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Tatiana Sep 26
There's an old, abandoned house
not far from where I stay
its windows are all broken
brittle wood blocks the doorway
and it's green with ivy that crawls up its face
as it looks at all the other homes
that have windows lit with warm hues
and boast gardens tamed and beautiful.
I guess at what the old house says:

"I once held love within my walls
now it only echoes in my halls."

There's an old, abandoned house
not far from where I stay
and I see in its windows
it has so much to say.
How it became broken,
how its life faded away.
With a heavy sigh, the door falls off its hinges
like a mouth preparing to speak.
Would you like to know what the house told me?

Tatiana Sep 23
Though time is rather fleeting
I don't know why I'm sleeping
the days away.
And can you see the sunrise
above the horizon?
I find myself swaying.
Away with the breeze.
Flowing with the leaves.
I find myself traveling across the sea
just a discarded leaf
with no destiny.

It has been a hot minute since I posted here. I've had a rough September so far. I suffered an allergic reaction to some food and I have never had food allergies before. That put me out of it for a little bit. I'm also just struggling with my mental health again. I'm trying to do my job, keep up with everyday tasks but I feel it all slipping away from me.
Tatiana Aug 30
A rush of air lifts me up
and my arms reach toward the sky.
I know there is nothing to grab hold of
but I appreciate how I can fly.
Away from all the obligations
that rooted me to the ground.
I can't believe how light I am
and I glide through the air with no sound.
I do not shout for joy
or clap my hands.
I bask in the sun
and keep away from the land.
I know it might only be fleeting
and I may have to part
with this effervescent, floating feeling
of a light heart.

Do you ever get a crush on someone and you're not sure if it'll last but you enjoy the feeling while it happens? That's me right now.
Also what a change in pace from my normal doom and gloom poetry lol
Tatiana Aug 13
Outside the cigar shop is an elderly man
he is leaning against a parking meter
fumbling the quarters he pulls from his deep pockets
and dropping them into the machine
the metal clinking as it accepts the change
and only reading 20 minutes
the old man scowls at the meter and puts in more coins
until it reads 1 hour
he digs around in his pockets and turns them inside out
he has no more
grumbling to himself, he pushes away from the meter
entering the cigar shop
and I'm left sitting in my car wondering
how we can spare some change for more time
for the things that will lessen the time we already have
Tatiana Aug 7
You cut off one head.
Then two!
Then three!
Then four!
So many more!
And you wonder why
they're still standing?


And I'm so scared.
Do those heads belong to my enemies?
Or do they belong to my friends?


One down
two more to gore
but we can't ignore!
The possibility of our heads
Getting the same treatment


It's easier to solve your problems
when there's a figurehead
So take them to the guillotine
So you can all eat your bread.

And have the cake offered
by your headless queen.
Here's a poem.
Tatiana Aug 5
Within the confines of the office building
is a dark and dusty stairwell.
Used less and less by those unwilling
to take a trip no longer fulfilling
as the elevator is easier and does not smell
and it moves too quick so one can't dwell
on the feelings that flow like an ocean swell.
But there's a fear a machine is instilling
for if there are a sudden halt and no dinging bell
and one is stuck when the power is killing
itself; would one think of those stairs so very chilling
and what their day would be if they took the stairwell?
Would they even survive to share a tale they can't tell?
Or will the cables break and they'll arrive faster in Hell?
It'd be too late for souls to know they were unwell.

The lack of control is frightfully thrilling.
No one tells them why they fell.
Well, long story short, if there's a stairway to heaven then there's a stairwell to Hell, and elevators scare me.
Tatiana Jul 17
To avoid the hurt welling u    p in my chest
I needed to keep moving t    o avoid it
So I climbed my way to t    he top
of the cruel mountainsi    de
while rain fell down o    n
my pale, wincing fac    e
and I laced my fing    ers
together in a sort o    f
embrace and shiv    ers
began to race up     my
spine, so with h    aste
I began to pac    e on
top of slick r    ock
not paying     attention
to where I     was stepping
and I slip    ped and fell
the tears     began to well
up in m    y eyes
no sur    prise
I bro    ke myself again
whi    le I was trying
to    hide
f    rom
I break bones like I break myself; Obliquely.

Decided as of right now that this might become a series that I'll reference as "The Fractured Series" because that could be fun
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