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Kim Apr 12
It feels like forever
since our eyes last locked
and emotions took control

The memory, O so vague
fades a little with every day that I wake

But my sheets wrap me in your fragrance
and I'm recalled to your casual stare
right before a raw kiss we'd share

The retrospect , O so tame
flares a little with every breath that I take
Najla Mar 5
and lay down your sorrow
along with my solitude,
my heart is yours to break  

let us abate this
intolerable agony
with lavender tea
and beautiful poetry
The clock says in a hurry
The clock croaks in a constant rhythm

Pit pat
The rain rattling on the roof
Pit pat
The rain runs down in a fast marathon

Dug dug
The heart of your mistress beats
Dud dug
The heart of your lady pulse in a slow dance

Your lady in her white dress
On the floor she lays
Her eyes closed
Her hand closed tight into a fist

Her light lavender hair
Splayed around her head like a halo
Her bottom lip is bleeding
Her breathing unsteady

Kling klang
The chimes sings in a high note
Kling klang
The chimes chants in an attempt of announcement

Woosh woosh
The wind blows harshly
Woosh woosh
The wind whispered loudly

Dug dug dug
The heart of your mistress beats
Dud dug dug
The heart of your lady pulse in chaos

The clock
The rain
The chimes
The wind

Even her heart
The letter clasped in her hand
That contains the news of your demise
Reminds her of what she lost

Drip drip drip
The tears streaming down her face
Sniff sniff sniff
The grief starts to set in
What could be the worst thing that could happen in a wedding day?
Amelia Sapp Dec 2019
come with me
to the secret garden
let us dance with fairies
and eat wild berries

a cobblestone path
leads us to a witch’s hut
she casts a love spell on you
but not on me

frolic through lavender fields
the bees tell us stories
i am listening to their every word
you are listening to my heartbeat

eat these magic mushrooms
that the caterpillar gave us
i can see your aura and i can smell your words
but you know that feelings every time you look at me

i want to leave, this is not my realm
but you were born here
hannah in spring Dec 2019
Mix lavender in
With my ashes
So the ghosts can't take me away
I know it's cold
And you want to go home
But I really wish you would stay
Quick thing I thought on the way to take a ****.
Madison Greene Nov 2019
to be the person of your dreams
to be less a body and more an idea
to be an unlit cigarette kissing your lips
the lavender in your coffee and the aftertaste in your mouth
your Malibu sunsets in a 70’s Mercedes
what if love is trying to break apart the barrier between what you see and what you feel
what if you close your eyes and you find yourself reaching out for me
I dream of what you’d see in me if you couldn’t see me at all
starlight Nov 2019
The sky on fire
The sleep of the field
The singing from the brooks

The drifting clouds
and endless sky
From everywhere I've looked

The flower bed
soft as it is
the resting place I choose

The quiet of the fields
The fragrant blooms
Shall soothe my heart to rest
From a dream I had.
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