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Jessica Jones Oct 2015

With kindness and patient eyes,
soft of voice and friend by choice, I,

bear the loss of a faded truth between trembling fingers.

Offer them in fear of losing sight of the light,
which cascades from your soul, bubbling gold, shimmering in the gleam of a honey flavored grace,

Barren from a battle fought inwardly,
with the good and bad of me,
the weeping and shouts for joy, in between

         all jagged encounters.

Now, the failed attempts of a dusted dream remain in grid iron cages, fed scraps of a nibbled honesty.

Henceforth, arise
       the half baked truth.

Bring about, the nightmare

     dreamt and breathless, frightened and alone.

Release the growling things you were born with. There is a savage sort of joy when the wound drips crimson,
  when the moon hides it's holy eyes,
clouds and thunder amass near the crown of your head, lightning casts the only glimmer in love torn eyes.

A dull roar numbs the senses and savors this empty, this hollow,
         this fool. Who dared to care.

Find me knee-deep in saline waters,

as my loneliness howls at the moon,
as my chest heaves and icy winds breathe down my neck,
I succumb to the loss which leaks neath my ribcage.

I will beg every sort of evil to take my life to gift any sort of pain to lessen the one, which I am bound.

Forget the taste, of a mouth full of the words I am not yet ready to sharpen
   in the jaws of a sea bred love, I embrace the shadow of my joy. We smile a smile which never reaches the eyes.
Streams flow as the ache grows,
    it always grows.

We find ourselves sobbing,
amongst unfamiliar shoulders.

Gift it kisses and well wishes,
present the tears of a broken promise as though it were a most dangerous thing,
shivering at the hell, held within myself
Here I am,

       here I stay.

Awaiting my own forgiveness for letting it get this far,

Here is where I lose you.
October 15, 2015
Jessica Jones Jun 2015
[  Intention ]

Gentle smolders scorch resolves in twos. A exhale of words caress the gateway to a heart.

The sound of my name upon your lips, laced with a newfound yearning,  I
find my emotions


and barren before your hungry eyes. Your determined fingers pull at my waist, my bones resolve to a smoldering mess, as our heartbeats quicken with every second I look into your desiring eyes.

I gift your aching skin, trembling in this proximity,  soft

   quiet           kisses,

trailing from the hollow beneath your ear

to the curve of your throat as I feel you grind your teeth together and swallow,

gasping, with eyes closed in pleasure as I tease you and your needs for southern hemispheres to clash and bring about new discoveries.  Your hands pull my figure to yours and we fit together neath these sheets, refusing to spoil the fun of driving you crazy i kiss lower,

trailing your collarbone, your chest

            as my teeth scrape the skin, pleased as the rise and fall of your chest quickens as my lips greet the low of your hips, as my fingers trail along the sides of your body. Leaving you
begging for more, I breathe your name into your neck, sighing and pleading in a way for more than this.

For more than this.

To be able to surrender every millimeter and devote every bit of myself to loving you and being loved by you. To feel the way your body aches for me as your voice does in my ear,

Oh...  To make love to you as though I worshipped every bit of skin and flesh upon your body.

Because the love I hold for you demands for your heart to be overwhelmed in my adoration, 
  my appreciation of the way it sways in your direction,
my desire to behold you as mine and mine alone growls in a darkened place.

I want the moaning of my name, the clawing at your back for more of you.

The weakness of baring yourself to me and letting me learn the arc of your shoulder,  the stretch of skin above bone as you return feverish kisses in places I cannot name.

I want the fire of the kiss, the dance of my mouth with yours as we move against the glory of the other.

To succumb to my own tear kissed lashes, as the joy of being lost in you finally comes to reality.

I want you to enjoy all of this.
All that I am, and all I've yet to be.
To satisfy my need of love with the love you harbor within,  I make you mine.

Adoring every bit of you and your youthful need for me, I feed your prayers for love with my caress,

  my laugh,

        my smile,

                  my kiss,

I inhale the content I steep into the last word before I find rest upon your racing heart,

I end this love the way it began...

With your name.
Jessica Jones Jun 2015
a bit over a year of efforts, I

return your stubborn affections, directing romantic intentions towards you.

with your heart

Exalted in the remembrance of your existence, I

sigh towards the heavens,
the hells,
the Earth with her mountainous regions and varied terrains,

the sky and her innumerable
galaxies and novas should come hither and listen to the treasure of a lover. I


the miracle

of your name,

as though it were the answer to every question that has ever mattered.

