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Christian Feb 2019
Placid comfort your hand gives to mine;
a frigid world we have to call home
and while this link can hasten up time,
my heart calls out, "don't keep me alone"
Christian Feb 2019
Finish me with your lips flushed;
rosé on my skin, whetstone
that surrounds me with moans hushed
pleading to have her love sown.
Christian Feb 2019
When she saw you,
the moon turned to shine
through you
instead of the sun;
misfortune to those
who live where the moon
can't see you,
where the moon
is forced to be
content with the sun.
Christian Jan 2019
We held each other, unbounded warmth,
our lips, only an atom away,
crystalized joy in our hearts was formed
and soon our lungs for our breaths made way.
Christian Jan 2019
I caressed you under neon gleam,
blessed cold night, your heart mine stole;
just five days, what they may seem,
yet five rings the earth has strolled.
Christian Jan 2019
Your voice,
hearsay of the breeze
when it caresses
the petals in our garden;
zephyr in my ears
as my hands reach your depths,
equanimity broken
like the branches under our feet
when we entered
this forest
called desire.
Christian Oct 2018
Sweetest flower of April's touch
veiled upon your *****
permit yourself to blossom
and to these hands clutch.

Futile humility you carry
now that the ring adorns your leaves
our hearts feel genuine and merry
and love, only love they now receive.
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