Tatiana 1d
Two monarchs cross paths
dancing around eachother.
With words so airy,
one should know to be wary
of what will be said next.

"How does your son fair?"
"Fairs as well as yours I presume."
"Yours always had a knack for flair."
"Yours always could wow a room."

Disguised insults spoken.
Each compliment flapped away with wings
that carry the monarch to their next test.
Where they'll see which flowers they like best.
To gather in support of their queens.

"You know what would be tragic?"
"Why do you continue to speak?"
"If a son were to fall to magic,
before his heart could take a beat."

The two monarchs parted ways.
Promises rolling off their tongues
as sweet as the nectar they drank.
But were designed to attack the other's rank.
Their success depends on the other's defeat.

Conversation stalls as the monarchs fly home.
On wings decorated so finely.
Each of their thoughts seem to turn towards their sons
Just caterpillars before their transformations.
Weaving their chrysalis with determination.

Though they're far apart
the monarchs speak the same words

"I fear for you, my son, in this great world,
Our reign can never last for long.
But I wish for you to have your chance
To encapture the world in a trance
With a grace bestowed upon your wings
I wish for you to make others sing.
For I've seen the tragedy of the other king
Just before transformation
I saw a caterpillar die in its chrysalis."

"I saw a caterpillar die in its chrysalis,"

"I saw a caterpillar die..."

"My son, that has made all the difference."
Tatiana 5d
Keep guard in your garden
Lethal lean leaves
seem to stick to their trees.
Scraggly-looking and furnished rather sparsely,
its roots still dug deep into the earth;
Absorbing all moisture from the dirt.

Leaving it
Like lungs;
                    unable to breathe.
Like hearts;
                    unable to beat.

A leaf falls and gets caught in a sudden breeze.
The wind not realizing what it released,
for attached to the leaf were its lethal seeds.
Ready to spread their toxicity.
Keep guard in your garden
Apologies for being away for so long, it's been pretty crazy. I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving! And if you don't celebrate that, I hope that was a good thursday!
Anyway, beside thanksgiving getting in the way (and work), my sister has been having a very difficult time in the relationship she's in. It's an incredibly toxic (and in my opinion, emotionally abusive) relationship. I don't know what to do other than to be there for my sister. Apparently, he has apologized and is going to try harder, but I don't believe him. He's said stuff like that before and everything is fine for a week and the next thing I know I'm getting a call from my sister about how he's treating her like ****. It hasn't been a fun month. Everyday I want to go up to him and threaten him with *** knows what and I probably will do so. My sister always had enough heart for the both of us. I've always had enough rage for the two of us.
So this is just a warning. Please do your best to keep toxic people out of your life. Let your garden grow in a healthy manner.
But if you ever need someone to go to war with to help someone you love, I'm your girl.
Tatiana Oct 17
My words have lost their way.
I'm sorry there's no poem today.

My words
                  have lost
                                  their way
I'm sorry there's no poem today.

My have words their lost way.
Sorry i'm no there's poem today.
Tatiana Oct 16
Long ago, Moon reigned alone and empty
born of the Gods Sky and Sea.
The world was painted with a pale light,
that came from Moon's own might.

"Hello, I don't believe we have met before?"
    "Call me Heat."
"I am Light."

A meeting destined in the heavens above,
inspiring Heat and Light to love.
For Moon had grown sickly all night,
as she never had time to rest from her plight.

"What shall we call it?"
    "The yellow light that we lit?"
"Yes. It's like a disc. A shining disc."

Light circled Heat like a shield.
Blinding those who do not yield
with their interest or attempts to charm
Heat away from Light's arms.

"Perhaps we shall call it Light?"
    "No, we shall call it Bright!"
"Please, we cannot fight."

This world moves forward even as time stands still.
Heat takes Light's hand with great thrill.
A movement not so grand,
yet it's worth more than the price of this land.

"Feel the warmth of his heat!"
    "He climbs the sky with no fear of defeat!"
"Moon can finally rest her weary feet."

The pair watched with great pride
in the sky, their child no longer hides.
Look at him! He soars! He flies!
Bringing heat and light to the lands beneath the skies.

"My child, formed from Heat and Light"
    "Please do not feel any fright."
"My child, vow to keep balance with the night"
    "An eternal dance with Moon so bright."
"And remember above all else,"
    "That when the dark arrives,"
"know that Moon will maintain hope and life."
    "Maintain life and hope, my Son.
© Tatiana
Son vs Sun
I just wanted a good story. A warm ending to those troublesome vowels.
Well, that's the end! I hope you enjoyed my forgotten vow(el)s series! I certainly enjoyed it. It has been a challenge to try and avoid certain vowels. E and O were extraordinarily difficult, but it was so rewarding in the end. I did it and I'm proud! If anyone else would like to challenge themselves, I would suggest trying to drop vowels or even consonants. Force yourself to write differently and you'll be surprised by what you can create.
Thanks for reading!
  Sep 21 Tatiana
I am just a moth
In a world of butterflies
Nonetheless, I fly.
  Sep 18 Tatiana
Ashly Kocher
Horse drawn carriage
                       coming down the street
          Just like my heartbeat
Tatiana Sep 17
I like to think I'll find peace for me
resting beneath a sycamore tree.
I can't feel its roots burrow into my body,
sapping me of my strength.
Can't you see?
There is peace beneath this sycamore tree.
Look at how it shelters me
in the shade, so I can't see the sun.
What on earth are you telling me now?
This is just a simple sycamore tree
it is not acting sycophantically.
I'm not held down, it's protecting me.
It wants your death to fertilize its growth.
You're rooted to the sycophantic tree.

Just go, there is nothing here for you.
I'm corrupted, leave without me.
© Tatiana
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