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Emotions stirred me;
Flew into me, burning me;
All that were dark were clear and pure to me
that inevitable day.

And the mere sight of you
Consumed me, tasted to me
Like the stars;
You stole my sanity
and never returned it back.

My tunes, all melt
In the light of the moon;
The light in your eyes
That told me of your tale
and your history.

You, when the skies turned gray;
Welcomed me in felicity
That day, that very day;
You were a friend of daylight
and ecstatic spirits.

You, when March ended,
Made me long for more;
For a sigh of love and desire,
Invite and touch me,
Caress me through your lyrics.

Your moonlight and my poetry;
Tear the skies in haste;
Splitting the universe in two.
Our universe, who knows nothing
about love.

Your verses, and my words;
Expound all songs sweet in the air;
The most serene, yet the farthest;
Almost the hardest
that I cannot yet play.

Your silence, that addresses me
With utter clarity
Touches my heart and my days;
Speaking to me
of these powerful feelings.

Your light, that flows through me
Enchants me throughout the day
and the sordid night;
'Tis cold but all I feel is warmth
when I am in your arms.
My moonlight has died tonight;
The golden day has vanished.
Dark thunder has blocked the light;
My lyrics have been blemished.

You are a moon away from me;
You cannot afford me the stars.
You let grief batter me;
You brought me sickly scars. 

All that appear to me are sordid;
I understand not their words.
Although my feelings are valid;
I am trapped between two worlds.

My woes have made me fragile;
My mind too, refuses to behave.
To behold, to be sweet, meanwhile;
To crave the songs it cannot have.

In my chamber, I feel insane
As these thoughts take over.
My lover, once a sweet man
His passion and lights are over.

Love brings me tears;
Love brings me woes;
Love brings me fears;
Love brings we wounds.
There is one light
that holds me tight;
embraces my mind,
enchants my days,
cleanses my wounds.

There is one person
That led my soul to me,
My unnoticed words,
My untold thoughts;
Until such scars completely faded.

I have left my barren days,
And risen to the moon,
Hearing the trees pursue the night,
Giving the songbirds what they hope for;
Until they fall in love again.

I have discarded my ragged wings,
And flown fondly to the stars,
Tethered to my heartbreak no more,
Until it only hears me offshore;
Away to an unmarked distance.

My heart, fondly, gazing at thee,
Those soft miracles in thy hazel eyes;
Trying to peruse all things alike
in those powerful shapes
that never fail to speak to me.

Up The Hollywood Hills
Shall we wander, hand in hand;
Treading the floors of bare soil,
At those sweet magnificent hours
Not even a harmless night shall find.

Up above the skies
There are brown beams of sunlight,
All calling out your name,
Ripe in their own cheerfulness,
Rising beyond all our nightmares.

None shall scare me
That you stand by my side,
England is now a distant memory,
A shrinking whisper;
A drained existence of the past.

None touches my heart
with painful grace, nor grief;
A tearful farewell has come;
And you are here,
Being my new love and my poetry.

With your love,
I shall always conquer more.

I love thee.
Imagine your head in my lap;
Feeling the southern moon take shape;
Watching skies bleed into the night
and sunset breathe clear moonlight.

Imagine talking all night long;
Tuning in to my poetic song;
Feeling with thee, such a bond so strong;
All our world starts where we belong.

No secrets, no false fantasies;
Just innocence and pure poesies,
And love bringing us the new truth
That we are ready for a new youth.

No dream, no fear, no noise;
All I want is your touch and kiss;
Entwine yourself with mine in bliss
by the river in a summer breeze.

Imagine your flesh against mine;
Passionate desire in our minds
Kissing you by the morning dew;
Making more than a sweet love with you.

Imagine yourself in my arms;
That I might become your charm;
That I might shield you from harm;
That I might keep you safe, and warm;

Imagine yourself by my side;
Your lips be my today's delight;
Your eyes be those graceful leaves
Your touch be how I love, and live.

Imagine yourself in my chest;
Your laughter lulls me to rest;
Your comfort makes me tough;
Your presence becomes my love.
You are like a shadow;
One that’s passed away.
One that is long gone;
A creature of the grave.

You are like a ghost;
Belonging to another dimension;
But owning half of me;
Distracting my entirety.

You are like a spirit;
You caught my mind, my heart, my soul;
You transfixed me that day;
You snatched my love that night.

You are like a witch;
A playful, evil sorcerer;
A stubborn enchanter;
A lovely beast.

You are like the moon;
The love of the universe;
The one you once wanted to have;
The wine of your own being.

You are like the night sky;
I cannot see where you sleep;
Nor touch your edgeless bed;
Nor feel your heartbeat.

You are like the sun;
Once winter comes you’ll die;
Shining with blood and heat;
Dying of your own flesh.

You are like the breeze;
And breezes end too fast;
Stirring me up tensely;
Ending all abruptly.

You are a confusion;
I do not know what held you back.
Still I cannot see today,
though I feel you are here.

You are a depression;
Even today, that I think of you;
And the melancholy Russia;
I can see no-one else but you.

