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Greg Obrecht Nov 2019
It’s one been of those days
Filled with so much pain
My tears are falling down like mother ******* rain
I’m bawling
As I’m trying to call out your name
But you’re gone
You left with a dude named John
That was probably a shrewd move
Since all I do
Is brood, place blame
And eat copious amounts of food
I can still hear your Mad Hatter laughter
Pointing as I got fatter
It’s disappointing I can’t control my own bladder
So I’ll just sit here while I moan and blather
Maybe stroke my bone but I’d really rather
Steal you back from that ******* bloke
Baby I’ll do that thing where I choke you
With a black telephone cord
Until your face turns 40 shades of blue
And your heart races like a revved up Ford
We will work ourselves into a lather
Our sweaty bodies will **** and spasm
A spontaneous simultaneous ******
After we’re through we will laugh and say
Pointing to the grocery store clerk
Clean up in aisle two you voyeuristic ****
Greg Obrecht Jun 2019
I’m at the crossroads again
Have to make a decision but I don’t know where to begin
A bloated incision is about to burst
What’s gonna pop out
Hopefully a grin
Cuz it’s been days since the sunshine hit my face
Greg Obrecht Jun 2019
This **** stings it really hurts
With every step my tears hit the dirt
With every breath I surrender self worth
So I speak of death with every word

The mystique of leaving paints every verse
Techniques roll slowly by like a hearse
Reading the holy guides won't coerce
I'm sliding off this ******* perverse Earth

Gliding over to the closet to grab my steel
I decided to **** back during my last meal
Jesus's flock awaits as does Ezekiel's wheel
The pearly gates unlock with a wretched squeal
Start of a potentially much longer piece.  Or maybe it’s a finished product?
Greg Obrecht Jun 2019
Even in utter darkness
Deprived of all my senses
I can still hear her calling out my name
If I had arms I would reach out
To touch the subtle wave
Of her tantalizing voice
But this is my hell
Forevermore on continuous loop
No matter how hard I try
To claw at my soul
Your sticky sweet voice
Reverberates in the aether
In every crack and space
Of eternity
This is my hell
My hell
My hell
My hell
Greg Obrecht May 2019
Clover and thistles adorn my view;
the tress stretch majestically above.
There's also dandelions, but only a few
the wind whispers sweet nothings of love

The sky stares down into my soul;
the lazy clouds thick with recollection.
I float away from all earthly goals;
to join myself in deep introspection.  

There I find her sitting in full lotus;
batting her eyelashes with rainbow skin
I crawl slowly towards her like a tortoise;
her mind reaches out to bring me in.

She gently molds me like softened clay;
her electric touch raises my skin.
The useless parts are cast far away.
Her bellowing voice says "begin again!"

My eyes bolt open to the sound of thunder;
A soft summer rain begins to fall.
Was that just a dream I began to wonder;
or will I be a changed man after all.
Greg Obrecht Apr 2019
Inspiration is gone.
A starfish left to die by the unblinking tides
Words stopped dead by haunting voices.
Turn and run my foolish friends
Bursts of light trapped in infinite darkness.
The song of hope will never crease my lips again
Greg Obrecht Apr 2019
I remember the day that dad brought you home.
You were barking and jumping after that plastic bone.
Your eyes met mine and your tongue found my face.
You were my first real friend who couldn't be replaced.

We spent the days running around the neighborhood trees.
You were always the first to come when I skinned my knees.
When I jumped in the lake you'd run along the shore.
And then you'd catch a scent and run off to explore.

During my teenage years girls entered my mind.
I know you waited by the window under the blinds.
But even though I barely even scratched your ears.
You stayed by my side during those troubled years.

As I packed up my things to start my college life.
I turned around to notice you with a tear in your eye.
Memories flooded my head with the good times together.
We looked at each other and knew we'd be best friends forever.

A few years later I received a call that twisted my head.
My dad said that you'd fallen ill and would soon be dead.
They took you to the vet to try to find a helpful answer.
After all the poking and tests they said that you had cancer.

Well I came home to visit you during your final days.
I could tell the end was near by your distant gaze.
Although you were seconds away from heaven's place.
You lifted your head to have one last lick of my face.  

Now that I'm married and have a kid who turned ten.
It's time to head to town to start the cycle again.
I can't wait for his eyes to light up when I come in the door.
It'll be one of those memories that I'll remember forever more.
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