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How can somebody be so beautiful.
Do they know their wealth that I have felt?
Look into the eye of them, are they sought from Bethlehem.
A spirit so pure, or is it me who is insecure.

Skin as soft as the morning glow and connection which seems to flow.
Try to grip on what is next, searching still for more context.
Chakra points are burning bright, every form now feels tight.

All I want is to pursue but in the end will likely lose.
I am him, she is her and we're not meant to be together.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
J J Jan 8
Like a stem floundering through muck
Just to blossom in the sun,
I will do my everything
to make you feel at home.

When December ends and the sea
Reconnects to its frosty coat
And we stroll over pavements
Icey as opioded eyes

I will try to fix myself
Into your fantasy

For I know you could never
Be mine and I know

I have nothing left to lose

Apart from your physical presence.
Karisa Brown Nov 2019
Words are forms of vibrational starts
Pure white light increases
Downward I feel healing
Shakti Asana Jul 2019
I want to be the potter
and you the clay
I want to work you with my hands
My fingertips pressing
now....against the keys
the board stiff under the sensitive pads
as I feel you press back against me
your lips
into me.

The clay
soft and supple under my hands
forming you,
widening you again and again
my muscles working
against your stiffer aspects
as we spin together
wetting, re-wetting
and smoothing
my hands against
your silky slick
strong and yet pliable
seeking relief
from standing strong
and unyielding

You are a deeper container
than I anticipated
and I, a roaring flood
sweep you

but you hold...

What Joy!
What Relief!

we never expected
to contain one another
without harm!
without fear!

our lines
flow together
the potter
the clay
the hand
and the wheel
we come together.

I love how we feel.
Flinging this out there without knowing if it is good or even qualifies as poetry. Who cares for merely good? If I feel it, receive it into me, and form that experience into words that I share, well, fine. We shall call it poetry.
Who judges the one in the arena? No, not me.
Self-conscious awareness kills the poet gasping for life inside of me.
Click "Save". Post. Live. Breathe.
M C Jul 2019
When my sun is hidden, I must rely upon on my moon’s shine.
When my chakra is askew, I must realign.
Learning the things I already knew.
They flew over my head
cause I’m cuckoo.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
where I am right now
is where I am meant to be
I'm firmly rooted
Based on an affirmation that I learned to activate the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. I have always found this bit of information to be, while a bit redundant,  quite comforting
Becca Dec 2018
it’s as if I grow taller
as the sun grows colder
as the world stops for a second
as I fall in
Becca Dec 2018
should I do for me or
should I do for commonality?
Star BG Nov 2018
My girth expands,
as I inhale into third Chakra.
A tickle erupts,
bonding breath
with moment.

Guides stand attentively
weaving their wisdom
onto heart
making Girih patterns of beauty.

I feel empowered,
blessed, grateful
to release old for the new.
To align, ready to do
journey of my awaken soul.
Well... I started this poem after I learned two  new words, Girth and Girih. Thusly I felt guided to write a poem. LOL
Sara Kellie Aug 2018
There's no need for this
never ending doubt.
Be the first and the last
of your very own devout.
Clear the clouds of those
who surround.
Your mind is stronger
pound for pound.
For you are you
and they are their friends.
Realise this and all your
fear ends.
You are one, now light the flame,
your doubters gone.

Do you see what I mean that
it doesn't matter where you've been.
'cause now your all knowing
It's about where you're going.

Poetry by kaydee.
True self realisation destroys all and any negativity that tries to swallow you.
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