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Solaces Sep 1
I have been dreaming beautiful for the past week.

Dreams about brooks in a forest of my creation.  The crystal waters run into a cave where the sunlight shines through small holes creating rays of light as I walk bare foot in the shallow stream of water.

Dreams about 2 rivers running parallel to each other. One green and one blue.  I see them from above as I fly on by. I follow both the rivers to a blue green lake where I see dragons and magical creatures enjoying the land I created.

Dreams about another world where the grass is pink, and the sky is purple. The flowers are all luminescent. The stars exist in the canals here.  

Dreams about ghostly like jellyfish the flutter in the night sky and become the stars.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Solaces Aug 15
Deep into Pastor woods we went.  My brother and I were in search of Lifelo. It's a life fruit with amazing healing abilities. Our Grandma was sick with Blue Fever, and we had to find the fruit before it was too late.  

Runesa :
Pastor woods was a super dense forest of trees and vines that did not seem indigenous to any area but here.  The woods never seem to stop growing as they spread onward and outward in all directions.  A few years ago, demolition and fire teams had to halt the growth from coming into the towns that surrounded Pastor woods.  But no matter how much they burned our cut down the woods would grow at a relentless rate.  One town called Runesa was completely engulfed by the forest in a matter of weeks it seemed.  Old Runesa is our destination.  It where all the Lifelo grows and blooms.  No one is certain to why it grows where the town once stood but perhaps it may be the town itself. Maybe the structures were consumed by the roots of Pastor woods and converted into the Lifelo.  

Red fireflies:  
It's impossible to create trails in Pastor Woods because of the amazing, accelerated growth. So, we follow the red fireflies. The red fireflies (which only exist in theses woods) seem to be attracted to the Lifelo.  You find red fireflies you find Lifelo. We followed a sparkle of red fireflies deeper than expected to the deep inners of Pastor Woods. This was dangerous because it would be very difficult to find our way back.  We decided to leave light towers behind to find our way back home.  We progressed on through deeper and deeper as we followed the sparkle of red fireflies to what seem to be the center of Pastor Woods.  There glowed the Lifelo flowers in a beautiful circular pattern of life.  We had never seen so many Lifelo flowers in one place.  The immense sparkle of red fireflies starts to resonate their luminescent bodies signaling the green fireflies above. The green fireflies float on down to a pile of vines at the center of this glade as my brother and I watched in magical awe.  As the green ones landed on the pile of twisted vines the green fireflies begun to turn red.  My brother and I glanced to see each other's shared reaction.  We then felt the ground vibrate ever so slightly.  The vines slithered like snakes and worms from a nightmare I never had but seemed to have a strange memory of.  

The Orange eye (.)
As the wooded snakes and worms slithered away into the forest what was left of the vine heart was a giant hunk of metal and strange lit up vines.  At the center of this mass opened a large orange eye that lit up the glade in a sunset sun orange that seem unsettling yet beautiful all at once.  This hunk of metal was no hunk of metal. It was half a face made up of strange alloys we had never seen. We were looking at one eye as it was looking at us.  The head although it was half a head was as big as one of the large structures back at home.  As our eyes adjusted, we were both able to see that the alloys the head was made out of were somehow converted from the structures of Runesa. One of the cheek pieces said Runesa Inn.  We then both heard strange chimes and tones that made no sense. It seemed to alternate the noises in a constant flow until it reached a sound we knew. That sound was "H E L L O. " The orange eye saw our acknowledgement to the greeting word and then it spoke. " Please, will you help me gather material?  I have been stranded here for so very long. I must get to my destination.  Will you help me? " The voice sounded both like a man and womans. Again, my brother and I looked at each other and at the same time we both said " Yes!" It then spoke in great delight. " Very well! Take as much of the plant as you need to help whoever is sick. Please return after you do so. We can then begin to rebuild my body."  The red fireflies then create a vortex around us creating a red luminescent line of light to guide us straight back home.
Solaces Aug 11

I hear my own footsteps in the snow as I walk forever alone toward nowhere. In search of anyone, my footsteps speak to me and remind me that I am truly alone.  I yearn to see a fox run by.  I yearn for the singing of birds.  Even a wasp sting to possibly wake me up from this nightmare.  I have forgotten music. The tones even evade my dreams.  I do the same in my dreams. Walk and walk forever.  Only the sound of footsteps while I'm awake and asleep.

