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Nigdaw Jun 17
There is nothing lonelier than wanting to be alone
They are queuing at my door to tell me
About my latest work
Asking what I'm doing now
For advice on what to write
What's hip or in Vogue
As if I'd know, I've been talking
About myself for years

But the beer in the fridge has
More to say to me then any of them
It speaks of the quiet of loneliness
Seeping into bones numbing
Brain cells
I can feel it wash over me
It tastes of stale breath and smells of bo
It wears a shirt unbuttoned down the front
Trousers with the fly open
Sitting listening to Sibelius
Smoking cigarettes

It's like the ***** that just won't leave
You're tired of all the talking
But you know you want to do it
One more time while you can
This is written as a homage to Charles Bukowski.
Nolan Willett Apr 15
In a “wise passiveness“ I sit
Able to conquer any fit.
Wounded is my melancholy
When he meets his deft enemies
My Serenity, and Spirit
Beth Bayliss Apr 1
oh i know that i'll die
in the warmth of your
a r m s
maybe I finally get to be cosette
I pay great homage to my Africa
The continent of several million cultures
Roots of the Dreadlocks of Jamaica
Jambo Africa, land of the vultures
Akwaba to the Eden of Black people
Ancient Africa mother of humanity,
The world still feed at your diseased table
Oh, Africa, custodian of nature's bounty.

Mama Ebony, you've forever represented since the creation
Thy cornerstones are planted on top of Pharaoh's tomb
Oh Timbuktu, the cradle of ancient education,
Blessed is thy beautiful dark womb.
Lined with fertile dark mineral soil
Eternal volt of the Ashanti gold
Adorned with gems, smeared with oil
Yet not half of your story has been told
Volcanos fuels silently off your gas
Land of Akana, the guidance of the sun
Your Pyramid stands where it once was
Watching time and age having some fun.

I pay homage to Africa,mother of humanity
My roots,my people.My culture
and My history ,,
Spirit of my ancestors.
the duration of the gig will last
for three exceptional years
by the end of it aficionados would
have shed some tears

let us all recall
the two tunes listed below
which were heard in
many a marvellous show

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane
I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain

Don't go breaking my heart
I couldn't if I tried
Oh honey if I get restless
baby you're not that kind

our glittering Sir Elton John
bopping on the piano
the catalogue of his hits
a lyrical nano

collaborating with Sir Bernie Taupin
together a dynamic partnership
who knew how a song would
stay in the mind's companionship

departing from entertaining
on the world's musical stage
leaving a remarkable footnote
of rock and roll homage
Acknowledgements to Sir Elton John and Sir Bernie Taupin.
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