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Ellesora Rue Apr 3
He had hair the colour of lemons
Beautiful, bright yellow
Jesus, Mary and Joseph
He'd exclaim
I loved him

Rescuer of books
Jumping into the ice cold water
A kiss, saumensch?
He'd ask
I love him

A limp body
Dusty, cold, broken
Wake up
Denial; a kiss he couldn't feel
I will always love him

My book saved me
But who would read it now?
I wrote this from The Book Thief character Liesel's point of view... sorry haven't posted in a while :(
Ellesora Rue Jan 19
I draw
With words
Cross lines of grey
On paper
Ivory white

I draw
With words
To describe
The indescribable

I draw
With words
In hopes that
My words may
Take flight

I draw
With words
For those
While cannot see
The sight

I draw
With words
For those afraid
To ****
The night

I draw
With words
Because the world
Needs tell
Of the beauty
Created bright
Haven't posted in a while... sorry! Not that it's that important :P.
Ellesora Rue Dec 2020
Cry, child
Let your tears bloom
Stop not your weeping
Cease not your sobs
Harm not yourself
Let it out

Remember, child
The inner temple you once held
Break not your mind
Sever not the link
Discard not the love
Let it stay

Become, child
Connected to Mother Nature
Hurt not her heart
Hate not her convulsions
**** not her soul
Let her live

You are a conduit, child
You are the link
You are the river
The blood
The life
Inspired by AURORA's "The River"
Beautiful song, do check it out!
Ellesora Rue Dec 2020
To have wished
To have waited
For my belly
To have been sated

To have hungered
To have thirsted
For the blood
Of the cursÄ—d

To have yearned
To have longed
For the sound
Of the song

To have cried
To have pined
For the merciful
Touch of thine

To have sought
To have found
The touch of death
From the ground
I'm not sure about the title... do suggest some in the comments!
Ellesora Rue Oct 2020
Humans spell death
For the wild
The ones that soar above,
The ones that swim freely,
The ones that roam the forests and grasslands.

Shot, trapped, killed
In a split second
A life winks out.

Death is only a mercy for those
Whose times are up.
And they who slaughter for pleasure
Are the worst kinds of murderers.
Ellesora Rue Oct 2020
i have loved
i have lost
to shining waters
i've been tossed

you will yearn
you will pine
but on shining waters
you'll be mine
just a random set of rhymes... not sure if it makes sense:)
Ellesora Rue Oct 2020
O child,
That I could have done more for you
That you had not been torn from me
Your dying mother
Haven't posted for a long time. Stay safe!
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