I weep as the layers of my heart tighten at the sound of your sorrow, it constricts and feels to twist and rob me of senses and oxygen.

please smile and gift that treasured breath of air into my lungs.

should I now mention, that
for some inexplicable reason,

I love you?

Find comfort in my voice.
Feel free to unravel tears of the hardships endured in this life's trials, upon my shoulder

as I do my best to gently recover the fallen shards of every loss you've suffered, with my tender hands and your sharpened memories we'd find a way to salvage the most of these losses.

let me adorn your scar filled soul with a balm of my own making.

let me bring you
a sea of solace to delve into.

Would an infinite caress of kisses, a tsunami of age old yearnings and present desires satisfy your crave for love?

Would I need another person to fill the shoes you decorate the doorstep of my heart with?

With the place mat adorned with an intricately designed Persian rug which display a blooming garden of both our favourite flowers in a way that'd perfect the unusual combination of my tropical forests and your poetic love of romantic flora.

A sight, regardless of how many times seen encases the onlooker in a feeling of love and comfort.

It will say,

" Welcome home my love "

And there will be song birds in the trees,
there will be wind dancing with leaves,

On the eve of summer I will snuggle myself near you, to muster the courage to read you the poetry I'd written all before we'd made it known to those who mattered that we belonged to the other.

Friendly reminder that,

I love you.

And the answer to needing anyone aside from you?

The answer is no.

No one can amount to the endless stream of shooting stars you give me to wish upon, and for you to make a reality.

No one else,
can say my name with such reverence,

that to any who didn't know about us,

my name alone seemed to be one of the most holy and savored of things?

To whisper on a night of troubled sleep as your fingers weave their way to mine, interlocking and silently promise to never let go of this.

This overflowing love..

Why wouldn't I want to keep it?
Jessica Jones Sep 2014
They say we'd better run; drums beating in the darkness, we stand close, remembering our folks who we'll never see.
Now, they are only hosts to crawlers of varying breeds. We don't visit their graves cause we know we'll cry. Reliving the way we slowly watched them meet their end.
The way we slowly watched them beaten at the weakness of old or sickened age, we were held back by our friends.. all we felt was our rage.

We run; towards a place where its safe, wary of foul characters in play, will we rot in here in each others arms? Oh here, we'll find other ways to die. There are numbers on our wrists, and your kisses made me dream of one thing that had no cost. At your side I'd remain; fondly, in your eyes I'd become lost.

Would you sneak across the wall and put the guards to sleep? While; we watched the trees light up like torches in the gloom of night. You fought with a blade with the others, answering questions regarding our chains. As I, locked their doors while the morning guards lay in their beds. Ignoring the agonizing screams that erupted,  the banging echoing in our heads.

We'd planned this for weeks and replayed day after day the ways to fight. Hiding tools in our pockets, burying them and memorizing places we could gain the upper hand in a brawl. Watched the guards in search of weak points, stole away guns and blasted holes with a large sort of gun,  in buildings which exploded like fireworks lit up by metal rockets.

Smoke fills the air, as the forest blossomed orange in the dark. There are no stars to wish upon, smoke gathers in our lungs.

Tonight I kissed you,
        as you held me tight. I dreamed about a field filled with flowers of every shade. A place where winters weren't as cold, and children could go out a play.

My, dear wont you come outside?
Why have your limbs gone stiff?
My eyes are leaking and I feel something in my chest break, a puddle of blood covers the floor and I continue to cry.

  The others have left, they are finally free but

my heart it feels caged, even though your body lies here with me. I, can't stop the red that continues to flow from your chest. I scream into the night for help, but only we two are all that is left.

My dear, is this the end? Will anyone learn of this fire find us both together?

I don't care about a life; my tears are full of joy, I dream of days beyond if we had a a baby girl and boy. My chest is filled with smoke; and I hold you in my arms.

Even in death, I tear my heart in two as I leave you lying on the ground...remembering the way your laugh made me smile after a rotten day in chains. The joy that'd sprout within my chest whenever we imagined the types of food that tasted sweet. Dreaming of a way for our captors to taste defeat.

How many times you took a beating;  when with me, they wished to have their way...wether they intended on killing another person, another body neath the hanging tree.
I'd never let them hurt you, as time and time again, you've done for me. But tonight I could not keep you safe and a ringing fills my ears. I do not hear the roaring fires, they are not the thing I fear.

