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oh my stars Apr 2020
It’s funny, isn’t it?
How you recognise them everywhere.
The people of your past.
You hear a voice
And you could have sworn it was your childhood best friend.
And the way someone laughs
Reminds you of her,
Your first love.
Throwing her head back,
Cackling with carefree bliss.
The glint in someone’s eye,
Or their attitude to life,
Brings back your school teacher,
The one who was so full of spirit
And inspiration.
And even people you’ve never met,
Are brought to life
By somebody else’s smile
oh my stars Apr 2020
Your skin emblazed on mine
Gardens of the night reach out to us
And I can’t escape the time
That I was free.
Floating away from the stars that call to you
They were never enough
Inadequacy surrounds my every move
And wishful thinking never got us anywhere
The clouds of surrender were always ephemeral.
Acatalepsy pulled at my heart
Until it dragged you away.
You could never see the beauty
Always inimical to the epoch of our lives.
Did it ever mean anything to you? The veracity of the vitality of life.
Do you ever get the feeling that he doesn't understand the world like you do?
oh my stars Apr 2020
They say your name and my whole body pulses.
My sleeping breath is filled with thoughts of your ambiguity.
It is not clear to me what you are.
You are more than a human, more than a being.
You emit a radiance that stops everything from existing.
The world is you.
You are the world.
First time writing in a while. Feeling a bit rusty
oh my stars May 2017
You will never understand
What it feels like
To lie in bed at night
Not being to think about anything
Apart from the pair of scissors on your desk
Just three metres away.
You will never understand
What it feels like
To be kept alive by one person.
To completely rely on their love
And their very being.
And you will never understand
What it's like to hurt that someone
So much
Because you don't realise you are
Hanging onto the cracks in their foundations.
You are ripping them apart
And you're so self-consumed that
You don't notice them crumbling
Beneath your touch.
You will never know what it's like
To love life with such a passion
That your missed opportunities
Threaten to **** you.
You will never understand
How it is both a blessing a curse
To feel every emotion so deeply.
So purely.
To feel anger pumping through your bloodstream
To feel sadness dragging you to the bottom
To feel joy lifting you of the ground
And excitement bursting through you
Like sunbeams breaking through clouds.
You will never understand
How hard the simplest things are.
How contributing in class makes you sweat.
How him being late sends your heart into anaphylactic shock.
How leaving the house is enough to trigger a panic attack.
You will never understand
The difficulty of loving someone who doesn't notice you.
Because, believe me, no matter how long you live with it,
You will never get used to everyone meaning the world to you,
And you nothing to them.
You will never understand
How challenging it is to exist,
How hard it is to hold on to life.

You will never understand.
And I am so glad you won't.
oh my stars May 2017
words protect us.
they shelter us from the storm of life.
they wrap themselves around us,
engulfing our every movement.
whether they are sung or spoken or written,
words have power.
more power than you could ever imagine.
they can hurt.
your words can cause torrential downpours
in the hearts of others.
but kind words are just as powerful.
they can inspire.
your words can achieve someone's dream.
why would you choose harmful words when your kind sentences can change the world?
choose kind words - harmful words can stay unspoken.
oh my stars May 2017
In the arms of your mother you blink into the sunshine.
And her eyes glisten with the love she never imagined.
You've been a long time coming, little one.
She has waited for you for decades,
A timeless twinkle in her smile.
And she has suffered.
So much.
But looking into your eyes
She knows it's been worth it.
You were worth her pain.
You are all the love she has ever felt.
And all the love she never knew she had.
You have completed her.
And you will never know how much you mean to her
And how much she prayed for you.
How much we all prayed for you.
But you will always know how loved you are.

Welcome to the world, little one.
You're going to love it.
Welcome to the world Matthew James Alexander <3 03/05/17
oh my stars Mar 2017
There are so many other worlds.
So many skies you will never see,
Music you will never hear.
So much time you will never live.
There are cities that turn into stars at night
And mountains that burst through the clouds with such beautiful anger.
There are eyes that gaze into each other
And hearts that beat for another.
There is so much more that you will never see.
Be grateful for what you do see,
No one else will see it.
No one else we ever have a life like yours. No one will travel to the same places or meet the same people or listen to the same songs. You are unique. Be grateful for what you have, even if it gets hard sometimes. Life is always worth it.
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