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Imagine someone there  
I wake up in tears
Too pretty to be true
Without my fears

It's not real, you just lied
Disturbed by anger
My hopes collide
And my rhymes die

I'm giving up on this
It's unbearable
My love is too strong
Imagination cruel

Sea between us
And five countries
No touch or reality
Just fading images

Cruel pain killing me
I want to end this now
Shout out my lungs
But I don't know how

Plane flights
Are black holes
Gates to
Another universe
From 2016
Alex Mar 2
Sometimes love is funny
Sometimes you fall in love with someone too old,
Too young,
Too busy,
Too taken,
Or sometimes you fall in love with someone who's simply too far away
Someone who is so perfect,
Yet someone who always seems just out of reach
Distance  being longer in the darkness of night,
when moon started to brighting up the light.

I find myself  twinkled to the dream ,
cheering the fantasies what we desired.

Grasping your hand and having tears on chicks,
what distance makes to us ,Yet we still live the dreams.

-Happy Ankleshwaria
(Shraddha Ankleshwaria)
Hello friends!! Do let me know how is it?
Nina Oct 2019
It doesn't matter how far you are
I will still love you for you
Even if we aren't physically together
My feelings won't change
It will never fade
But what worries me is that
What if I'm the only one
That will keep on loving you
From a far
When you're out there
who knows
What you are doing
Loving someone one
Which is not me
The fear of you having someone else out there
Worries me
But regardless the situation
I will still love you
So i beg
Deep inside
That you will love me 
Only me
Til the end of time
Emily Oct 2019
little paper cranes
hang in my mind
if you look close enough
you might even find

a new one appears
every single day
and for some reason
I don't know what to say

maybe just maybe
those little paper cranes
will fold into
little paper planes

to fly over the sea
and across country farms
to find their way
into your arms

because little paper cranes
hang in my mind
for you to one day search for
and for you to one day find
I wrote this for one of my dear friends. I know he'll never see this but it doesn't quite matter to me. The paper crane is supposed to represent my love for him. Not romantic or ****** love,, just a fondness, he really is like a brother to me
aennij Sep 2019
Even if the lands separates us,
or the seas tries to create gaps in mass.
Even if everyone makes a fuss,
you will always have my only trust.

You are the reason for my happiness,
why everything is not a mess,
I always miss your hug and caress,
this I will always confess.

Miles away but still connected,
without you I'll somehow be in dread.
Loving you still even if you fled,
you're the only one in my head.

The person behind my smiles and delight,
The person who lights all my darkest nights,
The reason why I write,
You, my love, my only light.
Lost is the girl
With a sorrowful smile
She waits for her love
A long and weary mile

He stole her heart
Before she'd ever seen
He'd be her king
And she'd be his queen

Though far away
She knows in her heart
A connection between them
Cannot be torn apart

Born to love him
All of her life
She awaits his return
With no grief or strife

Love will draw them near
And will see them to the end
Together they will be
Their distance, time will amend
Beth Garrett Jul 2019
I had a daydream that your lips tasted like marzipan,
Sweet and rich like almond, sugar,
After the thought I had to take a sip of water to cool myself down,
But then I thought,
Perhaps not marzipan,
Maybe more peppermint,
Sweet and hot,
Like taking a ball of fire into your mouth,
But somehow at once hot and ice cold,
And I have imagined you smell earthy, intense,
Like cedar or pine trees,
Like you have a forest under your skin.
They were divided by the ocean
She tried to keep an update with him when he was sleeping
He tried to tell her his days when she was already dreaming
All because of a different destinations
Even when they physically away by the distance of 14952 kilometers
But their hearts still stuck together

Skins desperately wants to touch each other
Everyday just getting harder
Thousands of times they texted him/her “I Miss You”
It wasn’t enough to let out the pressures they have been through

Even if their eyes still can see each other via video call
They didn’t feel complete at all
Even if they can hear their voices from calling
They prefer to listen it directly
Even the sweetest dreams they have in their mind
Their little heart won’t be satisfied
Goodluck for the ones having the long distance relationship
(I’m still single :p)
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
We are thousands of strides apart,
so then tell me
how I can feel you hugging me from behind while I shop at rest stops,
your chin barely resting on my shoulder.
We are separated by a dozen states,
I can still hear your laughter swimming through my ears every time I make a joke only we would understand.
Half a country divides us,
but, even now,
I still hear your gasps when my hands wander across the hills and valleys of your frame.
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