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HPRatcliff Feb 15
Diadem of dreams keep him keen,
In the lost world we walk,
We debate the last Holocene,
Then we split, came the fork…

Lonesome fingers, slip emerald thread,
I stare yon window,
Knitting some spell, helps me forget,
Drink lavender tea to grow.

It tasted bitter in the Winter,
So sweet when in summer,
Lukewarm come last November,
I can’t drink it no more.    
They call me Lavender, loved ones,
You tried to debunk why,
Until you kissed me under the sun,
Love can make you so high.

The day you picked my last flower,
I was not a maiden,
You took from me ancient power,
My heart simply waned.

I took to the stars, took to the cards,
I became the Hierophant,
I looked to my sun, to my Mars,
To my Moon and Venus.

I’m imbued with the Crone’s wisdom,
With a new mindset so,
To understand conflicts new and old,
I’m healed, stronger, a Being of Amour.

Speak with me, drink flowery tea,
On the phone, speech may hurt,
Together, it’s ten times as sweet,
Call me, Lovely Lavender X
The sky dressed in a lavender hue.
Six o'clock mornings always felt better with you.

You were my morning cup of tea,
A one hundred percent all-natural sweetener guarantee.

They could find us in the sky,
With our footprints in clouds of sunset tie-dye.

Just like that, we were gone with the wind.
Sailing, never to be seen,
And so our story would begin.
Allyssa Dec 2020
Imagine if we could reach the stars and pluck them out of the sky because for you,
My darling,
I'd pick them and never stop.
Flowers are beautifully tragic but I'd rather give you your constellation in a bundle of soft clouds and a gentle warm breeze with lavender and chamomile.
Imagine somebody eternally embodying me in stanzas like I do for him.
N Feb 15
To taste your tears of joy
To drink lavender tea poured from your mouth
To savor your lips after you have licked them
To wrap your curls around my neck till I suffocate
To melt into the scarlet of your cheeks

This is not a love letter,
I simply long for the forbidden parts
of you
Alaina Dec 2020
fingers graze the violet whisps as
the fire slowly burns out from above.
brilliance was thought to never be.
dreams could never be so perfect.

unlock the feeling of youth,
of the potential of the future.
calling out to the most inner self,
find it.

rays of gold unveil the truth
light becomes dark and yet


hope prevails.
dark becomes light once more.
wrote this while looking at a brilliant picture of a lavender field during sunset
Cait Nov 2020
I lay next to you in a field of lilacs and lavenders.
The beautiful floral scent fills my senses
I am surrounded by all that is purple.
I watch as the brilliant blue sky is filled with gorgeous violet hues.
I listen to the birds as they soothe my anxious mind.
I put my hand into yours.
Our hands intertwine.
My left hand held by your right.
The strands of purple in my hair cascade around my face,
I am surrounded by purple.
A crown of purple flowers rests on my forehead.
I am surrounded by all that is purple.
Mitch Prax Oct 2020
Like lavender,
this world is a brighter place
because of your beauty
and your grace.
Like lavender,
there is something about you,
so wild yet so soft,
that gets me through.
Like lavender,
you have a scent so divine,
and I have been blessed
to call it mine.
N Sep 2020
I wonder if the filed of lavender
sighs when it yearns for her scent

I wonder if the sunflowers
worship her raven hair
like the sun

I wonder if the moon weeps
with longing over her absence  

I wonder if the sky turns pink
when the spring breeze
touches her silky skin

I wonder if the cherries bleed in her
mouth like my heart when she left
N Aug 2020
If I can’t swallow your frigid heart
then let me kiss the traces of your
loneliness with my ugly mouth

And at a sleepless night
when your soul needs a cure,
I will be there with lavender tea
I saw a lavender ladder
Parked against a freshly painted ivory-beige wall

Wonder how many men climbed
Up the lavender ladder
In blue overalls

Wonder what the lavender ladder saw
At the top
Was it witness to any falls
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