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Christian Sep 2018
Pink and blue
was the night's hue
that you looked at me
and I fell for you.

Brilliant stars
surrounding Mars
light us up
in this home of ours.

Temperate air
emits your care
and the lovely strings
that form your hair.

Lovely hand
that mine demands
no more time
can I withstand.
patty m Jun 2014
A nightmare whispers in my ear
sidles down, spreading wasp-like wings
as it hisses between pointy teeth
words of chaos and confusion.

Disturbing revelations
whirr, jitter, and chatter as I flinch.
Its consumptive rattle spraying spittle
emits a putrid scent reminiscent of rodent.

Milky blue and innocent eyed
yet dastardly depraved,
the imp reaches out
shivering with excitement,
ignoring my piteous complaint.

Oppressive gray skinned nightmare
barbed prehensile tail
your vicious stinger
breeds monsters.

Failing light
the fallen rain
congers danger
Between bouts of nausea
I watch him ******* breath from mewling infants,
opening plague tombs, unwinding sheets,
and I cringe with the fear of being buried alive.

Clinging to bones, scant hair on a withered head,
I cry burning tears,
my face seamed with scars.
Not dead yet, but powerless to refute him.

Leagues of the dead march by
rank after rank of their numbers
never staggering to an end,  

I try to rise, wheezing , tongue swelled over teeth
eyeballs bulging, as their footsteps grow louder.

Still I dangle chained to this moment
terrified ,
as nightmare rears its head
but even more frightened of dying.
aphrodite May 2015
If you give a girl a with a big heart your broken pieces,
she will gently pick them up and carry them in her soft hands,
and pay no mind to your sharp edges.
She will try to glue you back together
and she’ll do it in a way that made you forget you were ever broken.
With scratched finger tips and ****** palms,
she’ll lift you up to the sun,
letting it's blinding rays shine through you
to show you that even the worst things have things to love in them
and that even the shattered can again be whole.

If you give a girl with a big heart your body,
she will study you like an archaic God.
She will learn your curves and surfaces like braille,
she will adjust her hearing to the pitch of your laughter
so that no matter how far apart you become,
her ears will perk up like a dog's when you giggle,
and she will smile, knowing that you smile.

If you give a girl with a big heart your time,
she will make each second feel like infinity,
and each sunset like the end of the world.
You'll forget that the universe is as vast and wondrous as it is,
because you will be so captivated by the light that she emits
right where she sits,
by your side.

And if you take from a girl with a big heart,
for the love of God,
do not take it all.

If you take from a girl with a big heart,
please remember that her love is not a renewable resource.
The wind and the sun and the water will forever be there to serve you but
she will run dry, and become another fact of history that will one day be forgotten.

If you take from a girl with a big heart,
please remember how sharp your edges were before her,
how lifeless your body was before she touched it,
and how meaningless time was before she made it into something magical.
I never stop thinking of you,
you always fill up my head.
And not just with thoughts,
but inspiration instead.
This feeling you give,
is something I seek.
It's just so relieving,
anytime you speak.
I love how you sing,
about anything that moves you.
Leaving nothing out,
whether it maddens or soothes you.
Your soul just emits,
an intoxicant that calms me.
And when we touch,
this mood just embalms me.
It binds me tight,
locked in your sweet release.
Then time slows down,
til the silence has ceased.
But during that moment,
I've begun to beleive.
That your voice,
is really,
the only one I need.
Hadiy Syakir Jul 2018
The doubt is with the night
forever hanging in the head
it sips all the fire
the flickering stars, the
bickering meteors
the maelstrom spews hate
over the pinned madness
the magnetic field emits hate
over the pinned sadness
if it sincerely wants
to be accepted
look no further than
how life has been enacted.
Xant Feb 2018
He's up there
The lonesome astronaut,
with a will to fly,
and a skill of flight

He and a star
that have just collided
both dies gracefully
Like a flower withering in spring
But the star still haughty
And so full of itself it explodes
Into a supernova

He and the star
that emits the brightest light
And obscures the eyes
of whoever that sees
As he dies ever so faithfully

And the flaring light?
Blinds thousands as it emerged
in the darkest seven p.m.
But we were wildly astonished
by the lonesome astronaut
who was a dashing astronaut

A poem inspired by a song.
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
Although this seems so new
I’ve known you for years
And while you’ve grown up a lot
Since our days of kissing on concrete
Your soul emits the same beautiful waves
That I fell in love with 5 years ago.

