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kiana Nov 2018
with the use
of my blood
I blindly grew
every single rose
I gave to you
what I thought was true love...
kiana Oct 2018
the feeling
of 11pm
on my skin
while lavender
encases me
is the dream
I stay awake for
before actually
going to sleep
the love of a night owl.
kiana Jul 2018
to bleed numbly
into the abyss
of thoughtful
and thoughtless fears
I am full
of emptiness
if I had to describe it.
kiana Jul 2018
you used to take my breath away
steal it out of my lungs
and make it into a braid
to wrap it around my blood
you I said needed it
as we both took flight
down your neighbourhood street
rain falling into my smile
I thought we were infinite
sharing a one of a kind love
we'd share with our kids
you were my vital drug
now, you still take my breath away
but you're taking too much
it hurts so much to stay
but the pain isn't enough
you breathed my last bit of air
and broke my breaking heart too
you just don't think it's fair
that I no longer breathe and beat for you
breathe & beat for yourself.
kiana Jul 2018
we bask in the moonlight
the stars dancing like fireflies
our cheeks lightly glazed
with the tender kiss of light rain
vanilla and lavender
flow through our senses
making me wonder
how I lived so lifeless
you turn to me
the grass singing melodically
'what is that beautiful scent?'
I take your hand, our fingers bent
and place them to my fragile chest
you feel the warmth of my blood
delicately flooding your touch
I say 'it's my heart'
your eyes widen, lips apart
I shift my weight, to lean over
and say this barely above a whisper
'my heart decided that a feeling so full'
'should also smell so divinely good'
late tuesday night thoughts.
kiana Jul 2018
may I find a soul
as sweet as honey
whom I can call
the embodiment of poetry
where their kiss
taste like midnight drives
in the warmest of nights
where their touch
feels like eternal hugs
like fire and wood in love
someone who understands
how simply complex I am
as some days, I am night
and some nights, I am day
may I find a love
gentle and rough
where I'll never have to question
if I am enough
I hope I'll find it.
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