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Minuscule Ego Jan 11
A price that’s in the men shoes
He’s unclaimed and well schooled
Act his rhymes n’ mimic his friend too
Make him understand our sweeter shoo
Blend to been online with his touchy tools
Then play him around n' bring him to us too
Wherein he'll crave more for our added duties
A pleasure to bend n' subdue his struggling pities
And so you try to get me for all the monies n' fame
Hoping that my heart do cringe to the gains and aims
For in most man’s heart lies some greed n' impurities
But that testimony was short-sighted n’ less accurate
Dunamis and poverty - a borrower, the lender's *****
An experience to fail my rapture; a shameful swing
Which my hands cannot say – an immoral beauty
Whom my lips can not welcome; the school
The teacher - the minister
A princess n’ a bling
A frog as a king
He’s handsome
By gender
She's beautiful
in slander
A prince
An offender
A princess
The slanderer
The princess and a king
A soldier n’ a fling - a queen who’s ashamed
The offer that topped the shelf of supreme

That's us, both upside down and unclaimed
A soldier n’ a queen - a coward, a shame
The prince and a fling
A miss
A glamor
A mister
An amour
With clamor
By hammers
A miss in a glamour
A mister in an amour
The minister and a king
The majestic of single shoes
Who's keen to sense a moral beauty
Who sees the world as an interesting chaff
Dominate n' commoners; a sense of duty that
All must claimed from their individual combat
For in most men heart, here lies love n’ cruelty
To flamed the hearts n’ dance to pains n’ strife
So I sought to seize the life of  love and Faith
To pursuit a walk of dreams n’ less blemish
Where little is important than odd duties
Like turn me around and teach me you
Teach me to see another man’s shoot
Make me enjoy that creepiness too
Shade my mind and my drink too
Cause I’m unclaimed n’ uncool
A vice that's in a male shoes
Stop using our women to lure us to you
Say No to Homosexuality in Liberia
Dysfunction and happiness
Don’t usually go hand in hand
But that describes you and I story
The wise-man n’ Elle, a soldier n Simi
A bad-*** movie in a broken DVD player
More than ever our thoughts burn hateful
And deep in our souls, the will begets cold
Sealing us close and everything left to feel
An illusion of end that tarnishes our peace
Cleaner we walk and little by little we lied
We each run a race to attain the crown
I, the heir of Christopolis: a half man
A king with no kingdom – a danger
And you: heir of feline, an anger
A shy queen with no freedom

With no changes - so I ask myself
Is this a sample of psychological fraud
That people uses sensual relations n’ beliefs
To sway their cause to others; positive or not
Let us redeem your soul n’ gleam thou purpose
Sell me thou beauty for luxury n’ fame, she says
But the boy had his way with words: he opposed
Curiosity is dangerous n' assumption is powerful
Staring within her eyes with an abominable face
He turn n’ stormed away with grace n’ disbelief
Struggling not to outcry in compelling dismay
Twas nice to desire, but hers is not a proper
Piece of human sexuality; a noetic disorder
The ******* and **** - the political tool
A change in the city, a proactive lie

That errs up as Satan - a musical fool
First he sings: “I bring peace and wealth”
Next they proclaimed: “It is a Human Right”
Another piece of the puzzle of human sexuality
But so the Book quotes – an abomination I hate
“No man shall have intimacy with another man”
Let’s not rearranged n’ be lost – it cost our health
For war is better than the choice of homosexuality
They know they are doom, so they tend to mislead
Some sit in shelters n' compose fraudulent grants
Lies, patriotism n’ tradition to keep society inline
For as long as they can, so afraid to lose control
But wealth and health must go hand in hand
For we are more of a lion than the least
Quite divine and above every beast
"How are you? 25? Okay, why are you not 60? Yep! Why are you not 60?

Age is as insignificant as Gender. That's why you can't magically change your age - you can't magically change your gender and you definitely can't magically change your ***.

Proof me wrong.
Say No To Homosexuality in Liberia
Minuscule Ego Dec 2018
Troubled, trouble again he felt
How could she tried to do such to him
How could she throw out all he ever ate up
When all he’s ever done was loved her till health
Oh he wish to fly a dreamer n’ say goodbye to it all
The stumbling and fights - the curses and the brawls
Theirs were none compare, but now, a finished ashes
A fire that burns and burned, n’ then flickered out
Leaving a wound that bleeds more gashes

Is his knight of shinning armor now a fraction
An embarrassment to the highest order - a madness
Does she see it in his eyes - though he'd tried to hide it
That the best things in life aren't free, so why get blown
Stay young and let the wheels keep spinning in motion
For easy beams of life are a glee - it all ends in a frown
Some in the graves and some the caves
Some in those cravings that end with AIDS
But you’ve trained to trample on scorpions and snakes
So where are your wits? My heart teased

Is she willing to stay? The brain bellows
Tis present, what's yesterday? my heart replies
And that of her mischievous plans? He echo slowly
A flunked! I suppose - I know she craved for tomorrow
That at times love isn’t prove by poems and presents only
Sometimes it has to be proven through pains and patience
But as for the incursion pain, that plan must not delude me
Not today, not forever. Indeed good and better suits us well
But the aim must not dethrone me; let’s it makes me a ******
For if one succeeds in turning a man from his manly posture
Not only do it loses his humanity, but it also earn him a killer
And yes! I see all the beautiful flowers up ahead

