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"You signed up for this."
"You knew what you were getting into."
"You knew it was going to be hard.
So stop crying."

It is easier said than done.
When half my heart is gone.
arCamm Dec 2020
When I was younger, my mother used to ask me, “what do you know?”
Knowing that it was in a joking manner rather to discourage me,
I would simply reply with my palms facing the sky, “I don’t know.”

At 25 years old, if nothing else, I know this...

It’s that feeling when you’re about to ride your first rollercoaster- scared shitless & excited at the same time.
It’s constant indecisiveness... usually over what to eat.
It’s that tug on the arm you get when you get up from bed, as if vines from the comforter spat out out of fear of missing your presence.
It’s stepping on your shoelace and landing on your face simply because she walked by in that leopard print dress, looked at herself from every angle in the mirror, & had the audacity to ask, “No?”
Yet, all you could think is, “Oh, yes.”
At times, it’s a moment of silence while two souls dance in an electric space.
It’s having the patience to learn their love language so that you may speak it back to their soul more fluently.
It’s a forever gift & everything alike.
& I know every couple has their own version, so here’s what mine is like:

MY love is a monsterous game of “who loves who more” & we’re both clawing for that gold medal
MY love is distant, yet close. Lonely & cold in bed yet warm in heart knowing that I get at least wake up to an angel telling me to “win my day.”
MY love is drenching everything in my room with the cologne she bought me so that it may somehow seep into my pores so I could be a walking memory.
MY love is 5,291 unbearable miles across the Pacific.
Try $2,546.03 worth of 2 trips of a grand total of 64 days spent together out of nearly 2 years of being in a relationship.
MY love is getting a little under 3 hours a day of FACETIME & each second, yearning for more face to face time.
It’s saying, “***** a text.”
I’ll write a letter expressing how at times when I’m spiraling downwards, the song of her voice on repeat makes it all better.
MY love is snatching my voice box from my throat, smashing it into ink, writing an “I love you” message, stuffing it into a bottle, & tossing it out to sea so it’ll one day wash up on her shores...
Then she’ll read it and cherish that voicemail for the rest of her days.

And so... now I’m prepared to answer my mother’s question...

What do I know?

I know LOVE
& at times it shares the same address as PAIN...

I think it’s time to sit them both down
& have a little talk.

- a.r.Camm
Long distance relationships aren't easy, but it brings out the effort within you that you never knew was there. Most people run from the idea of being in one. Though, it is one of the more rewarding types of relationships to be in. You learn to TRULY miss someone. You learn what it means to TRY. You test the limits and go to new heights within yourself and with someone else. Just because something isn't ideal to you, doesn't mean you mustn't try it.
You leaving by yourself,
And seeing someone leaves are the same,
I once believed,
Because all of my life,
I've been the one to leave,
Leave someone behind,
But now when a gloomy cloud of a departure,
Looms over my life,
And when it's me who is left,
To watch the departure this time,
It hits different,
Different because it's the same,
Sans the one who left
yellowgogh Aug 2020
just how many more skies
need to be fallen
for me to be able
breathing a life
that has you
by my side?
You are my wishing star
That I'm always wishing for
Reaching for you seems so far
Hoping you're here at my door

You turn darkness into dust
You shine brighter than anyone does
Why I fell for you so fast?
I hope that you'll be my last

Even we were apart
I thought of you
You'll always be in my heart
Wondering if you knew

I'll wait for my entire life
Just to see your endless light
Your colors are glowing day and night
You'll always be beautiful in my sight

I dont wish to have some
More money or fame
The truly I want to wish
That you'll still feel the same.

Yes you are my wishing star
You are my kind of fetish
No matter where you are
You'll always be the one I truly want to wish.
You are my kind of fetish
no matter where you are
you'll always be the one
I truly want to wish
Paper Heart Poet Mar 2020
Imagine someone there  
I wake up in tears
Too pretty to be true
Without my fears

It's not real, you just lied
Disturbed by anger
My hopes collide
And my rhymes die

I'm giving up on this
It's unbearable
My love is too strong
Imagination cruel

Sea between us
And five countries
No touch or reality
Just fading images

Cruel pain killing me
I want to end this now
Shout out my lungs
But I don't know how

Plane flights
Are black holes
Gates to
Another universe
From 2016
Alex Mar 2020
Sometimes love is funny
Sometimes you fall in love with someone too old,
Too young,
Too busy,
Too taken,
Or sometimes you fall in love with someone who's simply too far away
Someone who is so perfect,
Yet someone who always seems just out of reach
Distance  being longer in the darkness of night,
when moon started to brighting up the light.

I find myself  twinkled to the dream ,
cheering the fantasies what we desired.

Grasping your hand and having tears on chicks,
what distance makes to us ,Yet we still live the dreams.

-Happy Ankleshwaria
(Shraddha Ankleshwaria)
Hello friends!! Do let me know how is it?
Nina Oct 2019
It doesn't matter how far you are
I will still love you for you
Even if we aren't physically together
My feelings won't change
It will never fade
But what worries me is that
What if I'm the only one
That will keep on loving you
From a far
When you're out there
who knows
What you are doing
Loving someone one
Which is not me
The fear of you having someone else out there
Worries me
But regardless the situation
I will still love you
So i beg
Deep inside
That you will love me 
Only me
Til the end of time
Lemon Oct 2019
little paper cranes
hang in my mind
if you look close enough
you might even find

a new one appears
every single day
and for some reason
I don't know what to say

maybe just maybe
those little paper cranes
will fold into
little paper planes

to fly over the sea
and across country farms
to find their way
into your arms

because little paper cranes
hang in my mind
for you to one day search for
and for you to one day find
I wrote this for one of my dear friends. I know he'll never see this but it doesn't quite matter to me. The paper crane is supposed to represent my love for him. Not romantic or ****** love,, just a fondness, he really is like a brother to me
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