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Minuscule Ego Jul 2020
At 3 am my phone went blinking
Hello, I then awoke answering
Oh hello again, the voice went speaking
I know that tis been quite awhile
And I know that the world lies messy and wild
That its people are more shrewd at handling their affairs
That they all could be standing at their last
Some have even tried succumbing to their fears
For the rumours has deplete their times and their dimes

"Covid-19 is here - as the rumour goes
Keep your heads up and stay safe
Always wear a mask n' wash your hands as often as you can"
But who are those with the placards and the movements
The "Defund The Police" for the "Black Lives Matter"
They go about rambling in the slogans
Standing against racism and police brutality
Shouting and pointing their hurting fingers
Like they have something in the shadows to influence the decisions

Tear down the histories and give us back our heritage
Yet they are savages whenever it comes to rage
They demolish their in-depth cultures to fabricate their own
They even join hands to rip apart their mother's gown
Stealing her treasures, while hunting their brothers down
The illicit mining and their fraud disbursement
Bogus companies that betray our coalition of transparency
Yet they go about singing that life is full of uncertainties
Our black kinsmen have lost all securities
Such performance that mimic honesty, but a lie without bleach
Blacks against blacks, the truth in all certainties
When did darkness came in terms with the light?
That corrupt ones now go about singing for unity
That anything is possible; including our missing billions
Selfishness has allow men to do as they please
Lovers of themselves more than lover of God

Our mouth will speak of what the heart is full of
Lack of direction, not lack of time, that is our problem
Love and free-will has led many of us astray
Selfish men go about living for themselves
And the selfless ones are too few to kindle the fires
So who's torching the lamps - who is really kindling our lives?
Is it the "after I am done, then you do me too"?
The likes of top's and bottom or them verses
Striving young men are giving the choice to be burst open
Or be returned home empty and hungry
Hopeful maidens are entrusted to look after their own
Thus driving em to decisions that do not suit their dreams

If, as they say, that metal bars are for reforms
Then maybe, we all should do one for ourselves
To guard our souls from being indoctrinated as against our fellow human beings
Refuse complacency and refuse to be labeled
For there are no division for a whale
What her eyes sees, is exactly what she eats
We shouldn't be like sheep, following the herd ahead of us
Going where others go, not where we ought to go
I know we cannot befriend everyone, but we can choose to be kind

This is a wake up call for us all
For even if we say the truth don't matters
It will still stand out in its own merited squatters
Our daughters and sisters are been ***** without justice
Our sons and brothers are sodomised without mercy
Lawlessness has become the light of day
Mama is tired of hustling from her own purse
For papa is no more coming home with his black plastic bag
And the young men are no more blissful about their futures
So tell the mamas n' our papa's - the brothers and our sisters too
That a fish doesn't rot unless it starts from the head
So let them come together and rid us the real disease
The money driven beast that we pronounced king
Let us wake up Liberia, and let's shine together again
It is never late to take a turn

"When the king is concerned with justice, the nation will be strong, but when he is only concerned with money, he will ruin his country".
Happy Independence Day
Minuscule Ego Feb 2020
I’ve seen better days, and I’ve seen worse
I don’t have everything I want, but I do have all I need
I woke up with some aches and pains, but I woke up
My life is far from perfect, but I’m truly blessed!
I’ll forever praise thee, my God
Thank you!

Such piece written by a friend
Miss Ye-hee Coleman, the lux in tenebris
Our iron lady – the giant among the men
Gracefully she had walked, through the pains and strives
Some days she fought, others she’d hoped to survive

I watched her smile between our geez and playful gestures
I saw her swearing at our quarrels and gleeful pleasures
But I also saw the darkness seeking to steal her light
I watched her struggle within this plight
I heard myself whispering: hold on babe, tis only a fright

I’ve seen better days, but I fathom the worse
I may not have all I need, but at least I can breathe
I woke up feeling as a failure, but now I see a light
My life may be far from perfect, but I am blessed
I live to see an angel; oh yes! She was one
I will forever remember thee, my darling, my friend and our light
Thank you for the chance to know you

Rest In Perfect Peace Dearest
The Darkness Must Not Steal Our Light. In memory of an angel: Miss Ye-hee Coleman
Minuscule Ego Nov 2019
Early every morning he rose
With hopes that the sky had given its rain
And the sun will bid him with its shiny grace
To save himself and who he knew he could gain
For life had devoured him, as rust would eat iron
And been conscious of death, he lies in readiness for
The demise – ready to curve out to the slips of lights
Departing the rays his sun had left behind; his actions
And bleeds: the subtle truths that is quite contrary
To greed, his selfless walk that is quiet in ways
Quite convergent as per his words and deeds
He lives his truths, not wishing for death