You are a chain;
A lock that holds me still;
A forgotten crush;
A tremor that brings tears.

You are a doubt;
An unfinished love story.
I wish I could write about you;
But all that existed shan’t be true.
You made me feel.
You made me hope.
You made me smile.
You made me believe.

I became real.
I became blood.
I became flesh.
I became bone.

You amused me.
You charmed me.
You sought me.
You fetched me.

I went awake.
I went alive.
I got dressed.
I made my way.

You took my hands.
We stared in silence.
We had each other.
We longed for more.

The day went green.
We turned back home.
Twilight had come.
Daylight had gone.

We kissed in haste.
We could not breathe.
We were on the floor.
Drowned by the noise.

You crawled away.
You slipped in haste.
You braved the night.
You walked out the door.

There was a storm.
There was vagueness.
There was madness.
There was flatness.

There were thoughts.
There were doubts.
There were falls.
There were dives.

There were pictures.
There were scenes.
There were griefs.
There were nightmares.

There were fires.
There were quakes.
There were breaks.
There were tears.

Then I knew it.
You ran from me.
You shunned me.
You lied to me.

You drew a hole.
You scarred me.
You crushed me.
You destroyed me.

I ran away.
I hit a town.
I drank my blood.
I shrank my soul.

I slept for months.
Perhaps for years.
My head on my pillow.
My hair on my back.

I lost conscience.
I lost my soul.
My weird humanity,
My sensibility.

I went awake then.
My sight red, my blood cold.
My head throbbed, my neck burned.
My chest roared, my thirst raged.

My skin grew bold.
My veins turned white.
My nails swelled up.
I was immortal.

I traced the weather,
I sniffed the air.
I smelled human blood;
Borne by its desire.

I flew through the woods.
I floated through leaves.
I skipped the jungle.
I came across hunched windows.

I heard shrieks in satin.
I sipped her blood and meat.
She, by the cries of her man,
Begging me to free her.

I saw the terror in her eyes;
The tremor on her wet hair
The trembles in her voice.
Yet I drank still.

I watched sour breath come out;
Her lifelessness in my arms.
She, a woman of insult;
A saint of disgrace.

I saw her hold his *****;
My past lover, in my sight.
Gripping her dying life,
Her putrid last embers.

I saw last strings of breath
Tying her down, pulling her;
As she screamed and kicked
And I drank and licked.

Their love parting, their hearts paling
I found pleasure in killing;
I found laughter and sound.
What is but mirth in blood?

Their love turning into horror;
Gasping and yelling, eyes rolling
Pulling the last straw of lives
of those most ordinary.

Their love turning to fear of me,
I, The Queen of Revenge,
for my immortality,
for failing my youth.

Their love, turning so ungodly,
The only way is to please me,
A way that they can never see
A way that they think is lost.

Their love, turning to my hatred
for burning my charms,
for singing my songs,
in a note less tender.

Their love, turning to my revenge
for draining my soul,
driving me out of life—
turning me out of love.
Far, far away from you
From the very love that was true;
It has been a tormented night
Pierced by hatred and sliced moonlight

None of our sleeps have gone;
Yet without thee, all feels alone
The birds sing unsung cries tonight;
Not having breathed you since daylight.

Far, far away from you
That summer sunshine has turned sour;
There has not been one love, anew
I float and weep and drink hours.

None of our pasts have died;
None of our shared secrets have lied;
The earth we greased stays deep,
The soil we passed falls fast asleep.

All that is felt is blood;
The days that pass shall become hard,
Without you here, in mind and thoughts,
To forget you, as I was once taught.

All that is held is too late;
These drained months have made me hate,
The fallen mornings without thee;
Even my heart has run from me.

It has been an unspoken chart;
An utterance with no discourse.
Bereft of love, even of heart,
Of remorse, of voiced force.

It has been a mouthed scene;
With no flesh to be sensed, nor seen,
With no substance, nor enmity,
With no merits, nor sanctity.

When we loved, we were one art;
You were my king, my literature.
I thought we would not be apart;
Your wit and madness made me sure.

When we were lovers, we strolled there;
You held my hand and kissed my hair.
We blew wrath and toil with our youth,
Hiding left and right, north and south.

When we embraced, we were the same;
The moors shone brightly by our names.
Upon our shoes were trained mornings,
Telling branches and leaves and barks to sing.

When we had kissed, we were gone;
Perhaps in dreams, we had been shown
That this unjust love was not to last
but would mean godly in the past.

When we headed home, we turned eyes
Our heads and nerves had been but lies
We mingled only one flesh, in bed
With brown veins, and blood in shades.

When we hurtled north, we did alter
The gentle dream that had parted;
Our hands, destined for sweeter finds;
Our souls, enchanted not by minds.

When we turned back, we could all see
That such dreams could not have brought
my skylight, my tantrum, my poesy;
A riddle I would not have thought.

When we partook, we could realise
That riveting facts hid paradise
Making it the right turn to laugh;
Finding the chosen one to love.
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