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Semerian Perez Dec 2018
Here I am again
Standing in front of you
Head down
Blood dripping from my wrists

Why Did I leave..

You kept me alive
Immune from pain
of love and loss

Was it for the right reasons?

I took a chance
Walked away from you
I thought I could
Face what was thrown at me
I saw Death
Gave Life
Felt Pain

So Why Am I Here Again?

I dont want to feel
Anything negative that I feel now
The only thing i want to feel
Is Love.

May I?

So In trust
I return to the way
I was before
Just to feel that balance
Restore what was
No longer in balance.

Thank you

My guardian
My love
My friend
Forever by my side

Semerian Perez Aug 2015
He sits before me
Pen and paper in hand
His eyes shifting
From side to side

"Thank you.."
Was all he could say
"You were following me"
Voice barely above a whisper
Was my response.

"Shall we begin?"
I asked
As I reached for the lamp switch.
Before I could turn it on
The lights were on.
As I looked at the man
I realized his features were different.

His skin was fair and flawless
His eyes were piercing green
"Yes we can get started."
He picked up the pen and waited
I spoke of my life
As he wrote it all
He smiled and nodded.

Placing the pen down
He stood quietly
Before I could move
He was behind me.
Leaning close to my ear
He said "Ask me anything"
I froze
Feeling his breath on my neck
"When were you born into darkness and Why did you choose me?"

His response
" I am 400 years old. And I want a soul like yours to be mine."

So my interview was my death
And my rebirth
Into darkness
With my Immortal Love.
Semerian Perez Jul 2015
Sitting here
Alone with my thoughts
My emotions
One thing
I cant seem to shake
Is the feeling
Im losing you.

You have
Watched over me
Protected me
Love me
In such a way
Many cannot understand
But something lingers
In the darkness
Waiting for the right time
To pull me back
Back into its clutches
And keep me chained
Never to see you again.

Why does this happen
Why let me taste heaven
In my loves arms
If you just
Are going to take it away
And condemn me
To walk this world alone.

I feel them closing in
And I know what they want
Bind me to you
Forever my love
Before I lose my way forever
Condemned to walk
In this mortal world
Forever searching
And Forever Alone.
Semerian Perez Jul 2014
You say
You remember
My face
You say
You remember
My touch
You say
You remember
My voice

So if you remember
All of that about me
Then tell me
Do you even
Remember my name?
Semerian Perez Jul 2014
There comes a time
When I have to realize
How I truely feel
About things in my life.

I once thought
I was over things between us
You were happy at some point
When you didnt talk to me

Why am I not strong enough
To tell you move on
To let me go
It is like broken glass
Laying around me
Everytime I think of you
Hear your voice
Or read what you wrote
All those years ago
It is like a sharp stab
To my heart
As if the glass is entering my skin.

I feel I am not strong enough
To stay away
Everything about you soothes
This demon
That has engulfed my soul
It cowers in front of you
As you speak
Your voice like a lullaby to me
Saying I still love you.
I believe you.
But I am afraid.

Im afraid I am not Strong Enough.
Semerian Perez Jun 2014
Things happen for a reason
With no concern of the affect
I thought I moved on
But I see
I am just not over you.

We talked for days now
The old feeling came alive.
Everything hit hard
All at once.
I am just not over you.

I want to see where it leads
I want to see these feelings grow
But all these feelings
And desires
That I am just not over you.
Semerian Perez Jun 2014
She walks alone in the darkness..
Her own solitude as her guide...
Her friends are the demons ...
Deep inside her mind....
her only hope is in her heart...
A promise to keep hope alive....
That makes her do everything...
Just to survive...

And yet it isnt enough...
She is trapped...
Alone in the darkness...

He tormented her...
His laugh echoed in her ears...
As she searched for a way out...
Hope seemed lost...
He came...

Her savior...
He found her...
In the shadows...
The glimmer of hope..

Shined in his eyes..
As he took her..
And held her close...

She walked in darkness..
But no longer alone..
He protected her..
His beacon of hope..
Her hope for the future..
The Archangel and his Shadow.
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