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They were divided by the ocean
She tried to keep an update with him when he was sleeping
He tried to tell her his days when she was already dreaming
All because of a different destinations
Even when they physically away by the distance of 14952 kilometers
But their hearts still stuck together

Skins desperately wants to touch each other
Everyday just getting harder
Thousands of times they texted him/her “I Miss You”
It wasn’t enough to let out the pressures they have been through

Even if their eyes still can see each other via video call
They didn’t feel complete at all
Even if they can hear their voices from calling
They prefer to listen it directly
Even the sweetest dreams they have in their mind
Their little heart won’t be satisfied
Goodluck for the ones having the long distance relationship
(I’m still single :p)
We are thousands of strides apart,
so then tell me
how I can feel you hugging me from behind while I shop at rest stops,
your chin barely resting on my shoulder.
We are separated by a dozen states,
I can still hear your laughter swimming through my ears every time I make a joke only we would understand.
Half a country divides us,
but, even now,
I still hear your gasps when my hands wander across the hills and valleys of your frame.
Aaron LaLux Mar 9
Got an email from my girlfriend,
from where she was in France,
about how she’s been in Europe for a month now,
and about how fast the time had passed,

and I wanted to reply back,
that that’s exactly how life is,
one moment you’re in it,
the next minute it’s passing,

one moment you’re young,
and the next minute you’re old,
see it always seems like time passed to fast,
when it comes time to go,

but instead,
I decided there was no reason to,
she’ll find out soon enough,
but for now she’s young and should be having fun,

out having the time of her life,
doing whatever it is she wants to do,
so instead of telling her what I really felt,
I simply said, “See you soon.”…

∆ LaLux ∆
Martina Jan 7
On our first date,
We walked around your town.
You told me that you would have held my hand,
if yours weren't busy.
Eventually you would have held it countless times
and as we walked around your town
with our fingers intertwined
I always looked at the shop windows.
Not because I was interested in what was exposed:
I looked at us.
I looked at how good we looked together.
I saw glimpses of the beauty you often attributed me,
the one I've always denied.

Now that I walk around my town, alone, I understand.
You were my beauty.
You were the most stunning feature of my smile.
Your hand, wrapped around mine, was the warmest glove.

I look at the shopping windows, palms stuck in my pocket.
You're not here anymore  to complain about my cold touch,
Your blue eyes can't pierce my mind from where you are.

Staring at your face while you slept, heavy on my chest,
is my favourite memory.
Minutes passed by as I counted your eyelashes
and every single hair of your beard.
I looked at the straight line of your little nose
as it turned into your beautiful lips,
slightly opened as you snored softly.
I loved every part of you,
even your eczema.

We said it wouldn't be easy,
to love each other from different parts of the world.
It is hard indeed,
It's like running with one leg.
But as long as I know I'll walk around your town again, someday,
I can take it.
Niharika Nov 2018
” The freshness is gone the interest is lost
   We portray love just for facebook post.
  The madness decreases, the excitement reduces
  Laden with chore our love ceases
  The sparkle fades and then
   We see the darker shades
  Eating together,sleeping together
  Still isn’t there a silent war???
  This is the person I still adore
  But somewhere deep I feel
  “We don’t talk anymore???”
And here to describe our current situation in the relation I penned down a few words:
We stay miles apart
And you ask if it doesn’t hurt
The agony of missing
The excitement of meeting
Feeling ambivalent
But that’s how it was meant..
The freshness, the madness
The smiles on our face
The gifts the surprises
And our love never ceases
We understand the worth
Only when we are away
And then we look forth
For every passing day..
I cannot see your face
I cannot hear your voice
Then the phone rings
And our hearts make this noise
We tease each other
About having an another,
Enchants of our past
Mysteries of the future
We never fail to pour our emotion
And that’s when we feel we had “The Conversation”
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
What we have become is
'easier than'

Easier than fighting,
easier than being alone,
easier than starting fresh with someone new.

