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Deep breath, exhale
And the forces of nature will listen
Walking and the worlds  behind me
Like wind is pushing so I can come through
Kindness, confidence, love
It’s going to be okay
Confusion anger prying impatience
It’s all gasoline for a fire
A fire is only as dangerous as you allow it to be
I can feel heat radiating from your body
Eye to eye, pounding hearts,
I know it’s not just me
Brush dance moves
made by the master -,
Black dragon appears

Loving Your Love
Kanji Master
bluebells flower in the rain,
boy of love,

buttercups on long stems
full of summer’s gold,

the world opens its doors and windows
the air feels fresh and clear,

sadness weaves its way under the trees
prefers to wait in the shadows,

i dream about you a lot,
boy of love.
  5d Solaces
A lifetime of aging
A head full of knowledge
A heart heavy with regrets

Time cannot be slowed
Knowledge is never saturated
With time the heart forgets
Solaces 5d
I heard thunder come out of the cloudless sky..
It resonated through my bones and came back out of my soul..
I felt the winds at my face, a message from another place..
I saw through the eyes of light and darkness..
A linking of some sort, a connection of shine and shadow..
I then heard the thunder again..
But not from the sky..
It never was from the sky..
It was coming from me..
The winds begin to spirial around me..
A cyclone of blue lightning revolved around my body..
I was connected to everything..
The stars connected the darkness as the darkness connected the stars..
I could hear the music of everything..
The lightning will arc through the darkness.....
drops falling steadily
upon a misty world
far more than fifty shades of green
dazzle your senses
make you
trees  bushes  flowers
drinking sustenance
dancing in the rain
Apropos a nice rainy day in spring
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