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Anya Jul 2019
The feeling of a full stomach is a curious one, despite the protruding bulge and the dull ache
It is impossible to feel dissatisfied
Despite the regret for that one to many slices
Despite the wish that you had gone for a run instead of acquiescence to the temptation of the glowing screen
Despite the knowledge that you’ll soon be buying new pants
Despite any and all obstacles in your way
You persevere
You are the Dictator
The ruler of your stomach
The ruler of your life
Until your sister comes in the room and starts yelling about depleting her potato chip stash
Cana Mar 2018
Tacos, pulled pork and quesadillas
Garish and gaudy being the clarion call
for the food truck battalion
An armoury of captivating aromas
Savoury propaganda mastered.
The war is won.
A shorty for a Tuesday evening. I’m so stuffed.
JayceeJellies Jul 2017
Little orange octopus
that's staring at me,
your fluffiness looks comforting
but I wish you'd tell me what you see.
Panda Jan 2017
Oh the fun we will have
Now that you're lying here
Paralyzed by my tea 
You have nothing to fear.
Please, give me your wrist.
Now thats a good boy,
I'll tie you up nice and tight
So that you I'll enjoy.
Don't cry tears my dear
I promise you I won't leave,
Just need to get the duct tape
I don't want to hear you scream.
Oh dear this simply won't do
I need to take off your clothes
Now don't you squiggle too much
Or I might just bite off your nose
My darling you needn't be shy!
Your body's a beautiful thing,
I promise my hand will be kind to you
Since you were so kind to me.
Darling your pose is perfect!
Now is most definitely the time.
For what you most likely wonder,
*To stuff you and make you mine.
read the landlady to understand
Erin Suurkoivu Dec 2016
Stuffed on chicken wire,
no rooster in the yard.

I’m practicing magic
while the lawnmower rides.

Funny that,
said her valentine.

They hadn’t yet learned
there’s so much to know,

her body opening
like a rose.
Ravanna Dee Oct 2016
You've been stuffed with all this pain,
that is seeking to escape.
Yet you've kept it all concealed,
in order to save others from the heartache.
To hold your own pain in,
to be so selfless for others,
is a rare and unique quality.
It takes so much strength.
However, we are all only human.
We need to let it out at some point.
We need to think about ourselves a little too.
Solaces Aug 2015
The back door.  Green eyes and smelly fur!  The werewolf comes for our kid.   Its time!  White Knight teddy armed with a wooden sword and Judy the red Raccoon and her magical red powers!  Its time to vanquish this nightmare before it even starts!  The werewolf tears down the back door and howls in the darkness.  All we can see is the bright green eyes shining in the blackness.  And there awaits White Knight Teddy and Judy the Red Raccoon!  W.K.T lands a flurry of blows with his awesome unbreakable wooden sword as the werewolf cries in pain!  Judy the Red then emits waves of magical red beams that knock the werewolf out the back door as it screams in fear and scampers back into the woods!

And so W.K.T And Judy the red Raccoon triumph over the would be nightmare that was trying to haunt their kid.  NOT TONIGHT!!!
Stuffed animal guardians ( Note  My BROTHER AND I HAD THESE 2 STUFFED ANIMALS!   My Mom would tell us that they would stand guard all night when we slept and kept evil things away.  This is how I would picture them!
Courtney Gaura Jan 2015
Your fur is matted
Your not as big as I thought
Your tags are marred by my name
In a effort to make you mine
You hold so many memories
The good
The bad
The sad
The happy
Your plastic eyes
While scratched
Will always see me
I must confess
The only reason
All the others
Were named same as you
Is because none of them
Would be better than you
As a child
You seemed so big in my arms
Something to hold
To hug
I'm sorry about
that time I was
Convinced that I was
A hair stylist
And found some Form
Of cutting tool
There's a connection between us
Even if you are a
Stuffed animal
A horse
You'll always be
In a place in my
Endless Horizon Dec 2014
Sunlight beaming through the windows I
did not expect what I’d found.
Brown faded boxes scattered to and fro
little did i know what I’d find right below.

In one box, as normal as the others,
I found a friend from years long past.
My teddy bear...unwashed,
its ears weirdly bent, its eyes on its last.

Then, the memory hits me.

Back to a sunny day,
a time when I needed not worry
of complicated things.
A day just spent with this bear by my side.
Frolicking the fields and
getting my shoes ***** from all the mud.

Oh how I yearn to live in a time long gone,
when it was all still simple
and when it was all still sweet.
A poem I wrote as a class assignment! Just revised some lines and added new ones bc it wasn't concise enough.
**I want to post new poems but I can't because of all the homework and schoolwork I have to do its annoying***
Tell me a story Cuddlekins!
Rawr. Rawr. Grr. Rawr.
Rawr. Grr grr RAWR!!
Wow! That's a good story.
Now let me tell you
one. A story of a boy
who was so afraid of
being alone he put himself
in the most amazing adventures.

Imagine a beautiful forest
in the middle of nowhere.
Untouched. Unmutilated with.
Un-everything. This boy,
John, flew here and
laid his case down
and pulled out his violin.

His music went.
Dah. Dah. Lalalala. Doooo.
Soft. Sweet. Charming with
a twist of a faint memory
on the tip of your tongue
wanting to be known to
the world.

As he played on and on
for hours the animals
gathered around and fell
to sleep. John
inspired by his surroundings
played more and more
until there was a rustle in
the distance.

John didn't hear it
but again and again
the rustle of the leaves
grew ever closer still.

There was one animal
who wasn't sitting at
the clearing in the forest.
It was the jaguar. He awoke
and wondered
where everybody went.
They were no where to be found
As he searched for his
friends a scent caught in
his nose. It smelled of
food but an unfamiliar one.
The long lost forgotten food
that his ancestors once described.

He chased it slowly
turning every corner
hiding behind branches,
bushes, and bark.

Finally he found his prey.
He creeped slowly
and attacked.

All the animals could
say was that 'ol jagy was
at it again just a hungry
beast. Not sophisticated
or classy enough to
understand music.

You know Cuddlekins, I think
it was on that day the rest
of the animals discovered
'ol Jagy was deaf.

— The End —