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Lyn-Purcell Jan 31

Swathed in my caution
I search to find my daring
Fire cracks my egg
I've been long since lost
Colours of the creative
Dulled by daily trudge
I hear the wind call
Fearing the might of my wings
Fall before I fly

Guess who's back! ^-^ on my 995th poem too, ***!
I hope everyone's alright in their part of the world. It's long overdue that I reconnect with my past love. Daily life is droll but I'm slowly finding my colours again. I still don't feel worthy of my pen at times but this is a blessing. Hard to believe that we will be in February tomorrow. May 2023 be a fantastic year for you all! I'll definitely be posting more this year. To reconnect to my inner child and creativity. It's long overdue that I try to spread my wings instead of dealing with the constant fall.
Much love to you beautiful souls out there
P.S - Melissa, this one's for you! ❤️
Take care all!
Lyn ***
Danielle Oct 2022
I am at a crescendo of this mercurially
fervent woe, maimed by the visage of
smoke and mirrors;
"a death in chrysalis is to live once again."

Draping into the worn out disheveled
silk, beautifully withered
lulled by the sound of riverbanks
as if it's pacifying the feral.

A star-lit eyes deluged with bliss
rose with thorn-teared flesh
overwhelmed by a mawkish melancholia. Although we were haunted by our old love, it will never be the same.
Danielle Jul 2021
I followed the vestiges of your footnotes,
everything is a chrysalis of memories and forgetting.

It was you,
who unfolds a life halfway through my existence; I wish I wasn't there in your forgetting.
biche Jun 2021
To be empty means
Letting go of desire
And resistance

But not joy or sadness

It means giving up control
And even surrender —
Give that up too, and just
Go with the flow
With that impetus
That life force
That fire

You’re right and I’m wrong
Or maybe not — we are
Spinning polarities
In a beautiful, angry knot

To be empty means
I let go of explaining
And love myself enough to
Push through the chrysalis
Hungry to become
The Real Me

It means knowing you may not be there — and everything can be stripped bare — but still I remain

Magnetic fields can travel fast
I don’t ever give up on my beautiful self, nor should you give up on yours

My orbit is strong
You are stronger
Yet all the territory
Within my circumference
Is now set free, by me —
I’m the ruler, you see
The leader of me

You’ll see what you see
Our commitment runs deep
Our faith we keep
It’s not passive, to hop on the flow train. You have to run and leap into a moving train. No wonder we try to control things. Hey- stop the train! I’m too old to jump! No you’re not, silly,
It’s an energy train!
biche Apr 2021
In sorrow, not greed
Lacking so much I needed
I found myself pleading
So much more than receiving

Giving off an air
A pale whiff of despair
Certain that no-one cared
No evidence contrary

I used to ask why
Why couldn’t you try
This would surely subside
If you’d only please try!

There was another question though -
Could love not break, but instead grow?
I look at you and know
(Gently, now)
We reap only what we sow

Something about your face
The way you hug me awake
They way my body shakes
You know just what it takes

You always say words can’t hurt
I would always beg to differ
Still, I know we can go deeper
With the courage to love beyond our fear

Knowing what I know now
About my sacred, personal power
I feel you crown me at the final hour
In our calm, evanescent harbor
April 8, 2021
I have been visited by an angel who let me know that what I needed was inside me the whole time. The patterns will keep recurring until we own them completely. We are powerful creators who manifest the exact circumstances needed for our evolution. We need each other. Thank you, my brother.
biche Apr 2021
You said it was a good conversation
I was fighting tears the whole time
We go way back with this
Back & forth you call talking,
To me it’s a battle and
You win, every time

I don’t know who
You think I am
But the me you think you know
Is a YouTube pundit’s scam

I wish you knew the real me
Analytical and accomplished
But also wild and free
It’s lonely in this bubble called “we”
Coming apart at the seams
Feeling understood and respected
Only in my dreams
March 21, 2021
The struggle is a feature, not a bug. What can it teach you? What superpower can you cultivate on this spiritual battleground? Don’t forget, you’re not out on the moor fighting him, love. You’re fighting yourself.
Man Nov 2020
these words fail
to capture any such real emotions
we talk and we talk, sure
but you can't feel my anger
frustration, my sadness
left to wonder
in a wander
through the maze that is the mind

with pen put to paper
the characters resemble more inkblots than letters

and so

yielding myself to the misery self-induced
that has, as of yet, only ate at the heels
my chrysalis burst
but no winged thing emerge
only pus, bubbling out my pupa
idrucker Apr 2020
4 years... Daily fears. why do I stay?
because tomorrow brings another day.
Strong to survive this nightmare
Though nothing about it's fair
counter each negative with a positive
I've always been a leader, now, submissive
ready to reemerge, rebuild, and reclaim
wasting this precious life would be a shame.
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2019
Crawling. I've been crawling. Down in the dirt on my abdomen. Searching for a tree to cling to. To hang from upside down. To take a step into the chrysalis. To be born a new.
This skin I wear, encases me. When I've moulted I will be free. I will escape the confounds of bone and flesh. Of time and space. Of birth and death.
When I pass. When I pass through this knot. The knot in the infinite line of things. I will pass through biology, enter into a state beyond. Beyond our senses. Beyond our limitations. With nothing to gravitate towards.
The butterfly, it calls to me. My day is coming, it will be free.
It's been inside of me. Been here all along. Waiting to come out.
I am not the skin I wear. I am not the title I bear. I am, I am!
We're all larva. We all got butterflies inside of us. Come and crawl with me. Get down on your abdomen. We're gonna find a tree. To hang from, and set the butterfly free.
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