hazy and you don't know where you are
When the box goes colorful, it stays hazy
This is called dissociation
Overwhelming of your senses, makes you feel insane
This all starts to go away until the darkness creeps in
The box is slowly getting darker
As you start to panic
This is called an anxiety attack
Stuck in your own head
as you start to shake and scream
The box comes completely black as the depression
It only stays for a little while
But it's still scary, nonetheless
Then the day is finally over, the box starts to go white
As you drift off the sleep to start the cycle
All over again
Johnny walker Feb 13
How amazing to lay on my bed and watch the stars at night sight to behold on a clear night Inky black

And stars like a million priceless jewels scattered upon the sky forming patterns across the Inky blackness occasionally out of ones eye a glimpse of a shooting star

Before you have time to focus your eyes It gone light aircraft flying overhead and always wonder to where they going and to where they'll be will tomorrow

I gaze upon the Inky blackness of the sky stars like priceless jewels forming patterns whilst cast upon the Inky blackness
Watching stars whilst laid In bed a sky that holds endless stories
Rizna M Rameez Nov 2018
Close your eyes.
No stars.
Night. Vast, open, free.
Enveloping blackness.
Your heart. Beating, rising. Racing.
A pinprick of light. Hope.
Breathe in that fresh air.
Refreshing. Cold.


22.11.2018 -
Closed my eyes, felt free, wrote down my calming thoughts. Uncaged, vast, open, night-sky-like blackness, the feel of fresh green grass around you, refreshing air, cold dewdrops.
And that pinprick of light and hope up there, right in the middle, too far to reach out and touch. But visible.  Freedom and Hope. Alone with Allah. A smile creeps onto my face. My thoughts racing, but yet, feeling calm
Resting on my bed, closing my eyes took me somewhere else.
Hunter Sep 2018
I like to be in my room with the lights off
I like the way darkness feels as it wraps it’s cold hand around me
I like how quiet the lack of light can appear to be
And how loud it is when you learn to listen

I like when there are no street lights on outside my window
When I’m not the only one covered in the blackness of the night
It is so hard to feel alone when everyone is the same
Stuck in the timeless embrace of shadows


Again and again the sun will rise
And it will cover the earth as if it had never left
Leaving the opposite to feel what i had felt
Warming my face with the daily schedule

When the sun is up I have to do everything
When the sun is down I get to do anything
The biggest difference imaginable by just two words
Could be the reason anyone ever truly lives
Daniel H Shulman Sep 2018
The dimming of the light,
Hidden things no longer
To me a source of fright,
Dim light made me stronger.

Receding in shadows,
Where the scene used to be
Of personal gallows,
In place once to hang me.

This darkness I welcome,
Adjusted to my eyes
While other who would come,
Too blind to realize.

In the blackness I’ve been,
I love comfortably
Lit by my fire within,
But no one can touch me.
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Lukas Alexiou Aug 2018
I still love you

I won’t ever stop
You’re amazing
Wish we never finished
Called it quits
You were my mop
Supposedly “cleaned” me up
But really just diluted the mess
I appreciate it
Now it accumulates

I’m going crazy

I won’t ever be loved the same
miki Jul 2018
if you were to look inside yourself
what do you think you would see?
a puppy chasing cars
or a happy family?
or would you see a beast
devouring your insides,
ripping you to shreds,
cutting you with knives?
would you see all blackness
just simply nothing at all?
or a monster called depression
who’s building you a wall
to block you off from reality
so you will just be gone
from this devilish toxic home,
where you just don’t belong.
Eslam Dabank Jun 2018
Failure of love, fired at my soul
Bullets of lonliness hit my bones
In the heart Left ashes of emotions,
Cut the thin paper I had of joyness
With your lyrically-killing scissors.
Was your intention me leaving?

Is that a smile I haven't seen before?
Is that a kiss you don't didn't ask for?
Is there a new love you believe in?
Is he a sun, you seek for its core?
Your coldness is never fed. Not enough.
Always wants more.

Pain of missing is all I recieved
The ghosts you made now are my lead
Look at my eyes, can what you did see?
They're vacant, empty.
There's no glow in them
You had finished my story. Not happily.

With the reflection of the lamp,
on my tears,
You can see,
the only glow you left for me.

20-11-20-00 is your number.
But don't worry, I won't ever call
Into the unknown I won't again fall
You have crashed me into pieces
Gathering them now, is impossible.
I wonder if you know my number too.

From my mum's **** I was born
And in your actions tomb was drown.
This is my first freezing july
Without you it is, I won't lie.
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