I walk out into the forest of fire and leaves; there, I run and run till I cannot seem to breathe or move an inch. These shaking hands wipe away the tears that refuse to stop. I don't want to explain to myself why, those same hands are covered in blood. With no hand to pull me through; screaming at the sky, God blessed me with such a love,
   Why did God take that love away too?

Why, did God let my love die,

in cold blood? When all we wished for was freedom. Is it to much to ask such a thing?
The cold that numbs my skin is not from the snow, this is not why I cannot seem to see, through eyes glazed with a feeling unbeknownst to most. I collapse against a tree; far from orange fire, sleep takes over as days turn to years. I search
for a place called "safe". Where, we could have done as we planned. To marry in the spring, so that there's no need to pretend; that way our loneliness prevented us from breathing didn't hurt.

We'd have understood that were not alone.
I don't care how far or lost we'd be;

Your arms are always where I belonged.

I remember you in everything;  the wind is your laugh. The sunlight feels like your kiss; and the farther I manage to go, away from the memory of your touch. I force myself to breathe,  my hands always seem to clutch at the place above my heart, I cannot breathe on days that I remember that physically we're apart. The only masterpiece I care to see, would be you once again..But I do as fools sometimes do,
     I play house in an empty home. The numbers remain on my wrist,  I feel the strength in your bones as I gaze at mountains or the sea. Though I'm alone, I like to imagine you're at my side. We can walk across the sand, swim amongst the tides.

I'd get to happily hold your hands in mine. To grow old together, until we outran our given time.

My dear, am I doing well in your eyes up there amongst the stars? I found a safe place to be, but

   The best home was with you in the past, a place I cannot seem to wipe clean from my mind.

Your name tastes like a scar.

It hasn't faded with the years, I've forgotten the sound of your voice, and the way of your skin.

Why does everything remind me of you,

  even the ways of the wind?
Jessica Jones Sep 2014
Tell me if he hurts you.
And I'll keep track of every frayed fiber, seared by unkind discoveries

Each and every time, that he

    causes you pain.

Tell me if you cry over him,
  Tears fall inwardly as pieces of you begin to die and mimic behaviors that he favors.

Tell me of you are angry at yourself,
  For trusting and believing faithfully.
For believing when most others would have given up.

Tell me if you feel broken,
On nights when the seconds seem to span into years. As every hidden fear creeps about your neck and chokes you till you lose consciousness,  or
         "Fall asleep".

Tell me if you are scared,
That he will not be what he claims to be. To honor his words and never give you reason to fear him. Or that if he keeps his word,

that you may not be good enough.

Tell me if this hurts you,

I cannot listen to your grief with a clear conscience.

Tell me if I hurt you,
when you realize that he'd already desert you, more than once. One time too many. Do you remember how difficult it was to breathe as he said that he didn't want you anymore?

Tell me if you are hurting,

And I will listen to your sobbing heartbeats,
while holding you in my arms.

I will hold you....

I will hold you.
Jessica Jones Sep 2014
The skies are alight with crimson rivers,
   which cause all varying from pebbles and mountains to


and those ruby streams of light continue to, roar amongst obsidian clouds like

angry tigers.

Trickling along the fingertips of burning light, reducing forests to ashes.
Lighting trees with flames which blaze, like hellfire torches.


Dangerous creatures are out and about, the wise ones know not to shout or do anything to be heard, for they

know that the chance would rise, that they will be found.

  Clawed,     torn,       bloodied,     bitten,
      shredded to pieces, there is

no mercy to be found on crimson nights.

Prowling tigers are hunting in the dark of night, coats wet and crusty with the lifeblood of previous prey.

Hide and hopethat they shall not find you. Hide your fear from the biting winds that screech in your ears.The tigers will smell the stench of you, find you...

  and you will die.

The skies are alight with crimson rivers,
   why is tonights rain warm and sticky?

Why does this rain remind me of

Jessica Jones Aug 2014
He liked red tulips,  I preferred the charm of pink roses.

Though a roses adoration seemed to last longer, than the claim of  "never-ending love" of a tulip.

The red began to fade, leaves and petals began to shrivel
          and curl in on themselves.

Whilst the rose drank in every mornings dew, bursting with thorn and a heavy fragrance that filled the summer air with a sense of longing.

I wonder if you noticed.

That I am not talking about flowers..

I am talking about us.
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