Jul 5 Ami Shae
Pamela Rae

I know now I was safer there
deep in the darkness of dreams
far from here, far from anywhere
encased, ensconced in surreality
I could actually bleed
and no one would care or even see
and nor would I - for the pain
was not the least real--
whatever happened
my mind could grasp
but my heart did not feel
and no matter what, no matter where
I was safer in the deepest darkness there
and the shadows that played across
my misted vision
of muted sight
always surrounded
by the darkest night
did not encrypt me in it's worrisome tomb
for a part of me simply knew
I was still safe in my room--
yet the eeriness that lurked
that tried to embrace and envelop me
also served as my rescuer
as it set me free
and allowed escape
from all that was happening back here--
back in the waking world
where there is so much to see, so much to fear--
so forgive me now
if I seem just a tad rude--
but I need to go back for some eery, yet relaxing solitude
of rest and slumber
my little escape from the "here"
so that I might dream of enchantments and eerier things
(which instill only a temporary fear)
and release me from this daily onslaught of gloom
every time I turn on the television
(or try to read the latest news)
in the so called "comfort" of my living room...
©Pamela Rae 07.02.2017

sometimes dreams are frightening, but not nearly as frightening as the reality of living in today's world at times.
Watching the news depresses me and worries me
and oftentimes takes a toll...
so is it any wonder my dreams / nightmares
feel like an escape? ;)
  Jun 22 Ami Shae

his words were
the mellow sound of church bells
on the sixth hour
of the holy day
they were gospels,
an ardent call from the angels
that hushed down the
depths of my ears
but mostly he,
he had all power
but left them all

Ami Shae Jun 22

Listen. Do you hear it yet?
The sound is golden
and so very true--
My heart has started beating again
all because of YOU. ❤️

A dear Friend found me again!
  Jun 22 Ami Shae
Pamela Rae

There is this intrusion of self
that oftentimes overwhelms
and suffocates who it is
I think I really am
and then
there is the gift
of something I clearly needed
to see
and the intrusion of self
fades into the background
once again
and all at once
it no longer feels like
it's the beginning of the end...
so, it looks as though
I can continue
to be just ME!!!
©Pamela Rae 06.15.2017

Sometimes it just takes a special sign, a gift
to turn one's gaze from dark to light!
Ami Shae Jun 12

Time never stops.
It waits for no one.
It doesn't care
whether it's the moon
or whether it's the sun
time just marches on
and leaves us all feeling robbed
and needing more
but the worst thing about time
is the way it seems to pour
through our fingers
like grains of sand
and no matter how hard we try
seems we can never plan
to have enough
to save it up,
to make it stay
time just keeps slipping, slipping
far far away...

makes me crazy how little time I have to come here, to do so many things I want to do...
Ami Shae Jun 8

What a gift to come here today
I was feeling off
(I'm sad to say)--
but after reading a few poems here
I suddenly feel full of love and good cheer!

(Thank you, dear HP poets)!
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