Toward the school:  

I come upon an old school. The empty playgrounds convey a sadness of missing the children that once played on it. I come to a realization that the playground is not sad. Its only what I sense and feel.  Had I never found this playground I would have never felt such sadness.  And this playground perhaps would have simply never existed.  But I found it and now the sadness has created its own atmosphere. I sit on the swing and feel a spark of joy that seems to come from the playground itself.  The spark never ignites a flame as the short-found joy is drowned in sorrow by my emotions that created the joy for the playground itself.  I stop swinging and center myself in this endless loneliness.  I enter the school through double doors as one is left open.  Again, I have a sense that the building itself is inviting me in.  Another emotion given to a lifeless structure of bricks and concreate.  

The halls at night:

I wonder through the halls of this emotionless school and aimlessly walk toward a destination the hallways would simply take me.  I get a feeling the hallways are guiding me toward a salvation of sort. As if the inner workings of the school itself are alive and I am trying to find a heart to beat.  Maybe I am the heart, and I am trying to get the flow back.  But perhaps I'm just lost in thought again and I am making this up as I go.  The moon starts to breathe in its light into the hallways through the windows as it uncovers itself from the blanket of clouds.  The luminescent breath of the moon creates a beautiful eeriness that only ghost could paint.  I venture forth and up the stairs through a darkness that is afraid of the moonlight. I stand in the darkness for a moment to try and comfort it.  But why?  This darkness nest in a corner just out of reach of the moonlit rapture that has taken all the other darkness it shines upon.  Knowing this darkness was safe I traverse the dark stairway into another hallway above.  

The colors of the cloud:

The final hallway the stairway of darkness lifted me to seemed longer than the others. The moon light kissed the dust specks in the air turning them into moving floating stars in an expanse of tranquilly that called forth the memory of music.  I began to breathe heavily as the tones from silence rang my ears with notes and chords brought on by visual stimulation that I thought was impossible. How could a visual create sound?  As the dust in the moonlight danced the dance of shadow and light, I heard a constant tone and vibration of ambient heaven like belief.  As I walked through the floating vault of heaven I came to a L in the hallway. This hallway was untouched by the moon spells and floating stardust. In this hallway every window emitted a different color all its own.  As if lightning of every color flashed its arc cutting through the sky and bleeding into the windows.  I walked through the hallway and could not seem to find a source of the aura of colors this hallway had become.  At the end of the hallway was a grand window that seem to have all the colors cycling through all at once.  As I reached this window, I saw a cloud in the sky made up of all colors I have ever seen. It had a chaotic oscillation of lightning bolts that lit up the sky without the mercy toward any type of darkness whatsoever. The beauty of this cloud reinvigorated my soul.  I was breathing in the light.  With every breath thunder roared across eternity.  All colors started to return.  And I could hear the music. In all directions I went.  Over the land and over the oceans.  Through deserts and mountains.  Life has awakened once again.  I am the sky, and I am the land. I feel the life upon me as the life believes in me.
  Jul 27 Solaces
Mike Adam
Summer twilight
Blushing colours
Merge and swirl

Subtle reds yellows blues

No brush visible-
Breath of god

My Lady must be near
Xylophone spine chimes

Touch of her Angel
Solaces Jul 26
Entwined in shadow string.
Light of my mind.
For so long now I've been unable to shine.

An old song anew.
Sang cosmic melodies to me.
Verses and choruses and tones to help me see.

The shadow strings begin to give way.
To the always moving forward light contained.
The cloud of all colors begins to rain.

Rays of light gleam on through.
Imaginations can reach their destinations.
To help create new constellations.

The stars shine again for me.
Under the night sky of rediscover.
As my soul begins to recover.
Solaces Jul 24
The artifacts were sent back to myself from a place of memory and rememberence. I could not tell at first that these were artifacts sent to me from myself.  They were everday simple things. The first one was a small compact mirror my mother owned. I use to reflect sunlight with the mirror and follow the beam of light with my eyes as it travelled through space and time.

The second artifact was a red rock I found in our back yard. It had this crimson like color no other rock had in the area it seemed.  I held the rock as I layed in my bed one evening seeing the planet I found.

The final artifact was a circular thick crystal lens. My brother and I found this lens inside an old abandoned house next to my grandmothers house.  When held close to a light you could see the spinning galaxies within this universe.

Earlier versions of myself sent these artifacts to the present to show me in the now that it was possible to see the universe from within. That a planet can be held in a hand. And that light can be captured.
  Mar 30 Solaces
Molten wax
on candlesticks
there my head
for you my sweet,
keeps me awake
while your beauty sleeps,
are we dead men living
under the torment
of a captor's keep
for a honeycomb
laced with nectars
bitter weep.
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