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Morgan Danielle Dec 2017
today is blue
today is orange
today is split
between now and yesterday

gray does not float in this sea
it does not breathe
with pants of flowers or trees

these shades bleed in their
monochromatic screams
with their iridescent dreams
they claw to their surfaces with
no hope, no leads
following their feet as they drag along
in their evergreens

the colors do not mix. the colors do not mourn.

my nasty beast will rear it's head but refuses treatment.

Morgan Danielle Aug 2014
can you believe it. i've almost forgiven myself. i'm almost in love with myself. most people say you need to be alone to love yourself, but i've come to realize that i love myself more now that i've got you back. you make me feel beautiful. self-esteem is vital in today's age where beauty is key, but i don't give a **** anymore. i think i'm beautiful. you think i'm  even more beautiful.  its perfect, really. and its great. so thanks. maybe next time i'll have more to say.
Morgan Danielle Aug 2014
hello dear friend
you've resurfaced
from the depths of the inky

you've brought me
a gift?
how kind.

a precious one wrapped in
g o l d papers.

i tear it open
and familiar eyes
yield to my voice.

i speak,
"oh, i've missed you my dear.
i thought you'd gone away."

the mouth opens and
darkness swirls
bringing me to my knees.

i choke back the sobs as
i take a second look.

the black shifts
and i find within it
a new present.

we fly forward swiftly
and i come to
forgive the darkness.

the harsh words on its tongue
forgotten as we mix
like we used to.

thank you, old friend.
you've saved me for another day.


i love you.
Morgan Danielle Jan 2014
To whom it may concern
I'm just another ****-up.

It's hard for me to express
all the words on my mind.
Though there are many things
that I'd like to say here,
it never comes out right anyway.

Yes, I am a lost soul, though
I've never been much for finding things.
Content in our misery? Not quite.
Though there are stars
that always shine the brightest
and they're there if you bother to look.

Not the best at many things,
like drawing, singing, spinning, dancing.
I wish I could say that I was confident
while doing the things that I love to do.
I've never had the pleasure
of keeping my hopes real high
The master at keeping my head down low.

Loving life was never easy.
I've never said it was.
Scars prove my journey.
No one knows I go through these things
but maybe you understand better now
About who I am.

I never wanted it to get this far.
I never wanted it to be this dark.
and my mind is constantly
plagued with these thoughts.
It's safe to say that my mind is alive.

I'm not outspoken and I'm not quiet.
I'm not fat and I'm not skinny.
I'm not ugly and I'm not beautiful.
I'm not boring and I'm not fun.
I'm Morgan, nice to meet you.
Morgan Danielle Jan 2014
i cant let you go
there is a vice grip
on my lungs

I’m having enormous
difficulty in breathing

My heart
is at the most broken
its ever been
and that has
slowly turned me emotionless
these past few days

but then I remember.
How could I forget?
I feel like a piece of me
is missing

and my orbit is off
you were my sun and my stars
i thought I was your moon.

my entire chest feels
as if a tapdancer
spent the night practicing
perched on my lungs like a bird

And I feel like crying
so I reach for something
that you had got me to quit,
yes I relapsed.

I’m sorry
but I don’t have
to explain to you
nor do I expect you care.

You’ll never read this anyway.


i still ******* love you.
why won't you come back?
Morgan Danielle Jan 2014
he can't help but smile
as he grabs my hand
leading me out of the car

he can't help but flush
after our first kiss
in a crowded book store

he can't help but sigh
after our first heated moment
in the backseat of his car

he can't help but shake
the first time i lied
and we talked it through

he can't help but cry as
i told him why
and he help me so tight i turned blue

he can't help but rub his eyes
as he uttered his first lie
"i will always love you"

he can't help but frown
during our first official fight
when we thought the worst

he can't help but draw
much farther away
into his own mind

i can't help but reach out
trying to catch him
through the cracks in my fingers

i can't help but mourn
what could have been
and all of the time i put forth

i can't help but feel
like i want to die
but i guess i'm just stuck this way

for a while.


i still love you
Morgan Danielle Jan 2014
i love you as absolute
as the sky is blue
who cares if there is absolut
running through my veins

i love you like a green grass field
and I love you like i don't know why;
its a good thing I'm not sober
or else these words would not spill so easily.

i love you like words are spoken
and music is listened;
i love you like a poem is written
and the picture is painted.

I love you with every breath
and I love you with every sigh;
you may upset me at times,
but i love you despite the sadness.

i love you when im angry;
i love you when im mad;
i love you when im happy;
and i love you when you cried.

you're a lovely creature and
you make me happy.

i love you when i don't;
because you're all i have left
to love and to hold
you're the only thing that matters.

you're my baby and my life.

*i love you.
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