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Solaces Sep 30
I follow you into the light..
The prisms of your dream light..
The sun came up and became my light..

I awoke with you in the night..
The rain of moon glow lit up the night..
We travel together hidden forever in the night..

The sun chased us back to dream..
Hidden in darkness we sleep and dream..
To not burn in the sun can only happen in dream..

All we have is the memory of light..
And the moon light in the night..
We day sleep and see the sun in dream..
Solaces Jun 11
There was a lost connection..
A lack of communication..
Somewhere along the lines it happened..

But once I heard that whisper..
Through all the loud voices..
I knew it had always been there..

The lost connection had been found..
The communication commenced..
I remembered without having to remember..

We continue on our travel..
To see it all begin again..
And to see some of it end..

I had found peace..
Beyond timeless meditation..
A prayer heard from a whisper of my mind..
  May 9 Solaces
Jason James
Your life doesn't interest me,
My own life barely interests me.
Days upon days of the mundane.
You grow
You try
You feel
You change
You get by
I stay the same
Every now and then I get high.
I'm going nowhere
But truth be told
I'm happy right here,
Nothing's out there for me,
No love
No mercy
You don't have to be a genius to see
I'd be wrong to complain
I've been blessed
With every day the same
And a life
Most mundane.
  May 8 Solaces
Vincent Legrand
sometimes i catch myself
going over the things you said

and wonder if there were things
you didn’t say

if you felt selfish things
you considerately couldn’t say

i would have liked to hear

things that would cause us pain
Solaces May 8
The MUSIC of everything once flowed through me. I could not understand it all. But it did not stop me from listening.  

BEING IN LOVE is beyond cosmic.  
BEING LOVED BACK is a universe you can hold..

The ears once told the eyes how beautiful music is. The eyes told the ears " You are talking about SUNSETS. "

THE SKY is where I find you looking back at me. Through the blue and away with the light,  I see you true my beautiful Starlight.  

LAUGHTER with close friends fills up my life gauge....

BOOKS offer company and friendships when you're alone..
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