Mi lady in red (s2m) : oh she is bleeding out red
Redder than the sunset n' brighter than the black
We all have planned and all succumbed to its sorrows
But if one’s wise, they will realize there’s always tomorrow
Ours is right now, so swallow the pride and take my throne
Cherish the Prince and decorate his life with your flames
For good is better n’ bright and better is best n’ prettier
And the Boss n’ every other are only petted and petter
The perfect story: I bleeding you and you, only me
(s2m) : Oh! A dream come true

(s2m) : Break the rules n’ have a fun
Let’s loose ourselves and swing along
In a music that rules the day and all night long
But I refuse be a victim of saving someone’s mom
Most especially one who seems like she’s drowning
When in truth she’s not – when she’s acting n plotting
I ought not to be the next Lemuel that fails and felled
Hush! My heart spurned again, she’s all I want ever wanted!
Can’t you see how wide opened I am – I’m always wondering
Where does she? How I long to see the sun rise on her face
What is she doing? Is she okay or is there someone else?
Is someone loving her more: a guy or a girl I suppose
Does she get lost in their eyes too? Oh, it’s absurd
You and everyone versus me and everything
A logic bomb and Elle - a soldier and Simi
(smh) : Oh! A gleam that’s not true

So now I am standing on all men’s behalf
I guess it’s only me who’s saying: we are sorry mom
Sorry that we made a fool of ourselves and broke you
I’m sure we all prone to love you but it all went wrong
We fooled ourselves - we’ll get over her just like a song
But I can’t live that lie anymore - I be a fool to lose you
So again my heart bleeds: a change is all tis asking
The chance to rewrite all the cries and scars
That’s keeping you from a change.
There’s a danger in loving someone too much, but sometimes that’s just not enough.
Minuscule Ego Sep 2018
We rave, and hailed, all hail the King
A lord who’s lowed, n’ yet, supreme
The savior of wars and of many greed
To govern and yield the land of the free
For tis clear he knows how we became
A root, and a leaf; let’s all hail the king!

This is Liberia!

A chest to aggress with hunger n’ thirst
That fruitfully enjoy climbing the rates
And faintly encourage pointing the worst
To soak n’ appraise the young's of the freed
Whose lost in the land of which they came
A branch, and a leaf; a transparent cry!

This is Liberia!

We rave, and hailed, we want the king
A man who’s loved, n’ yet, disesteem
The sculptor of deeds, and of many glee
To seize n’ dictate the land of undeveloped
For tis loud his assets are well developed
A leaf, and a root; let’s all boo the king!

This is Liberia!

A quest to possess the likeness of Christ
That truthfully enjoy the gees of versed
And skillfully encourage the act of digress
To juiced and yield off the land of the free
Fo tis clear he don’t know how we became
A leaf, and a branch; a transcendent lie!

This is Liberia!

Inspired by: Falz song- “This is Nigeria”
Childish Gambino Song- “This is America”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me”
"A king will remain in power as long as his rule is honest, just, and fair."
Proverbs 20:28
Minuscule Ego Jun 2018
A low moan escapes her lips as the ****** hits
She lay basking with a sated feeling
The coverings all wet from perspiration
Believe me, this isn't an infantile conversation
He placed light kisses on her bare shoulders
She felt how intense he was against her thighs
And heard the testosterone's fueled manly claims
That came as a whisper for a magical scene
She’d realize he was not solely hers
So she just cleaved to enjoy the moment
Leaning crabwise, he slide within her fountain
They both cried with anticipation
The highest form of their admiration
Heavens’ gates unfurl
Times seems to halt for a second
There could have been an explosion
But he paused, new position.

He has never been interested in a single relationship
At least not anymore- promiscuity suits him just fine
With her curvy body, pumped breast and his small statue
They tangle together- entrapped within their own tier
Some call him a ****, although they be circus jokes
He be content and blue ***** free- shining bright for all to see
Letting em live their judging lives
And make those mistakes they thought he would make
He has never seen himself going without the white packet scenario
It’s all about self-importance
One that leads easily to pandemonium
But being promiscuous was assuring
The less you give- the less hurt you receive
Life is short, but there’s much to achieve
One cannot be caught slacking
Those hands are clocking
Day and night without cessation
He’s no expert
But I’m sure you admire his aversion
And believe it or not
The better our efforts- the wetter our treasures
A promise that our goals will exceed the ****** pleasures
Seeing that our thoughts recreates the Today
Let me redefine the topic.

He thinks of her as a pineapple
Chipping off her cries to reach the fountain
Till she openly veto yes! in all excitement
As he plunged in the deep of her mountain
Screaming twas some lustful announcement
That mimic a sedative smile, and a softer groaning
Activating him to go wild again tearing her lotus
She cries! He moans: “I’m just teaching a lesson”
His manly locus was indeed a blessing
Its thrusting brought out the louder racing
Making em both bobbed like a drum set
Nobbling feelings begun shaping within his breast
His noble ****** was moving towards the heavens
They were climbing the unobtainable heights
That could make their explosion vast
And leave her screaming his name
Like forever admiring his fame
He’d hoped to have done enough
But will hate to get deeply involved
For promiscuity was the affliction
That diseased him ages ago
And it met him just fine.

For an icon- Wale
“We are not perfect beings; we all evolved from our mistakes to make a better one.”
  Jan 2018 Minuscule Ego
Ivan Brooks Sr
Those meant for you
Will love you truly
Pray for you seriously    
Bare with you patiently
And believe you continuously.

Those meant for you
Will love you madly
Listen to you keenly
Advice you repeatedly
And love you unconditionally.

Those meant for you
Will love you faithfully
Fight for you furiously
Defend you fearlessly
And display you publicly.

Those Meant For You
Will love you blindly
Come to you hurriedly
Support you strongly
And work with you tirelessly.
What's yours is yours.
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