So as we walk around the pet store today
My heart is screaming
I love you
And the anxiety squeezes my organs into nothingness
Pouring acid through my insides
And burning until I build up the courage
To translate my internal dialogue
Into something real
Because it’s not real if I don’t say it

*I’m ready to say it
Umi Dec 2017
The word I would use returning your sweet gaze
Your face... Is so bright it emits rays
Of light and calmness In such a way that I'd love to caress (it)
Why is it that I may not resist ? Am I naive am I silly?
Yet it is, those gentle lips I would have kissed if I had the chance
A lily would be the best way to describe you.
Proud and beautiful but soft and gentle too
Ah Mary I am but a simple golden chain
Which would rain All of his petals for your sake
Until it forms a golden lake
You have my heart don't break it
Here's my writing hand so take it

~  Umi
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
The condensation slowly begins
To eat a hole in
The cotton of my jeans
And I've been through this enough
To know
I'm not alone in it
But I can't help but feel empty.

The dripping grass emits it's gasses
filling the air with the sweet smell of
freedom and October;
The plants releasing their last breath into the world
before the snow comes
and brings death upon us all.

Even in this facade of freedom I feel trapped
Caging myself within the confines of a small
One-bedroom apartment that's supposed to be "home".

The soaking corpses of thriving flowers
and the sweet tickle of chirping crickets
are drowned out by the overwhelming sadness
that's begun to overthrow my lungs,
echoing throughout my limbs as it
sloshes through my eardrums and soaks my shoes

Dear god, why am I still hurting?
It's been 9 years and I still can't escape.
This depression has stolen every last part of me.
Until it's all I have left.

And yes, out here, I feel free
Away from the judgement
Where no one can touch me
Connected with the Earth
Simply observing all that surrounds me.

And of course I can hide from my anxiety
But even feeling the cleanest sand between my feet
And deafening my mind with these crashing waves around me
I can't run from the demons eating at the tatters of my soul
Because they will find a way to lure me back in
To disconnect me from the beauty that surrounds me
Leaving me dying alone on the cold, dark concrete
that lines my broken memories
Bleeding out these sins until I no longer feel empty
Wrote this while sitting on a hill overlooking Lake Michigan. Felt connected to nature but still plagued with my depression creeping around inside me.
D A W N Dec 2017
i want to choke on the alcohol
that cannot intoxicate me
as much as you
i want smoke that emits from my mouth
just to feel that constant feeling
that burning sensation
on my throat
because it reminds me
of you
remember that time at the balcony around 10 pm when the streets were lonely and the only thing i could see where the smoke puffs youd make as i listen to u tell me stories about the person i liked.
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Lilac emits her scent,
Orchid’s winks bring elation;
Love speaks through us all!
Elizabeth Dec 2018
graceful kisses on your cheek and
tiny embraces that feel deeply huge
little writings and scribbles that say I love you
a soft, silk voice singing a beautiful harmony
or tiny hands sweetly touching your hair and
a smile that's bringing you coffee
eyes as big and bright as the dreams behind them
the magnetic energy that emits from this body and
a heart of gold wrapped in both laughter and tears
and a million paintings and a million poems
and a million little things to show how big I love
because I do
I love big and that love wasn’t enough for you
but it’s enough for me and someday it will be enough for him too
In dark rooms
My figure emits
Familiar shapes
Erie shadows
Sound of my voice
Carries a known tone
Haunting notes
A glance in the mirror
Freezes my stare
A reflection of me
An echo of you

When you lose a parent they never really die. We are an echo of them.
Michael Briefs Aug 2017
She moves like life from water!
She springs forth like the bubbling brook,
Splashing free, cool and joyful!
From above she comes, falling from
The grace of the Creator, Mother to Maiden,
From HER to here!

From the lonely droplet,
Clear and oval,
To the lovely rain,
Drenching in elemental purity,
She embodies a universe
Of vanishing, transparent organisms --
All busy like minute motors.
This infinitesimal society of her new self is,
At once, chaotic and harmonic,
Vast in its plenitude
But invisible to entities above.
This is her world within worlds (a cyclical vortex),
Whirling free and purposeful,
Gyrating and making
Things happen!