What if the only reason we're seeing this through
is some twisted form of convenience?
Some roundabout portrayal of what's easier than
staying home alone in our rooms.
Months and Years of preparation, dashed in an instant
through a letter, one Form or another.

We keep trying to pick up the pieces
because it's easier than looking into each others' eyes
and admitting we just don't work anymore,
if we ever worked in the first place.
The longer I stay in this dark place
the less likely the latter seems, if I'm honest.
I want this to happen.
It'd be easier than being without you.
Would it?
Would it really?
Or would it just be easier than starting over?
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
This screen, bright with frustration, draws-
with careful precision-
the shape of your face.
It must grow tired, as I do,
of creating this image.
How can I know that you are real
when I have never touched your face?
Bitterness for a system long corrupt grows within me.
I am full to bursting with love and fury.

These complications breed more dissatisfaction.
Afraid of travel, afraid of people.
Stuck in a seemingly unending loop of legality
for crimes forgiven long ago.
How many moons more must I wait
to hold your hand in mine?
Eight years.

Long, empty time laughs cruelly at our labors
as we struggle to hold together a friendship
(now a bloomed and wilting relationship)
that we once held above all else.
My love for you is unending, a thing of faerie tale,
but I find my patience lacking.
I have waited and I have yearned for you.
I have tried, to no avail, to leave you behind me-
instead, I was greeted with the haunting realization that
nothing compares to you.
No man, no woman, no circle of peers,
can provide for me the things you offer.
I know you feel the same,
though a mix of dread and delusion prevent you from showing me
in the way I need so desperately to be shown.
I know that you, too, feel this pain.

Seamless, ceaseless pixels bring me your countenance,
now weathered with sadness and age.
Once upon a time, I thanked them.
Now, I throw curse upon curse;
hurling all my animosity at those things that carry you to me
in the only form I've ever known.
"I've been living so long with my pictures of you that
I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel."

If I cannot feel your hand, cold in mine-
If I can't smell your hair
or feel your chest drenched with those happy tears of
At Last!,
do you really exist at all?
Mercilessly, cruelly, are we brought before our judge,
The Test of Time.
Eight years; is it wasted?
Wrote this Oct 10, 2018. Computer crashed and I thought I'd lost it. Here ya go, I guess. Sorry not sorry for the pop culture references. These things are a part of who we are, and I bring my soul forth to bear.
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
Pain disfigures into numbness in the silence that screams at me
like so many crazed thoughts.
A heated state cools into quiet resentment.
Regardless of how I feel, how you do,
this night has changed us irreparably.
How can you say these things are equal?
Where do you get off?
Your half-sung apologies fall heavy on deaf ears.

Can you feel me ignoring you?

You think I let you down?
I needed to do something with my hands.
have shown to me
the inconsistency of love.

Nothing is unconditional.
If it were, I wouldn't even be here fighting with you.

Those words, also labile,
were the truth in the moment,
regardless of tomorrow.

I may love you,
but I hated you then.
Stella Oct 2018
distance….259 kilometers
distance…849738 feet
distance...161 miles
distance...259000 meters
distance…is just an idea
distance…is only in your head

larni Oct 2018
you are across the deep blue ocean,
over six thousand kilometres away,
waiting until we meet again,
eight hundred and thirty-six days.

will you wait?
i can only pray,
that when we unite,
you’ll want me to stay.

‘age’. okay.
does it truly matter to you?
don’t listen to their opinions,
you know we’ll get through.

ten lonesome days
since i last kissed your lips,
drooling and craving,
pulling me in by the hips.

the smell of sweet cigarettes,
placing my hair behind my ear,
soft kisses down the neck,
where do we go from here?

only in my dreams,
all of this is true,
eight hundred and thirty-six days,
until i can be with you.
so yeah. i'm in love with a man who lives across the world.... waiting until i can see him again. in two and a half years time... <3
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