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Mind Wanderer Feb 2015
What a ****** up and wicked place this can be
Dancing with life in the balance
They keep going, feeding, until the thirst is quenched
They need to fulfill the need, at the expense of others
No consideration, no thought just actions
Leaving a ripple in the fabric of time

It spirals outward, engulfing, swallowing purity
The darkness spreads
When will the light come
When will we see peace

The light that shines within is too strong
I can’t go down to that place
Isolation is a consequence
Alone, forever
Mind Wanderer Feb 2015
It’s funny how in a moment your world can come crashing down.
The morning you wake, ambassadors of the sun warming your face.
The joy of her smile, her laugh, her presence fresh in the forest of your mind.
It’s gone now.
In that moment, everything turns dark.
It’s said you need the dark to see the light.
When you are the the light and the darkness is inside you, will you ever see it?

Has karma caught up to me, encasing me from the sins of my past?
Heart is breaking.
I will be the light, that is my souls purpose
I trust the universe but in this moment does it trust me?

Will my hopes and dreams ever be realized?
Maybe it’s not what this life is for.
Until then, I will be lovingly numb
Mind Wanderer Feb 2015
As the stars shine in the dark night sky, my heart shines upon your soul.
The flame encases them, flowing through them, around them
Descending upon the earth they separate
Journeying to find each other again
I will never stop seeing you for what you are.

Her eyes are a fiery world of emotion, volcanic
The depth is endless, shaken from the reality of this world
Soft gentle skin, smooth, unseen perfection
Her mind an endless ocean of thought
She breathes, searching, for the flame that burns within

His mind battered from the constant misunderstanding
The past is over and his new beginning is overdue
Searching for the taste of all that he knows, Searching for the flame that burns within

The universe sets it’s plan in motion
It’s an inevitable fate
Two souls searching, working toward this certain conclusion.
The flame is cast, frequency’s align

Ascending far above the earth
The flames merge once again, bound by destiny
And again the flame encases them, following them into eternity
Forever searching for the merging of the twin flame.
Mind Wanderer Feb 2015
Your soft gentle grip on my spine
You rise, from the base
Seducing your way up, tingling
Into the neck and move into the depths of my mind

You gently stir, waves upon a beach
Thorns to the stem of the rose
Pedals falling all around you
You call to me, gesturing, you tell me to come to you

Softly, slowly I let myself go
Opening my soul to experience you
To my knees I fall
Perfect sacrifice, for again you have taken me.
Mind Wanderer Feb 2015
The tick of the minutes echo in my mind.
Why are you so strongly in my presence when you have so long been gone?
Every day the energy reminds me, it places you in the movie inside my head.
Seeing what could have become, what never was.

For I was not who I should have been.
Your essence surrounded me, intoxicating.
Your touch, your smell, your being.

It was an unfortunate circumstance
As I take this journey within myself I see it so clearly
Mistakes that repeat, so senseless, so unaware
It’s unlike me, but I think its because I want to taste it
I want to feel it, deep inside, I want it to burn so bright within me that others can see out of the darkness
Maybe it’s not my purpose here, for this life.

I want to taste you one more time. Uninhibited.

— The End —