She grows through her years to the placid pond:
She is calm and open in support of the swimming,
Leaping, floating, flying, green, yellow,
Brown, red, violet, fragrant, sweet and earthy
Communities who have befriended her ---
We surround her, humming our odes maternal.

She evolves to the raging river and plummeting falls;
A being of turbulence --
Rushing, plunging
And exploding into the air!
Submersed within, she sculpts a sharp edge
Of wit and cunning; subsumed inside the surging flood,
She shapes smooth circulars,
The stones of her ideals, hard-won,
Perfected for her slingshot battle-cry!
Her watery voice is now a full-throated roar,
Haughty, rebellious and self-possessed!
With it, she will stand against and subdue the giants
Who dare to constrain her purpose or deny her worth!
Still, the sonar of her soul also emits waves
More limpid:
The lyrical, ripple-pulse of the river,
Melodically mingled
With the shifting sunbeam and the wafting breeze.

There are sensual silences of unspoken longing
That spill, slip and spin upon quieter currents.
She emerges with all these energies…
Our homes may drift asleep in her care.
We move and live over her wet,
Strong, sultry shoulders.
She carries us through our lives.

Her destiny is, finally, joined to Mother Ocean.
Vast. Powerful. Earth-embracing.
She lets go of doubt as she is drawn into it –
Undeniable, unrelenting, untamed.
Caught in the undertow of desire, of
****** rapture, her tinder temple trembles.
She is lost in a clinging, clutching chaos, quaking
From the erogenous flesh and *** of her source.
All of her essence dissolves into a spherical suffusing;
A filling and expanding need.
Darker -- a sounding blue inside her.
The leviathan of lust descends, arriving at a level
Teaming in mysteries.
Here, there are a myriad of eyes searching
In the hot marrow within.  
Above, the thunder, wind and riptide wave;
Below…the deathly, serious
Silence that reveals the primordial
Drone of the universe –
The vibration of the heart of God --
In the midst of all things known or merely intuited.
Wisdom uttered in a language we hear, we understand,
But we fear to speak…
Yet, in a twinkling of the eye, sometime further ahead,
Above the storm,
We will know,
Speak from our hearts,
And be safe, in her fathomless arms.  

The Man: He is a volcano.
He is pure earth, he is unruly fire-lathe.
He is stone, he is air, and he is the gravity
Which girds the foundation.
He is a destroyer and
He is the
New creation at dawn –
Cooled off, enriched, and potent.
He lifts up the trees, the grass, the rose, the shrub.
The birthing and nurturing soil forms around his feet.
Yet rippling amidst the inflorescence and saplings bubbles
A stream or a spring. Her presence is like diamonds, like pearls
In the rich rough -- glinting, splashing and playing in his garden!
He is the green mountain;
He is the red fire within it.
He explodes, in a blinding white,
Causing the new world,
In all its iridescence, to arise!

Woman and the water.
Man and the fire.
Together we are the world, entire.
Our home. Our journey. Our destiny.

Diana Apr 13
It’s funny
Because as I stand here alone
With my eyes gently closed
Below the branches of large willows
That live in this hidden park
Having the warm sun
Soak into my skin and
The distant melody of birds chirping
Be the only source of sound around me
I can’t help but feel
As though it’s too loud
Because my thoughts
They scream
Demanding to be heard and felt
Even when I don’t want to
Give them the authority to
Which is so different to the
And quietness
That this place emits before me
In comparison to what’s happening
Inside me internally
Even though this poem is quite sad, I believe it will get better. We can’t always be optimistic, and that’s okay! Sometimes you might struggle to find peace among the chaos or light within the darkness, even if it happens to be within.
Sachie Jan 1
Color is the property possessed by an object as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light. That's what google says.

Color is a prison. A lost, forgotten feeling inside a light. A hue that hides thousands of pain and happiness. A representation of untold stories driven by electro magnetic waves.

First, you gave me green. Green was your way of changing my surviving into living. A way to make me think that life was actually good because I have you. You and your grass-like hair. You and your tree-like body. You and your nature-like ambiance. You and your words. You and your life. You and your green's, a symbol of life. My symbol of life.

