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Thickly glossed upon a lip, such honey pours for me.
The sweetest scent of Lavender, so falls upon your cheek.
Gaze of blue, with shade of white, bore through the heavy clouds.
The thought of you, though gone tonight, is all I am allowed.

A head upon your shoulder, where lies your auburn waves.
A kiss upon your chest, through which my heart conveys.
Lavender and honey, such a scent that makes me shiver.
Lavender and honey, wishing so to hold you nearer.
My now ex-girlfriend used to use a lavender and honey scented shampoo which I was quite fond of . I thought of this poem while we were cuddling one night >_>
We May 17
Locate the last lavender sprig
You'll find her blossoming in the field
Swaying gracefully in a sea of wind and light
You'll be able to smell her hypnotic, earthy aroma
Find her and cherish her beauty

Be patient, he will come
His jubilant dance will give you joy
The brilliance of his character will fill you
Allow him to carry your radiance
and bring more beauty to this world

What does love look like today?

Today love looks like sweet, sultry music...
I feel myself a child of the moon,
Dancing with wine in her hands.
I feel like lavender and honey,
Sweet and attending to
Your breathing,
Your melting,
Your heavy...
Like skin on skin
Like oil on canvas
Like chocolate candles
Like running all over each other...
I am the sea breeze,
catch me and I freeze,
lavender fields,
of godly hymns,
catch me, don't be shy,
up in the fountain time,
lips to rain the wealth of love,
kiss me more, unfurl my poise,
the world on Earth to re-transform,
the poor of minds, the filled with hatred,
my angel glow, a sunless vow,
I am growing on the shores of heaven,
I can see through thousands of spirits,
I can taste the minds of gods,
burning in heavens of delight,
my wishes everything materialise.
Mark Boschi Mar 5
My body climbed into tear-stained sheets,
senses circling me with familiar lavender
and anxious qualms
about where I was.

I peered out the rain-streaked windows
to see the full moon
gleaming akin to a neon sign that said,
“You're home.”
Pyrrha Feb 19
He often smelled like freshly brewed coffee
Sometimes like cinnamon, sometimes like lavender
But he always, always
Smelled like lies
Leif Strand Feb 16
The first time I loved
reminded me of the first time I smelt lavender
it touched the tip of my nose, so unexpected, yet so soft
drawing me into its source, the purple splendor

That’s how I remember our love, as a violet sky
A sight only present in the sunsets of our dreams

My nose bathed in the aroma
And for the first time, I felt fresh, pure, and clean

but it faded
the sweet scent of your love
and the fainter it became, the harder I tried to reach it
I thought it was the wind carrying it away
And so I followed the breeze
But it was lost, my nose was blind
and the flower was all that remained
comforting, Delicate, vibrant
yet not enough

oh what a fool I was
wanting magic and wasting life
I left the garden
In search of what I lost
Not knowing what I had found

because whether or not I could swim in its aroma
that flower rose to meet me each day, its petals full and its color deep
seeking to bless me with its beauty and grasp me in its care
hoping it would find me there, to protect it, keep it, and honor it
I hate to imagine the sadness, when I could no longer be found

now today, I only wish I knew where I first found it
so I could return
and though I’m sure that the scent would strike my heart again
this time I would stay
for I know now, that on the other side of the smoke screen
true beauty is waiting

I so hope that no one has picked her
yet I would not blame them if they did
Murakami Feb 12
The ephemeral memory of your fragrance
fills my mind with such an amorous longing,
Alluring my senses, anticipated bliss.
More intoxicating than wild lavender,
it invades my conscience.

The purest hint brings you close once more,
as if I nested my head against your chest,
listening to your steady heartbeat,
I am again embraced by your arms,
as I am lusciously reminded
of the evenings of passion

When we were a whole world ourselves.
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