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Lost on a walk that started in the park with sunshine, glasses of wine and good times. But as it does then it got dark and all I had was a spark to light my way. So persistent I tried but couldn't find my way so I closed my eyes and pondered the my path. Still my mind didn't know so I chose to let go and started to think with my soul. It was then I felt my fire burning from inside sending arks of synapses rebuild the body mined and soul. Could it be sometimes the freedom of letting go is what lets us be whole
What you chose to save can show just who you are.
As we let the memories fill our scares and mold our soul.
Like mapping the roads we've strolled to a destination unknown.
I see no point in holding gold, but rather roads paved in life.
Filling the walls with pictures and knowing the stories of them all.
While some work for the king's silver, I fight for the joys of life day and night.
Fate is something we make, but still have no real control of. Like playing in the sand you can dig a hole or make a castle, but all it takes is the right wave to clean the slate.
the mathematics are there but at far to large of a scale to be compared with complicated variables everywhere.
Been lost in thoughts of what's the cost to do with you and I. A price on life is wrong and that we can't deny. So they subsidize a loss of heart falling apart from eye to eye and all that's left is blood and sweat, and this fire in my eye.
Night breed it might be the right breed to insight the fight give reason to life not to think twice but act on the facts get us off our backs adding insight to life with an act of attack
I was riding a train of thought when I caught a glimpse of true. My soul did see and with this was set free. So shall we embrace the pace of insanity and recognize a truth that is within. I would do more then to begin but what else is there then to end.
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