Then, you gave me red. Red was your way of telling you love me. A way to make me hold your love, your hatred, your pain, your suffering, your thoughts, that was red. So when I started seeing red in your eyes and you started giving me red in my arms, I know you love me. I supposed you love me. Maybe you love me. I hope you really loved me.

Next was the unexpected. You gave me yellow. Yellow was your way of keeping my anxiety off of me. A way to divert my attention for all the lies that I almost found out. A yellowness for the escape you've made, for all the responsibility I deemed you were responsible for. Yellow... for the promises you've broken.

After that, you gave me gray. Your indecisiveness. Your reluctance. Your doubts. You gave me those in-between's, those, "Aren't you happy?" those, "I am not ready". Those confusing unsure thoughts that held me captive for what felt like eternity. I was in prison.

Finally, you gave me black. An absence of every color. A way of you saying good bye to all the light you've given me from all our journey. No light means no color. No color means black. Black means hopelessness. Black means stop. Black means I'm done.

You've given me prison when all I knew was blue and your black was the key.

Little did I know that you were a chameleon on the hunt for its prey. You blend in with my ideals to give me the satisfaction that I want and I was a willing victim for you to prey on.
Anonymous One,
Sometimes when cranes circle overhead,
A person washes dishes with a circling hand.
Sometimes when a bear runs and catches a silvery prize,
A tennis player finds his perfect stride to the public's cries.
Sometimes when a brand new car is first driven out,
A bunch of new stars shed their cocoon.
Sometimes when green leaves blush with the dawn of June,
A ****** overcomes her awkwardness and doubt.
Sometimes when it snows in Montreal or Edmonton,
The flakes floating down, calm,
That means that though the person has never known snow,
His mind's calm, as he sits under a palm,
While a lake in Vermont evens out to staring trees,
And a dragonfly's perched on reed, at her ease.
A leaf has fallen and a wind has blown
In Africa, and a famous man emits a final moan.
It's not quite synchronicity, it's much more:
It's perhaps meditation, an awesome whole;
It belies individual effort and control.
This poem is included in my book "I Have Been Moved", which is available on Amazon for as little as 14 dollars (paperback).
All I could feel was red,
from the trees
that had roared
like flaming manticores,
                                                     ­ to the sky
                                     who had bled
                                                      its final dawn..

The veins in my head cut sharp corners
through my temples,
trying to break free from the prison
of my mind.
Steam emits itself
from my ears.
The amber tea was ready.
Lava erupted
from my face
and through my head.
I felt it ooze
                                    through my eyes
                    through my ears
                   Even through the corners of my mouth.

My demons stayed dormant
no longer.
My fist shook holding them,
my mouth relentlessly
sewn shut..
I bottled them like genies
and stored them
in a cellar.
                                                         Hot-blooded merlot
              and Foam-at-the-mouth pinot.
spilled blood
in galaxies made of tears,
candles that blow
dark photons in my chest,
my brain that emits ideas
with pulsars in cosmos
and the hot of the sun
turns into a neutron star,
who is carrying me
into a confusing geodesic road
and this road...
are just coordinates
into wormholes
that provides me the possibility
to travel into parallels worlds
in the fourth dimensions
of my complicated mind
lighting spectrums
of information into my empty heart
who was a black hole for long time
but now
that I find you
this black hole
it's turning again
into a beautiful star

#poetry #dreamingforawhile #imagination
Lilah Mar 26
She walks
Head high
Hips swaying
Boots planting sturdily
Unwavering confidence
Emits from her every movement
The epitome of style

She flips her red-dyed hair
Blue eyes staring straight ahead
Lips slightly parted
Face as still as stone
Unfaltering authority
Emits from her every movement
The epitome of beauty

She moves her head from side to side
From the music in her earbuds
Eyes closed
Immersed in her favorite song
Unyielding passion
Emits from her every movement
The epitome of happiness

She takes out a notebook
And starts writing
Her pen moves fast
Along the lined paper
Unrelenting thoughtfulness
Emits from her every movement
The epitome of intelligence

She opens the car door
And sits in the passenger seat
She starts to smile widely
At her mom, talking about her day
Indefatigable love
Emits from her every movement
The epitome of caring
About me. I felt like I needed to write a positive poem about myself. I really like it!
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