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Darcy Sep 3
My God, you’d think
The narcoleptic would know
To go to bed on time
But oxytocin keeps
Me up,
Neurons firing erratically
Trying to make sense
Of this slow burn
You have lit,
Smoldering away beneath
Grey matter and
Intoxicating me on dopamine
Fueled flames.
It’s worth the
Exhaustion just to hear
From you.
But I am a fool,
Of course.
For you are the ocean,
And I am just
A pond
Inclined to dream big.
Jordan Hudson Aug 14
So lost when I feel like sleep
Go back round to the heat beat
That sound taken my two feet
Come take my heart ***** no key
Then you gonna reach my dream
Narco brain rise out of me
Its a chain come shout loudly
Fall asleep now I am free
Lay my head down sit to think
Myself fall down I said night
I'd collapse at some point right
I ran laps round big coins fine
Thinking change hide cash so tight
Take the map out we goin' drive
Take a nap and dream those lies
***** take a seat in my ride
Backseat no front don't you whine
It's night
Wait it's light
Lou Vaughn Sep 2018
Like a sinful seduction, I slip off the edge of sleep,
my eyes are drawn to the darkest shadows of my room... kinetically searching...
I seem to penetrate them, my mind breathes life into them,
they begin to stir and morph into the preludes to my peculiar dreams,
bizarre at first until inevitably familiar,
as if I had lived them indefinite times in the past... and infinite times in the future... remembering... becoming... unfiltered and unaffected...
my subconscious is my truth, awakened by my dreams.
I long to remain lost in this ethereal bliss.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Soft pillow cases
Engulf my skull
like a magical
marshmallowy surprise
taking away
my sub-concious
every second

I'm still awake!
daydreaming of daydreams
wandering thoughts
Jibbing jabber
Clattering matter
faster faster faster!!


Jack L Martin Sep 2018
One, two, three
What do you see?

I'll fall asleep

I suffer from Gulf War Syndrome
Darcy Jun 2018
“I am tired,”
I say

You ask if I was up late
Last night

And instead of telling you about
My hypocretin levels I nod
And laugh and say
“Something like that.”

“What, are you tired?”
My coach asks

He thinks he is
Trying to motivate me
But he does not know
That my very existence is
Bone crushingly exhausting
And yes,
I am tired
But I wouldn’t expect him
To understand
So I say nothing

When I say I have narcolepsy
And you say
“Must be nice, being able
To fall asleep anywhere,”
I have never related
To Ted Bundy more in
My entire life

You suggest I stop
Drinking coffee

I suggest you stop breathing

Teachers talk about the
Impact of sleep on
Mental health and
I think
Maybe that’s why
I’m always depressed

My doctor suggests I stop
Drinking coffee too
I am a little worried now

I google
“Caffeine related heart attacks
In teens”

My findings are not enough to
Convince me and besides,
A hospital visit
Is just an opportune moment
For a nap
My dreams whisper sweet things
And surreptitiously speak to me
My waking words are rote and empty
-spilling with hypocrisy
Yet their comforting embrace
Simply bring smiles to my face
Filling my mind while I'm asleep

They send messages lined with silver That vanish when I wake
To bring about a dull and listless form Who is shaping my last mistake
You see I wake in a storm
Simultaneously feeling constrained
To my bed
I can't get up while there's no filter
For the rush of noises in my head

If there's a difference between
What you know and what you believe Then why is it not as easy
To imagine my reprieve
Why can I only experience a vivid life
While I sleep
Then once again wake up
To this Fear Doubt and Anger
Choking me

Invoking me by pushing buttons
Of their endless promises
To for certain be found in youth
While my vision is livid sinning
Contemplating and pinpointing
Who too close is uncouth
You sit there and feed my veins
An explanation to your lies
With all the compromised
Washed up water
Memorized methods
Coping mechanisms
While it's your heart that remains

Then sit there in desperation
Reiterating as if you know
The deep introspective answer
When any fool can see your wisdom
Is wrought in the vanity
Of a talented dancer

If you lost the truth of sanity
Would you retrieve it for ten cents
Or would you search inside
Before hiding from the confines
Of a necessary moment
I'd rather die or sacrifice my life
Before cowering from what's hidden
The message so raw
That counts your flaws
Like there was some proof
In what is missing

But ultimately I guess
It comes down to the small decision
The chip on my shoulder
That became a boulder
When I reached out
For my inner vision.

So while I feel so disparate and alone
In the trenches losing my senses
Will I be the hero or be the villain
Will I let the poison make me it's toy
Or take the penicillin

*Some days my life feels as heavy
As that last breath left over
From how loudly I shout
But I guess a general synopsis to you
Of how I sometimes feel inside
Is a decent first step to waking up
While I'm down and out
I realize that a lot of lines were taken from other poems of mine. It's supposed to be written like that
Zoë B Nov 2016
Your muscles collapse, palms sweat, darkness drowns your body with a sleep attack. Hallucinations break in and leave your mind numb, while awake at 3 am wondering why? The next morning you think it's going to be better but your wrong. It's an ongoing suffering pain and misery in a darkness that no one can ever imagine  unless they have your "disease"
Jordan Fischer Jun 2016
A beautiful butterfly beams by in the brisk bright morning hours.
The alliteration of the first line is enough to make you swoon.
Beauty comes in many forms as such as an amazing altogether auspicious line of aggressive, aggrandizing well written word play

But just think of the amount of well written expression that was possible with any of those starter lines.

Instead you are full of nagging narcolepsy that nags at your knees.
Falling below even the fewest standards
Atypnoc May 2015
Schrodinger's potential is kinetic.
A life unknowing fault versus genetic.
En route to the neurologist/narcolepsy specialist, hoping to gain any insight as to what functional difficulties are within (or what may lay beyond) my control.
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