It might’ve took a lot, but all he need is
To find his peace from the dreadful of looks
Those eyes that are bend on decaying his dreams
The hands that have battled against his bountiful
The very figures he had sought to make proud
A shame – he’d succumbed to let them down
They had baited and waited for their catch
He smiled n’ watched em burn as a torch
For every man fights to make his strike
Each leaving his foes reeking in marks
So that they can tell the ready living
That the unskilled are left for dead

He pats himself alright at his heart
As those twin tears rolled down his eyes
As a child he used to think – that life is going
A little slow, that every day was another go by
That he would just work between his close ties
And let them think he’s unaware of the dealings
That he didn’t know about what they are doing
No one can read mind, so let’s keep it inside
Let us dazzle in this, he says; but at the end
Tis only the pain that controls him the most
This story: a poem that only he can tell
Sorry that he had to let you down

Always Reach Out In The Best Way You Can
Who I Am And Who I Want To Be Is Always A Connect.
Minuscule Ego Aug 2019
I don’t see anything wrong here! She yells
There’s nothing fumy about keeping this one
Nothing wrong with having love n’ him around
The only obsession is you and the lines you ring
There’s a bliss in this opening, so stop fuming it
Quit fighting it or be the one I’ll forever loathe
Have you ever want n’ needed a thing so bad
That at night you find it so damning to sleep
I’m just okay in his arms, n’ she turned in
Resentment and walked to her delights

He hiss n’ shook his mind at her mistake
As a stench of foul memories filled its wake
A man may be good and alive in the morning
But becomes unnoticed as the evening comes
So do not sacrifice yourself so much, he hissed
There is nothing else you can do or say, it insist
When this temptation bring in its extinguisher
The sourness of its lust will be bamboozling
It does not matter how sure she is, he says
The trick is as long as you know the truth
And who he really is; lest you say more
For the affairs of man is always a path
He follows. So fuel the painful urges

Grasp it till you can struggle no more
For life comes as a mirror; no matter how
Long a lie may live; the truth always reveals
For what’s a man without his potter; a broken
What is a mother without a son – heartbroken
But there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud
That if heavens took care of fools n’ drunks
They sure as hell qualified for both counts
That if he took to works n’ abhor his ways
Whose duty to ask why or even cry foul

Who’s the judge to have him cut down
Who has the right to read his sins aloud
Who? It kills him that passion he once felt
Now lies in broken shards – wounding him
Each time he tries to grab it again –  a soldier
His life,  he cannot have it as he wants it to be
A lone, so he just wanders alone in the crowd
As her delights struggle to keep his sun down
He does not answer em – he dare not to fight
He just go about n’ rise; defeating their gees
And their frowns; they live and yet few die
Some cave n’ drown their souls in lament
But he lives to tell a story, wisdom lives
To feed them his glories

Archimandrite Andreas
  Feb 2019 Minuscule Ego
No Nahme
How is it that
I feel this connection
With such
Intensity and rarity
My bones
My soul
As if
Our souls are tangled
Together repeatedly
without knowing
One lifetime
After another
A magnetic force
That pulls me to you
I want to give in
Snap into place
Minuscule Ego Jan 2019
A price that’s in the men shoes
He’s unclaimed and well schooled
Act his rhymes n’ mimic his friend too
Make him understand our sweeter shoo
Blend to been online with his touchy tools
Then play him around n' bring him to us too
Wherein he'll crave more for our added duties
A pleasure to bend n' subdue his struggling pities
And so you try to get me for all the monies n' fame
Hoping that my heart do cringe to the gains and aims
For in most man’s heart lies some greed n' impurities
But that testimony was short-sighted n’ less accurate
Dunamis and poverty - a borrower, the lender's slave
An experience to fail my rapture; a shameful swing
Which my hands cannot say – an immoral beauty
Whom my lips can not welcome; the school
The teacher - the minister
A princess n’ a bling
A frog as a king
He’s handsome
By gender
She's beautiful
in slander
A prince
An offender
A princess
The slanderer
The princess and a king
A soldier n’ a fling - a queen who’s ashamed
The offer that topped the shelf of supreme

That's us, both upside down and unclaimed
A soldier n’ a queen - a coward, a shame
The prince and a fling
A miss
A glamor
A mister
An amour
With clamor
By hammers
A miss in a glamour
A mister in an amour
The minister and a king
The majestic of single shoes
Who's keen to sense a moral beauty
Who sees the world as an interesting chaff
Dominate n' commoners; a sense of duty that
All must claimed from their individual combat
For in most men heart, here lies love n’ cruelty
To flamed the hearts n’ dance to pains n’ strife
So I sought to seize the life of  love and Faith
To pursuit a walk of dreams n’ less blemish
Where little is important than odd duties
Like turn me around and teach me you
Teach me to see another man’s shoot
Make me enjoy that creepiness too
Shade my mind and my drink too
Cause I’m unclaimed n’ uncool
A vice that's in a male shoes
Stop using our women to lure us to you
Say No to Homosexuality in Liberia
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