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At first our greatest friend and help He is almost forgotten at this time  but its funny how popular He becomes in the time of trouble this setting is not speakineecess g of trouble but so much more in fast it deals with onnecee of my favorite subjects woman if you cared to take the time you could read an anthem that I wrote about them in A sea breeze blowing across Capricorn even a guy spoke highly of it also I'm bringing one of the best helpers I can its a hard difficult read but needed John Keats quote reads Do you not see how necessary a world  of pain and trouble is to school an intelligence and make it a soul. At this point explanation Donald Trump is speaking of this threat of a syber attack that will bring us to our knees by working from the deepest low we could ever know we had a test in central Ill they knocked out the largest medical group for over a month in four cities I' m trying get a better fix on Russia but the book I have is right enough but has six hundred pages I had to eye operations it makes it a little rough to read that will have to go in another read they have the right rep concerning us we have forgotten God but they forget how fast we turn back to Him when we get in trouble so in that regard not a twist but a lovely creature and her action with our savior it took a woman to give this act of kindness I all so state if it were not for women we would be without a great deal of our churches in America we will jump from that American truth to American and Russian interests that are totally different Tocqueville was not far wrong he had toured America and Custine traveled through Russia and he came to this conclusion that no matter who you were you were but a slave to the system yet they love the land as their home but never its politics will have a change of thought to I read more of the book back in California where we lived for thirty years I was at a restaurant  I had a saying  I just would say land of the Cosaks well this guy whirs around and stairs at me I could care less until a few days latter I saw one of these fine men was whipping a woman  with a whip if I had been there that idiot would have eaten the whip I cant count  the idiot bullies I whipped in school it was uncanny how they always found tiny helpless ones to pick on I couldn't  fight like my father putting a fist in  some ones face was to mean maybe I was worse throwing some one across the room it always got results I'm straying from the subject I plan on telling about fighting in the second half of this write in prison when I was a guard I will be graphic that and a lot of things I plan to unleash they cut off the last of this when I hit save oh well it was bad stuff when I was a prison guard I left to go preach with my uncle five days latter an inmate stabbed a friend and threw him over the rail he fell ten floors to his death I told a lot more maybe at a latter date God bless you all
I just stumbled onto a line of romantic poetry you wont find him in them but he deserves to be somewhere not every one can capture the heart of the prettier girls in town and keep her for a life time of course  a summer wedding and then a dash to a far city a new job excitement boundless a strange place that seems magical after small town like  the country song city lights do carry fascination love is new and grows and grows with each waking day tender hearts render bold climes that are hard to define just simple touch ignites desire that is rich and full what wonder explodes a look a kiss what smoldering desires do transfix mortal souls a door was opened unk0wingly this magic holding place where the stars and moon dace freely and so do two souls tear through the night skies like meteors in flight and thrills unknown before leaving neighbors to wonder what all the shouting is about ha ha come on people you cant be that stupid and then with the passing of time home begins it tender call and before long your homeward bound you make a pit stop in an apartment while you search for your real home you never new when you turned the corner on birch that your life time home lie just ahead here your three children would be born happiness there did abound for wonderful good years until in the magic winter when tragedy struck your son louis went for a ride on a sled being pulled by his friend and it whiplashed him into a pole he ended losing his life an angel that was so loved left earth for heaven but left a hell of grief that almost consumed this family time and God alone allowed them to carry on his memory blazes as strong as his life once held such sway and wonder grief replaced with tender knowing of a treasure now lost was waiting for them on the other shore the years passed father returned from hospital to get through such great loss now after seventy years of a good life and beu1tful wife who never lost any of her looks was ever with him until a long illness set him free for the angels to take him home  to reunite with his beloved son once love begins it never ends I should know god bless you  lovely Eileen
First blame Shakespeare for this write after two eye surgeries and having lost my password and email I was shut out of the writing site for two or four years and don't  try to contact HP its  impossible ok so      I turned to my books Victor Hugo Gore Vidal and as already mentioned Shakespeare and where I turned was his m ke and habit of using the down and out  

the s to his habit of turning to
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2023
It tells and evokes so well do you ace a tragedy has shattered the depths of your soul their is no response or recourse to be found God is nowhere at least not in hearing distance you test every means  in sight the sky the forest of trees what comfort they can tenderly give you comfort from there great heights they are the masters of earth and sky but only silence echoes through your broken heart the wind calls wistfully it sound and touch brings sweet gentle comfort but fall short of the answer you desperately need you stumble and grab a clump of grass to stop from falling your mind reels even mote all though the darkness gives solace and comfort you wander on and then she heard the silver church bell ringing its joy bells it was a church member sounding the alarm bringing the pastor to the church and as he approached coming down the road he spotted the young lady picked her up and sped to the church where he gave aid before taking them on to hospital in a near by town. I happily interject my own ringing the silver church bell my reached all the way to Scotland I was in church and I was writing a piece about the service and from my Indian heritage  I changed the young lady praying up at the front to an Indian maiden with lovely words I sent it off thirty minutes later a response a young man in Scotland sent this message I m using your piece to get off drugs so i can be a father to my new baby boy   praise God forever. there is another silver bell in my piece lost friend
Hal Loyd Denton Nov 2023
That we validate treasures at first they do not pronounce them selves correctly sometimes glory can be shrouded in a mist and we are vexed by their meaning stunning can have an elusive edge cars and people are simple right well try going up to San Francisco your traveling north on 101 but on south 101 there is about two miles of
supped up hot cars the colors alone would knock your eyes out but in every car a blond girl would be riding with this hunk who was even better looking  better than the girls if that was possible hot dang they were all headed to the races at Laguna Seka the place James Dean was going just a year before down close to where I was in the service as a army fire fighter I was a crew chief  we thought we were cool until we saw this parade pass by my goodness do  they have northern city called hot dang they all came fr hoomse
Hal Loyd Denton Feb 2017
Most  of all baby boomers they say when we started by our sheer numbers  we changed the world now the simple facts we are now departing why not leave a lasting standard that will bless the world make a commitment  to save a million babies all together we could accomplish this what a strain would be lifted our voices naming the unseen the glory that lies beyond to surround and hug with cherished wonder these that are to be blessed with the most important  thing of all Jesus and His  undying love
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